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    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    Really? As i remember, her last post was at 4th of July. And i thought she is removed because she doesn't exist in game.
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    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    I thought that cooldown is only for inactive members. but okay fine.
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    Politics & War Roleplaying (Applications & Info) Re-Re-opened!

    For July, i want to claim the next three on the west of my border and the Suez. I will post this within next few hours.
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    State Visit

    President Lee is invited by Speaker of Nationalversammlung to deliver a speech in front of the representatives of Laurentia. The session was attended by 630 members. The Presidential motorcade arrived in Laurentia in the afternoon, after the session was opened by Speaker Mélodie Lozé from DBP. President Lee also met with floor leaders of various political parties within Nationalversammlung. The session was opened by playing anthems of Laurentia and United States. Speaker Loze, and fellow representatives of Laurentia, ladies and gentlemen: I’ve come here tonight not only to address the distinguished men and women in this great chamber, but to speak frankly and directly to people of the United States. Firstly, the United States is thanked to the Laurentia for their invitation and facilities given to us. This shows to the world on how a peaceful relation between two governments is built. Not from a colonization or imperialism but from a mutual respect and mutual cooperation. If the world is clean from the thirst colonists and imperialists, the world will be safer for every single mankind. And the United States is currently making a progress to improve our relations with all peaceful nations. This progress is real. It can be documented in lives saved, and agreements forged. And yet, we come together today knowing that the march of human progress never travels in a straight line, that our work is far from complete; that dangerous currents risk pulling us back into a darker, more disordered world. As President of the United States, I am mindful of the dangers that we face; they cross our newspapers in our country every morning such as making fake and stupid news about our spies that have ever available only in an opinion article. For those who threaten us, I lead a large military that the world has already known, and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our friends or our partners wherever they are, unilaterally and by force where necessary. But I stand before you today believing in my core that we are a peace-love nation, we would not return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. We cannot look backwards. We live in an integrated world -- one in which we all have a stake in each other’s success. We cannot turn those forces of integration. The disorder we see is driven solely by competition between nations or any single ideology for their own hegemoney. And if we cannot work together more effectively, we will all suffer the consequences they made. No matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy, we understand the United States cannot solve this world’s problems alone. In Middle East, the United States learned the hard lesson that even tens of thousands of brave, effective troops, billions of dollars from our Treasury, are very hard by itself impose stability on a foreign land. Unless we work with other nations under the mantle of international norms and principles and law that offer legitimacy to our efforts, we will succeed. And unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities, any order that our militaries can impose will be temporary. Just as force alone cannot impose order internationally, I believe in my core that repression cannot forge the social cohesion for nations to succeed. The history of the hundred decades proves that in today’s world, dictatorships are unstable. The strongmen of today become the spark of revolution tomorrow. You can jail your opponents, but you can’t imprison ideas. You can try to control access to information, but you cannot turn a lie into truth. It is not a conspiracy of U.S that expose and raise the expectations of people around the globe; it’s technology, and the irreducible desire of people everywhere to make their own choices about how they are governed. Indeed, I believe that in today’s world, the measure of strength is no longer defined by the control of territory. Lasting prosperity does not come solely from the ability to access and extract raw materials. The strength of nations depends on the success of their people -- their knowledge, their innovation, their imagination, their creativity, their drive, their opportunity -- and that, in turn, depends upon individual rights and good governance and personal security. Internal repression and foreign aggression are both symptoms of the failure leaders to provide this foundation. A politics and solidarity that depend on demonizing others, that draws on religious sectarianism or narrow tribalism or jingoism may at times look like strength in the moment, but over time its weakness will be exposed. And history tells us that the dark forces unleashed by this type of politics surely make all of us less secure. Our world has been there before. We gain nothing from going back. Instead, I believe that we must go forward in pursuit of our ideals, not abandon them at this critical time. We must give expression to our best hopes, not our deepest fears. This council was founded because men and women who came before us had the foresight to know that our nations are more secure when we uphold basic laws and basic norms, and pursue a path of cooperation over conflict. And all nations, above all, have a responsibility to uphold this international order. I say this, recognizing that diplomacy is hard; that the outcomes are sometimes unsatisfying; that it's rarely politically popular. But I believe that leaders of large nations, in particular, have an obligation to take these risks -- precisely because we are strong enough to protect our interests. We were practiced this regarding our disputes with Arloskva and it almost resolved. Now, if it’s in the interest of major powers to uphold international standards, it is even more true for the rest of the community of nations. Look around the world. From Atlantic and Pacific, the fact shows that nations succeed when they pursue an inclusive peace and prosperity within their borders, and work cooperatively with countries beyond their borders. Of course, around the globe, we will continue to be confronted with nations who reject these lessons of history, places where civil strife, border disputes, and wars bring about terrorist enclaves and humanitarian disasters. Where order has completely broken down, we must act, but we will be stronger when we act peacefully first rather than military first. The use of premature military will cause another unstable condition and the United States have never done this. I’ve said before and I will repeat: There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like terrorism, and the United States makes no apologies for using our military, as part of a broad coalition, to go after them. We do so with a determination to ensure that there will never be a safe haven for terrorists who carry out these crimes. And we have demonstrated over more than a decade of relentless pursuit of Islamist terrorism, we will not be outlasted by extremists. But while military power is necessary, it is not sufficient to resolve the situation in Middle East and the rest of the world. Lasting stability can only take hold when the people of the world forge an agreement to live together peacefully. The United States is prepared to work with any nation, to resolve the conflict. But we must recognize that there cannot be a peaceful where there is still an ego. This work will take time. There are no easy answers to Middle East and the world. And there are no simple answers to the changes that are taking place in much of the Middle East and North Africa. But so many families need help right now; they don’t have time. And that’s why the United States is increasing the number of refugees who we welcome within our borders. That’s why we will continue to be the largest donor of assistance to support those refugees. And today we are launching new efforts to ensure that our people and our businesses, our universities and our NGOs can help as well -- because in the faces of suffering families, our nation of immigrants sees ourselves. Of course, in the old ways of thinking, the plight of the powerless, the plight of refugees, the plight of the marginalized did not matter. They were on the periphery of the world’s concerns. Today, our concern for them is driven not just by conscience, but should also be drive by self-interest. For helping people who have been pushed to the margins of our world is not mere charity, it is a matter of collective security. And finally, our vision for the future of this council, my belief in moving forward rather than backwards, requires us to defend the democratic principles that allow societies to succeed. Let me start from a simple premise: Catastrophes, like what we are seeing in Middle East, do not take place in countries where there is genuine democracy and respect for the universal values this institution is supposed to defend. I recognize that democracy is going to take different forms in different parts of the world. The very idea of a people governing themselves depends upon government giving expression to their unique culture, their unique history, their unique experiences. But some universal truths are self-evident. No person wants to be imprisoned for peaceful worship. No woman should ever be abused with impunity, or a girl barred from going to school. The freedom to peacefully petition those in power without fear of arbitrary laws -- these are not ideas of one country or one culture. They are fundamental to human progress. They are a cornerstone of this institution. I realize that in many parts of the world there is a different view -- a belief that strong leadership must tolerate no dissent. I hear it not only from Asia’s adversaries, but privately at least I also hear it from some of our friends. I disagree. I believe a government that suppresses peaceful dissent is not showing strength; it is showing weakness and it is showing fear. History shows that regimes who fear their own people will eventually crumble, but strong institutions built on the consent of the governed endure long after any one individual is gone. That's why our leaders and examples -- from Kim Dae-jung to Nelson Mandela -- have elevated the importance of building strong, democratic institutions over a thirst for perpetual power. Leaders who fooled his people and tricked his opponents to stay in office for a longer time only acknowledge that they failed to build a successful country for their people -- because none of us last forever. It tells us that power is something they cling to for its own sake, rather than for the betterment of those they purport to serve. I understand democracy is frustrating. Democracy in the United States is certainly imperfect. At times, it can even be dysfunctional. But democracy -- the constant struggle to extend rights to more of our people, to give more people a voice -- is what allowed us to become a powerful nation in the world. It's not simply a matter of principle; it's not an abstraction. Democracy -- inclusive democracy -- makes countries stronger. When opposition parties can seek power peacefully through the ballot, a country draws upon new ideas. When a free media can inform the public, corruption and abuse are exposed and can be rooted out. When civil society thrives, communities can solve problems that governments cannot necessarily solve alone. When immigrants are welcomed, countries are more productive and more vibrant. When girls can go to school, and get a job, and pursue unlimited opportunity, that’s when a country realizes its full potential. That is what I believe as Asia’s greatest strength. Not everybody in Asia agrees with me. That's part of democracy. I believe that the fact that you can walk the