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  1. Parrish

    Surrendering to Nova

    Trust me we didn't want to be in the war. We got dragged in. Honestly what has Terminus EST done lately? ... A whole lot of nothing.
  2. Parrish

    Surrendering to Nova

    Any person can declare a war out of despite of a person, but it takes a real leader to admit defeat. As the president of The Crimson Entente, and I hereby surrender to Nova Riata. We went into this war with our heads held high and we had bitten off more than we could take this time. We have suffered more than money loss to this war, we have lost friends.The Crimson Entente is sorry for the raids we did on Coalition B and we understand the consequences of our actions and I will make it my duty to maintain peace. Sincerely, President Parrish
  3. Parrish

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    Well then think of it as a raid on propaganda spewers
  4. Parrish

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    We aren't following Egyptian Empire as we would have liked to grow our members instead of having to prepare for a war.
  5. The Crimson Entente has had peace disturbed by recent acts of aggression conducted by the alliance of Nova Riata. We will not tolerate such acts of terror. We will fight back to show that we are not afraid to take a stand to ensure the safety of our members. The Crimson Entente hereby declares war upon Nova Riata.
  6. Parrish

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    This post has surely exploded with Commenters.
  7. Parrish

    The Christmas Entente

    We here at The Crimson Entente wish you a merry Christmas. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas day.
  8. Parrish

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    Stop spewing lies of corruption on TCE cause you know it's not true. @Merkurios
  9. Parrish

    Bombardier Declaration of Secession

    I have not been in any Democratic alliance with Sean. Maybe you should het your facts straight. I like a fair taxation of members. Do I am going to hit that "X" button to doubt.
  10. Parrish

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    @Merkurios you know the truth. You had planned to leave TCE before you disagreed with the policies that were VOTED on and PASSED. You planned to leave TCE weeks before the quarrel you made. You just tried to muster up a Reasonable way to poach members for your Tyrannical alliance. You planned your new alliance in November while the changes in policies happened on December 17th & 18th. That being said the government of TCE publicly denounces you for being a poaching, lying sack of bull shit. Freya is no longer with TCE.

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