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  1. You see the difference is. Nokia started TCM, I started RCK. That ????
  2. Me gusta (And so the mods dont complain to me about me speaking spanish, that translates to: I like it) ?
  3. Player of the Year: @Epi Most Influential Player: @Uriah 'the Fox' Best Alliance Leader: @Oscú Best non-lead government member: @Messi Most Controversial Player: Nokia Rokia Best Avatar: @MinesomeMC Best Signature: @Epi Best Nation Page: @Oscú Best Player Ad: @Akuryo Best Fighter: @Mars Best IC Poster: N/A Best OOC Poster: N/A Nicest Player: @Oscú Just dont get on my nerves and we will be fine Best Radio Talk Show Host: @Bill the Moose Sexiest Voice: @Oscú Best Baseball Team: N/A Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: @Epi Best New Addition to the Community: Leader of Avengers Best Community Contributor: @MinesomeMC Most Likely to Become a Real Politician: @George Coz Politians are boring and act all smart
  4. Alliance of the Year: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: Camelot Best Fighters: MythicBest Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: Manhattan CartelMost Active Alliance: Avengers Best Government Line-Up: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Best Rookie Alliance: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Most Honorable: Camelot Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Best Forums: Camelot Best Discord: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Best Alliance Page: Camelot Most Controversial Alliance: GOONsBest Alliance for New Players: Weebunism Best Economic System: North Point Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Nova RiataBest Re-brand: The Remnants of the Clover Kingdom Scariest Alliance: GPWC Best Alliance Ad: Weebunism
  5. Say Spain is better than Italy for 100% fun
  6. F in the chat for the 1 Infra loss.
  7. TO probably would have wished this to be implemented before they got couped ?
  8. I don't know how it is possible for you guys to school anyone from the screenshots I have been seeing as well as the fact on of your guys clearly does not know his dates
  9. Yes because today is definitely the 17th of September.... my bad.... p.s you registered on the forums after me
  10. This is worse than those poor quality newspapers which schools hand out for the students and parents ?
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