streets of our cities right now and pass churches and synagogues and temples and mosques, where people worship freely; the fact that our nation of immigrants mirrors the diversity of the world -- you can find everybody from everywhere in our capital -- the fact that, in our country, everybody can contribute, everybody can participate no matter who they are, or what they look like, or who they love -- that's what makes us strong. And I believe that what is true for Asia is true for virtually all mature democracies. And that is no accident. We can be proud of our nation without defining ourselves in opposition to some other group. We can be patriotic without demonizing someone else. We can cherish our own identities -- our religion, our ethnicity, our traditions -- without putting others down. Our systems are premised on the notion that absolute power will corrupt, but that people -- ordinary people -- are fundamentally good; that they value family and friendship, faith and the dignity of hard work; and that with appropriate checks and balances, governments can reflect this goodness. I believe that’s the future we must seek together. To believe in the dignity of every individual, to believe we can bridge our differences, and choose cooperation over conflict that is not a weakness that is strength. It is a practical necessity in our connected world. And our people understand this. Think of the families leaving everything they’ve known behind, risking barren deserts and stormy waters just to find shelter; just to save their children. One North African refugee who was greeted in Balearic Islands with warm greetings and shelter, said, “We feel there are still some people who love other people.” The people of our nation are not as different as they are told. They can be made to fear; they can be taught to hate -- but they can also respond to hope. History is littered with the failure of false prophets and fallen leaders who believed that might always makes right, and that will continue to be the case. You can count on that. But we are called upon to offer a different type of leadership -- leadership strong enough to recognize that nations share common interests and people share a common humanity, and, yes, there are certain ideas and principles that are universal. Let us carry forward that faith into the future -- for it is the only way we can assure that future will be brighter for our children, and next generation. The United States is looking forward to build our peaceful faith and cooperation with Laurentia and other nations as well. Thank you very much The address ended with applaud from members of Nationalversammlung. It is the first time for President Lee to address in a foreign parliament. About hundreds of journalists from Local, National and International media made coverage about this speech. Many analysts appreciated this speech with an optimism that the United States will consistently implement its Peaceful Rise Policy. the Social Media was also crowded with this event, about 3.7 Millions tweeted their opinion about this speech. The Economists and Entrepreneurs also appreciated this speech as a “forward step” to build peaceful relationship with Laurentia and other nations as well.
  5. Lee Young-suk

    National Military Information Center

    US Air Force Began to Develop X-51 WaveRider Design of Boeing X-51 Scramjet tThe X-51 WaveRider is a scramjet for hypersonic flight at Mach 5 (3,300 mph; 5,300 km/h), an altitude of 70,000 feet (21,000 m). The aircraft was designated as X-51 WaveRider. It completed its first powered hypersonic flight. WaveRider refers in general to aircraft that take advantage of compression lift produced by their own shock waves. The X-51 program was a cooperative effort by the United States Air Force, DARPA, NASA, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. The program was managed by the Aerospace Systems Directorate within the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). X-51 technology is proposed for use in the High Speed Strike Weapon (HSSW) and some of them will be combined with nuclear warhead. General characteristics · Crew: None · Length: 25 ft in (7.62 m) · Empty weight: 4,000 lb (1,814 kg) Performance · Maximum speed: >3,900 mph (>6,200 km/h) · Maximum speed: Mach >5.1 · Range: 460 miles (740 km) · Service ceiling: 70,000 ft (21,300 m) Design and Development The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) began the HyTECH (Hypersonic Technology) program for hypersonic propulsion. Boeing and Lockheed Martin received a contract from the AFRL to develop a hydrocarbon-fueled scramjet engine which led to the development of the SJX61 engine. The SJX61 engine was originally meant for the X-51, which was eventually canceled. Then, these contractors upgraded SJX61 and applied it into X-51. In flight demonstrations, the X-51 is carried by a B-52 to an altitude of about 50,000 feet (15 km; 9.5 mi) and then released over the Pacific Ocean. The X-51 is initially propelled by an MGM-140 ATACMS solid rocket booster to approximately Mach 4.5 (3,000 mph; 4,800 km/h). The booster is then jettisoned and the vehicle's Lockheed Martin Rocketdyne SJY61 scramjet accelerates it to a top flight speed near Mach 6 (4,000 mph; 6,400 km/h). The X-51 uses JP-7 fuel for the SJY61 scramjet, carrying some 270 lb (120 kg) on board. Applications for Air-to-Surface Missile Technology The U.S. Air Force planned to have X-51 applied to the High Speed Strike Weapon (HSSW), a hypersonic air to surface missile project. It is envisioned to have a range of 500-600 nmi, fly at Mach 5-6, and fit on an F-35 or in the internal bay of a B-2 bomber. Ground Testing Ground tests of the X-51A will begin in middle of this July, A preliminary version of the X-51, the "Ground Demonstrator Engine No. 2". Testing will continue there until a simulated X-51 flight at Mach 5 was successfully completed on August 15, 2017. The testing is intended to observe acceleration between Mach 4 and Mach 6 and to demonstrate that hypersonic thrust "isn't just luck" Four captive test flights were initially planned for end of August. However, the first captive flight of the X-51A on a B-52 was conducted on beginning of July.
