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  1. This really isn't as incriminating as you are making it out and defending it to be - every politically active alliance that exists talks about hypotheticals and future paths for their FA. Buorhann talking about Pantheon merge isn't even a secret opinion. You could probably find tons of people that have publicly said the very same thing especially when they lost their bank and nothing was known about it for weeks, that's absolutely embarrassing for an alliance of their size to have had happen to them. Additionally, using that screenie of Kastor is actually hilarious because he says like 90 percent of what he says just to troll people and get reactions. They didn't even say "let's roll TKR" or anything confirming it. Saying "who is even left to fight?" after the previous wars of you rolling nuke bloc and IQ vs KT/co. will obviously just lead to TKR as an answer, which is honestly not a viable answer for just about anyone in the game. You guys were 460k militarized, do you honestly think anyone has pockets or tiers deep enough to fight you without getting some of your hidden treaties to bail out on you? If we were going to hit you we would have militarized and since you seem to have so much inside information you would know that the day you hit us our standing orders were to be at 0-2-5-1. We weren't going to hit you, and it's obvious we weren't. I see two really likely situations for what will come in the next several months after this war. 1. Certain Alliances will hug you, some because they like you, some out of fear. You will eventually just be surrounded by friends to a point that if people don't squad up with you they are alienated on the political spectrum. Then we will wait for a very long, long time until there is anything exciting again. 2. You have effectively managed to push three spheres that used to not collaborate with each other closer. After this war you really only have one alliance (that isn't recovering from a war) that isn't dick hugging you left, I guess we will wait to see if they suck up to you or become your next target. Karma's a !@#$. Claims were made that you wanted to shake things up and that's why the trigger was pulled on EMC from within. Really great job shaking things up to stay at the top, we all ate it up. Hook, line, and sinker.
  2. I didn't ask for a discount t$ dow.
  3. So honored you're threatened by a coalition making up a third of your score, you think too highly of us ? Cheers and let's make it a good one!
  4. Cynic makes t$ - profit Cynic makes Vanguard - get sonned by Mensa Cynic makes Ordo Paradoxia - ???
  5. Congrats Polaris! An excellent protectorate if I ever did see one. o/
  6. Group A - Liquid, Newbee, Na’vi, Team Spirit Group B - Virtus.Pro, Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, TNC Group C - Secret, Mineski, VGJ.S, The Final Tribe Group D - LGD, VGJ.T, OpTic Gaming, Infamous Group stage predictions (1 million dollars in pnw for each correct prediction) 1-4.) Winner of each group? 5.) Team that wins longest match? 6.) Most picked hero? 7/8.) Player with the most kills/deaths? 9.) Hero with the highest winrate?
  7. Pubstomper


    Battle Pass is out. Prize pool at almost 6 million dollar already. http://dota2.prizetrac.kr/international2018
  8. "oh no there are consequences for my actions" eat a dick.
  9. TGH and KT liberally wiping their asses with the emotions of TRF
  10. It is very unfortunate to see such a great ally go in such fashion. I have led and followed many in this world - and you guys truly were top notch allies. It will not be forgotten. I wish you the best.
  11. Pre fanclub on every post he makes:
  12. Things have gone full circle. Glad to have you back around.
  13. You are mad at people for what I assume you identify as objectifying human beings and treating them as less than a person... then proceed to literally call people idiots and undesirable. Keep up the convincing rhetoric.
  14. All I want to do is heil the emperor again. Bring back 2015. o7 HEIL Rose!
  15. I heard TGH has "hit the double digits" for members asking for peace. Can you please share any proof of this so I know who to rogue?
  16. It clearly is since you felt the need to publicly address your own gov here instead of within your own halls.
  17. "Dear Leader ShiningLioness of New Pelorin detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Chemistry. The attack destroyed 715.00 infrastructure in the city of Sulfur as well as a stadium and a steel mill." This is the greatest stat we pad. It's a damn shame you guys are already giving up on conventional warfare, you only hit me with 3 guys when I had a single days worth of planes right after peace was announced in the larger war - still losing your wars.
  18. lol the thread could have gone either way until kastor posted those screenies. For someone preaching at Buorhann to hold members accountable you should really hold yourself accountable as well. *insert spider man pointing to himself meme here*
  19. Pubstomper


    I have disliked you and almost every opinion you have had since day 1, and I still stand by that. Go away pls.
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