  6. Lee Young-suk

    State Visit

    Presidential Visit to Laurentia Media Coverage by Associated Press News Service Air Force One departed from Syngman Rhee Air Force Base to Lau-Kendel Air Base, Laurentia President of the United States Lee Young-suk is scheduled to fulfill invitation made by Her Majesty Jean Marie VX and Prime Minister Korczak in the Summer Palace, Laurentia. President Lee depart from the White House by using Marine One Helicopter to Syngman Rhee Air Force Base where the Air Force One already prepared for this visit. President was using Helicopter from the White House to avoid traffic jam due to protests that held by Pro-War and Anti-War movement in the Ellipse Square. Since, the United States involvement in major Middle East affairs the protests seems raised. Pro-War protesters stated that the United States involvement in the Middle East is needed to prevent further actions made by Islamist terrorists within Middle East. The United States must be a pioneer to eradicate any kind of Global Terrorism and we must be a light in this dark time. -Pro War protester Meanwhile, the Anti-War movement was stated against any kind of US Military involvement within Middle East and stated that this has broke the US Peaceful Rise Policy. Most of them also criticized on increasing budget used for foreign involvement of United States. The Anti-War movement also stated against the global militarization of United States. United States must be a peaceful pioneer not a war pioneer. This has been our path since our Unification. -Anti War protester President Lee arrived in Syngman Rhee Air Force Base by using Marine One helicopter and then he immediately entered the Air Force One without giving any public statement to the Press and Journalists. President was also heavily guarded by Secret Service personnel. The Air Force One was also escorted by two F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-22 Raptor from US Air Force. Upon his arrival in Lau-Kendel Air Base, his Secret Service personnel was immediately take him into Executive One Car or commonly known as Cadillac One. Followed by a motorcade that consists of 5 Police cars, 10 Mercedes Benz S-Class and 5 Secret Service Range Rover. Secretary of State Masaru Kanagawa and Secretary of Defense Xi Jinping was also estimated in one of the motorcades. Security Secret Service Sniper overwatch the President's route Following anti-War protest in Laurentia, the Secret Service, BFU and Laurentian Ministry of the Interior cooperated to tighten the security near the route. The Secret Service deployed Counter-Sniper Teams and Anti Nuclear and Blast Teams. The Media and Netizens put attention on “heavy bodyguards of US President”. This was becoming a trending topic in the Social Media especially on Twitter. Director of US Secret Service Ahn Cheol-so stated that this has been in line of "Standard Operating Procedures" of the President's protection and it is usual in the United States. Nothing need to be discussing, this has been a standard of our president's protection -Director Ahn Cheol-so US-Laurentia Summit President Lee, Secretary of State Kanagawa, and Secretary of Defense Xi is planned to attend a high-meeting with Prime Minister Jean-Zofia Koczak in the Summer Palace. The agenda of the meeting is ranging from Educational paths to the Global Affairs. After attended a meeting with Prime Minister Jean-Zofia Koczak, the President is planned to meet Her Majesty Queen Jean-Maria XV and the Royal Family. President Lee is also scheduled to be a speaker in front of Nationalversammlung, Parliament of Laurentia. In this place, the President will also meet with opposition leader Sprecher Loze.
  7. Welcome to the National Military Information Center We will provide the latest news from the United States Armed Force and Department of Defense. This page is part of the US Freedom of Information Act which passed by United States Congress. Mission of United States Department of Defense The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country. The department's headquarters is at the Pentagon, Warlington District, City of Hwaseong. Military Departments 1. Joint Chiefs of Staff 2. United States Army 3. United States Marine Corps 4. United States Navy 5. United States Air Force 6. United States Coast Guard Unified Combatant Commands 1. United States Africa Command 2. United States Central Command 3. United States Europe Command 4. United States Middle East Command 5. United States Pacific Command 6. United States Northern America Command 7. United States Southern America Command 8. United States Transportation Command 9. United States Strategic Command 10. United States Special Operations Command Non Sibi Sed Patriae (Not For Self, But For Country) News Reactivation of Reconnaissance Satellites WorldView-3 Satellite, One of the 20 Reconnaissance Satellites owned by United States The Islamist cyber-terrorists attacked computers of National Reconnaissance Office which controlled and maintained all reconnaissance satellites owned by United States as part of Karachi attacks a long time ago. Fortunately, the United States Army Cyber Command and National Security Agency able to blockaded the terrorists from controlling the satellites. This attack caused the National Reconnaissance Office were not able to control all of 20 reconnaissance satellites although the satellites still continue to record and provide visualization. We have fixed this problem but to open all records made by satellites on the past is need a long time. - Director of National Reconnaissance Office Learning from this attack, the National Reconnaissance Office cooperated with United States Army Cyber Command and National Security Agency to make a program to defend the systems of all satellites maintained by Department of Defense. As for now, the United States owned 70 military satellites and it is needed a system that will cover all of the satellites from being hijacked by cyber-terrorists. Meanwhile, the National Reconnaissance Office also connected all reconnaissance satellites with National Military Command Center and White House Situation Room. This make the NRO will be able to provide live data and visualization from Reconnaissance Satellites directly into National Military Command Center at Pentagon and White House Situation Room. There are several types of reconnaissance satellites owned by NRO 1. Missile Early warning Provides warning of an attack by detecting ballistic missile launches. Earliest known are Missile Defense Alarm System. 2. Nuclear explosion detection Identifies and characterizes nuclear explosions in space. Vela (satellite) is the earliest known. 3. Photo surveillance Provides imaging of earth from space. Images can be a survey or close-look telephoto. WorldView-3 is the earliest known. Spectral imaging is commonplace. 4. Electronic-reconnaissance Signals intelligence, intercepts stray radio waves. Samos-F is the earliest known. 5. Radar imaging Most space-based radars use synthetic aperture radar. Can be used at night or through cloud cover. Earliest known are US-A series. Estbalishment of SPACETRACK program SPACETRACK Control Center The United States Space Surveillance Network (codenamed SPACETRACK) is a system to detect, track, catalog and identify artificial objects orbiting earth, e.g. Active/Inactive satellites, Spent rocket bodies, or fragmentation debris. The system is responsibility of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, part of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). The Main Goals of Space Fence Program are 1. Predicting when and where a decaying space objects will re-enter the Earth’s Atmosphere 2. Preventing a space object which to radar look likes a missile, from triggering false alarm in missile-attack warning sensors. 3. Charting the present position of space objects and plot their anticipated orbital paths. 4. Detecting a new man-made objects in space 5. Producing a running catalogue of man-made space objects 6. Determining which country owns a re-entering space object 7. Informing countries whether or not the objects may interfere with Satellites, Space Stations or Space Objects owned by the United States 8. Providing data for future anti-satellite and artificial objects weapons systems The Space Fence is a second-generation SPACETRACK system which built by the US Air Force by using several renovated Outer Space Monitoring Stations including Krona-N which was built by Soviets on 1980 and was abandoned due to their economic stagnation which led to dissolution. The budget for this program is US$ 1.594 billions (FY17) The initial space fence facility is located at Nakhodka, Primrosky (Krona-N Station) and Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Krona-M Station) along with an option for another site in Hainan Island. The Space Fence stations used S-band radars and able to track a large number of space objects. “About 200,000 objects and make 1.5 Million observations per day” made by existing or recently retired US assets. The Space Fence stations have been described as counter-intelligence facilities which identity and study hostile military and space objects. The first station in Nakhodka, Primrosky (Krona-N Station) is on two sites with an optical telescope and a LIDAR system as well two radars. In common with Krona-N Station in Nakhodka, Primrosky there are also two radars on Krona-M Station. The largest on, the tree-like antenna giving the facility its name, is a decimeter band (UHF) phased array radar designed by Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. The other radar, operation in the centimeter band (SHF), consists of 5 rotating parabolic dishes in a cross which work on the basis of interferometry. Those stations have GRAU Index 40Zh6 and the military unit is number 29982.
  8. Lee Young-suk

    Operation Desert Falcon

    The Nineteenth Federal Plaza, Karachi 7.20 A.M. (GMT +5) Interrogation of Ahmed Abu Jabar CIA Headquarter for Middle East and Northern Africa at the Nineteenth Federal Plaza, Karachi After the capture of Ahmed Abu Jabar in Bandar Khomeini, Iran, the Central Intelligence Agency interrogated Ahmed Abu Jabar to obtain information about the current active Terrorist leaders. The interrogation used Reid Technique but if he became in-cooperative the Interrogators are allowed to use Enhanced Interrogation Techniques based on CIA Manual Interrogation Guidelines. In case Ahmed Abu Jabar resisting against interrogators, the interrogators are allowed to use harsh interrogation technique. Ahmed Abu Jabar is one of the seven recruiters of Global terrorists, the others four are already captured as Prisoner of War and the two others were killed in action during War Against Terrorists. Ahmed Abu Jabar has knowledge to the hide of Highest Leader of terrorists Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. If Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi captured, the United States are eligible to establish Military Tribunal to bring terrorists into justice. Profile of Interrogators Name : Sergeant David E. Zulawski Unit : Army Criminal Investigation Command Name : Sergeant Major Han Cheol-gu Unit : Army Criminal Investigation Command The interrogation took place in the Nineteenth Federal Plaza Basement, Headquarter of Central Intelligence Agency at Middle East. One CIA agent also inspected this interrogation and made a report regarding this interrogation. Ahmed Abu Jabar revealed that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is currently hiding at Tabriz. He also revealed that currently al-Baghdadi’s force is under heavily losses and very vulnerable from attack. Al-Baghdadi’s forces are only able to protect him and his compound at Tabriz, Iran. That’s why they are under silent for recent times and take no action. Following this interrogation result, the Regional Director of Central Intelligence Agency immediately contacted CIA Headquarter at Longley, Hwaseong for future authorization and order. Then, CIA Headquarter issued a message: The President granted CIA to be independent and activated ghost protocol in Operation Desert Falcon. No need authorization for actions and no help from the Headquarter. Tabriz, Iran 01.05 P.M (GMT +3.30) Siege of Al-Baghdadi’s Compound Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division, SEALs Team Six of Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) and some Local Hezbollah fighters cooperated to siege al-Baghdadi’s compound at Tabriz, Iran. By using 3D Imaging, the DEVGRU were able to create a map of al-Baghdadi’s compound. The map of the compound will help the Special Forces to locate and capture Al-Baghdadi. In addition to SEAL Team Six, participating units under JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) included the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), aka "Night Stalkers," and operators from the CIA's Special Activities Division, which recruits heavily from former JSOC Special Mission Units. Meanwhile, local fighters will help the US Force to calm down and secure the situation near Al-Baghdadi’s compound to prevent any surveillance and fighting. From a drone flew over the compound, approximately there are 40 guards equipped with soviet made riffle AKM some of them with RPG in the compound, Al-Baghdadi himself and his wife, and also his advisor Sheikh Abu Musa Al-Zarqawy. Firstly, we have to eliminate those five with RPG by using snipers and then we have to surround this compound, make sure that there is no way to get out. I have also ordered Hezbollah fighters to secure this village and capture everyone suspected as Al-Baghdadi. - Combat Control Team The SEALs operated in multiple teams, and were equipped with a variety of gear and weaponry. The weapons were fitted with a variety of accessories, including sound suppressors, which were used to avoid alerting residents of Al-Baghdadi’s compound and neighboring properties. These weapons included the HK416 assault rifle used as the SEALs main weapon, Mark. 48 machine guns used for fire support, and the MP7 personal defense weapon used by some SEALs for close quarters and greater silence. Sidearms were also used, such as the SIG P226 and the HK45C. Other gear worn or carried by the operators included a variety of plate carriers, Ops Core FAST Maritime ballistic helmets, chemlights, hand grenades, breaching tools, and night-vision goggles. The SEALs encountered the residents in the compound's guest house, in the main building on the first floor where two adult males lived, and on the second and third floors where al-Baghdadi lived with his family. The second and third floors were the last section of the compound to be cleared. There were reportedly "small knots of children ... on every level, including the balcony of Al-Baghdadi room". Al-Baghdadi was killed in the raid, and initial soldiers said three other men and a woman were killed as well Abu Musa Al-Zarqawy. Bandar Khomeini, Iran 05.09 P.M (GMT 3.30) Identification of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi U.S. forces used multiple methods to positively identify the body of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: 1. Measurement of the body: Both the corpse and Al-Baghdadi were 6 ft 4 in (193 cm); SEALs on the scene did not have a tape measure to measure the corpse, so a SEAL of known height lay down next to the body and the height was approximated by comparison. 2. Facial recognition software: A photograph transmitted by the SEALs to CIA headquarters for facial recognition analysis yielded a 90 to 95 percent likely match. 3. In-person identification: One or two women from the compound, including one of Al-Baghdadi's wives, Identified Al-Baghdadi's body. A wife of Al-Baghdadi called him by name during the raid, inadvertently assisting in his identification by U.S. armed forces on the ground. 4. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) analysis: conducted separately by Department of Defense and CIA labs from Karachi has positively identified Al-Baghdadi. DNA samples collected from his body were compared to a comprehensive DNA profile derived from Al-Baghdadi's large extended family. Based on that analysis, the DNA is unquestionably his. The probability of a mistaken identity on the basis of this analysis is approximately one in 11.8 quadrillion. 5. Inference: Per the same Defense official, from the initial review of the materials removed from the Tabriz compound the Department "assessed that much of this information, including personal correspondence between Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and others, as well as some of the video footage ... would only have been in his possession." Press Briefing Room, The Pentagon, United States 07.39 A.M (GMT +9) Announcement of the Death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Moon Sang-hyun, Department of Defense Spokesperson Good Morning. Today, I can report to the Asian people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic Emirate, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. A person who did not come only to destroy our things or our people, He came to desecrate our way of life, To foul our beliefs, Trample our freedom. In this case, he did not only fail but he destroyed by himself. We will rise renewed, stronger, and united. This is our time, Our chance to get back to the best of who we are. To lead by example with the dignity, integrity, and honor that built this country. And which will build it once again. The cause of securing our country is not complete. But today, we are once again reminded that Asia can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history, whether it’s the pursuit of prosperity for our people, or the struggle for equality for all our citizens; our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place. Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you. May God bless you. And may God bless the United States. Celebration of the death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
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    Operation Desert Falcon

    Operation Desert Falcon Target : Global recruiters of terrorists and Terrorist leaders Objectives : Gather intelligence and data from global recruiters about their finance, recruitments and several secret missions and arresting Islamist terrorist in Middle East. Executor : Central Intelligence Agency and troops of 5th Infantry Division, First Army (under command of CIA Special Activities Division) Status : Classified Gate 4, Terminal 1 International Arrival, Karachi International Airport, 23:19 P.M (GMT +5) Regional Director of Central Intelligence Agency for Middle East and Northern Africa Yoo Chang-hoo arrived in Karachi International Airport. He was accompanied with his analyst Jo Hae-won and his deputy Dr. Nazhid Ahmed. Upon his arrival at Terminal 1, Gate 4 International Arrival, an officer from US Immigration and Custom Enforcement written on his identity card “Kim Seo-hyeon, Immigration Officer” and then she greet him and said Please follow me, Mr. Yoo When they are arrived in Immigration and Custom Enforcement Office, they continue to walk into a backdoor and then opened it. It is a meeting room. At the room, there are three people already waiting for his arrival from United States and a prisoner under interrogation. They are Colonel Tan Sun-moon (Commander of US Mission on Iraq and Iran, USMII), Abdul Kareem Said Pasha (A Pakistan citizen and CIA Gloshpron Operative), Sheikh Tamam al-Hamas (Prisoner of war, Deputy Commander of Islamic Mujaheeden Front), Kim Cheol-sun (CIA Agent). Colonel Tan Sun-moon said Welcome to Middle East, Mr. Yoo. Would you like to know our new friend from Palestine? And Director Yoo said Thank you, colonel. Can someone give me profiles of this man? I wanted his background and his travel history. And then Abdul Kareem gives a letter about information of Sheikh Tamam al-Hamas Name : Waziri, Tamam also known as Sheikh Tamam al-Hamas Birth : January 24, 1950, Ramallah, Palestine Citizenship : Stateless Sex : Male Height, Weight : No data available Crime record : - Sentenced 20 years by Israeli government for involvement in 1987-1993 First Intifada - Listed on US Department of State Terrorists’ Watchlist as RED/Very Dangerous for his involvement on Karachi Attacks Travel record : - Iraq - Iran - United States - Switzerland - Yemen - Brazil - Nigeria His name is Waziri Tamam, born in Ramallah, Palestine at January 24,1950. He was arrested for involvement on 1975 Intifada by Israel. After that, he became an Islamist extremist by joining Hamas and then he was also founded Islamic Mujaheeden Front in Yemen. He is a well-known anti Jewish activist in Middle East and was declared allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. He will help us to capture his friends as part of Operation Desert Falcon. I have interrogated him and he said that one of his friends, Ahmed Abu Jabar is in Bandar Khomeini, Iran. What is your plan Mr. Director? And then, Colonel Tan answered "Wait, did the President has stated that War Against Terrorists is ended? How can we capture him since our combat-troops have been withdrawn?" Director Yoo That’s why you are here Colonel Tan. We need your peace-keeping forces as a backup if our assets failed to accomplish their missions. Well, this is my plan, we must capture Abu Jabar immediately. We will use Abdul Kareem’s assets as primary executor of this mission and Colonel Tan’s troops as backup. We have to capture Abu Jabar this morning after he is doing morning pray at mosque. Abdul Kareem’s assets will siege his car and immediately capture him, if we found any fight from the locals, Colonel Tan’s troops are allowed to shoot all of them. But, I want all personnel and assets wear Traditional Arab shirt instead of our uniform to camouflage. Colonel Tan Got it, will Abdul Kareem follow this mission? Abdul Kareem I’m a CIA operative not asset. CIA owned operatives instead of spies. The CIA operatives (including gloshpron) will recruit natives to execute their missions. And the assets will not know that they are under recruitment of CIA because CIA operatives are able to camouflage within natives and having multilingual ability as well martial arts. So, the operatives will never execute any missions but he is responsible for the successful of his missions. This strategy called Down-line intelligence system. and CIA is the only one which used this one. Director Yoo Okay, thank you for the long explanation Mr. Kareem. Colonel, you have to return to Bandar Khomeini immediately and prepare your troops, this is the address of the mosque, we belief that he will pray on this mosque since he is an Imam of this mosque. The others, please follow me to The Nineteenth Plaza, Karachi (CIA Headquarter on Karachi) and don’t forget to bring our prisoner. An-Nur Mosque, Bandar Khomeini, 05.00 A.M (GMT +3.30) Falcon Eye 1 ready on position, Falcon Eye 2 ready on position, Falcon Eye 3 ready on position, Falcon Eye 4 ready on position, Falcon Eye 5 ready on position, Falcon Eye 6 ready on position, Colonel Tan This is Golden Falcon to Houston, confirming that Falcon Eyes (Snipers) are already on position. Director Yoo Confirmed Golden Falcon, please don’t shoot any people using yellow-armband. They are our assets. Your task is to shoot any armed people who try to protect our target from captured by our assets and our target if he try to run. Colonel Tan Got it, Houston. But wait, our assets are Hezbollah fighters (Shiite militants)? Director Yoo (Leaving unanswered) if our assets already capture them, please make sure that none of people try to follow them. Got it? Colonel Tan I Got it. Meanwhile in front of An-Nur Mosque, Six Hezbollah fighter equipped with AKM arrived and waiting in front of An-Nur Mosque, When Ahmed Abu Jabar is walking to get out from the mosque. Ali Waziri said Ali Waziri, Hezbollah fighter يتم القبض عليك (You are arrested) *speaking in Arabian* And then, he smashed Ahmed Abu Jabar with his weapon along with his friends and then Ahmed Abu Jabar fell fainted Ali Waziri, Hezbollah fighter بیا، به من کمک کن این مرد احمق را بیرون آورد (Come on, help me bring this stupid man out) *speaking in Persian* Colonel Tan Did you see what did they do to capture enemies, Houston? Director Yoo Yes, but Hobbeas Corpus act doesn’t available here nor human rights so we cannot tell them how to respect humanity. They will bring Ahmed Abu Jabar into Bandar Khomeini Port and then I will meet him at there. Meanwhile at the Oval Office, White House, 12.34 P.M (GMT +9) At the Oval Office, President held a meeting with all of his advisers including Director of Central Intelligence Lee Jae-young Director of Central Intelligence, Lee Jae-young Mr. President, Operation Desert Falcon has begun by capturing Ahmed Abu Jabar, Global recruiter of terrorists who was also involved in Karachi attacks long time ago. I suggest we have to take further actions regarding this one. We must not wait for next attacks by terrorists. President, Lee Young-suk I understand about the situation in Middle East, I was fought against them on Iraq War years ago. The terrorists will never stop by any means. We knew that they are silent for recent days because we invaded them. As the matter of fact, we have captured a lot of their leaders such as Ahmed Abu Khattala and son of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. We cut their head but their hand will replace the head (means we captured their leaders but their members replaced as leaders). This will not stop if we don’t destroy whole of them. As for know, we have to enlarge the definition of terrorism itself. Terrorism is not only the perpetrators of terror actions but also nations which support terrorists and nations which terrorizing their citizens. War against Terrorists has already ended but we will continue to fight all kind of terrorist including this one. Press Release at the White House, 14.59 P.M (GMT +9) Michael R. Ramsey, Press Secretary It is a great day for the United States, we have captured Ahmed Abu Jabar, a global terrorist recruiter. He has captured by on Bandar Khomeini. I warn any nations who supported any kind of terrorism in the world that there is no place in the world for terrorists including their supporters. And it is funny to see that some nations are claiming that they have “captured gloshpron spies”. All of them were only “saying what they did” not “show what they did”. We can see incompetence leaders who quickly belief all opinion articles made by our journalists. The journalists wrote what they knew not the reality I have to remind all of you that Central Intelligence Agency is not Central Spying Agency.
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    Joint Military Exercise - Active Endeavor

    US Secretary of Defense Statement RELEASE NO: NR-242-17 Our focus was heavily on adapting our military to these circumstances, both institutionally and in the short term as well, what we have to do right away. And we focused on conventional warfare and destabilizing activities by several nations. We spent a fair amount of time on enhanced forward presence operations, and those, as most of you know, are having world-wide military presence. Those nations are Mogatopia, Thundera and United States. And I've observed some of these troops in the field. It is really quite energizing to see young soldiers from across these nations working together in the forests of Primrosky and elsewhere in the Sea of Japan as they make clear in a fully defensive orientation that we stand united and together on a framework of strategic partnership.
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    Imprial Tales: Chapter 7: Operation Ao Kuang Begins

    OOC: I have glopronash operatives and non combat troops in middle east.
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    Imprial Tales: Chapter 7: Operation Ao Kuang Begins

    Will you do the same to the Ottoman Sultan who done the same massacre in Baghdad and Crimea?
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    Free Consent of War Guidelines

    I didn't say that i am more intelligent than anyone here and i didn't suggest to exclude any members who cannot be active. And whatever you decide about this idea, i will accept it.

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