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  1. Demons rising World cup Sea monster attack Civil unrest Arrival of the Four Horsemen Cool, except some nations, like mine, don't have elections. Other ones are nice though, especially drug war.
  2. First of all, sorry for reacting to this a bit later than I should have. I'm aware about the changes there will be for the war system, and I have to say, I'm not a big fan of it. But I'm not a loser who just rants without giving a solution. I've been thinking of a gameplay change for a long while. Instead of changing how wars work, why not change how units work? Like how units interact with each other and such So I think units types should be more specific and I've come up with some ideas, such as: Infantry - regular infantry (no bonus, cheap) - rocket infantr
  3. I agree with restarting the map. However, it wouldn't be fair if new roleplayers and those who worked long and hard for expansion are given the same share. Why not have nations start with exactly the same amount of land they have on the last map? Also, last but not least, no limit/refresh on powers and tech, please. My army could obliterate the world but doesn't, because we would rather drink tea. At least let me defend myself from attacks done by nations with equal tech and military such as Mogar. Also, a strong UN is a no for me, sorry.
  4. I just realised I didn't post my expansion quickly enough, so I'll go here instead. The post for this expansion is already up. Thx, mate
  5. Novia, Nova Empire 13 November, 2045 In an airport in Nova Empire's capital, Heavenly Emperor Cheonsa stepped out of his plane, followed closely by a bald cyborg, as well as several scientists and soldiers. "It's been a long time since I last flew on an airplane." said the Winged Saviour as his trusted general, the cyborg, tried to keep up with his pace. They were going to see President Nova to help his people with their space program, and build an orbital superweapon afterwards. The cyborg got closer to Cheonsa and asked him, "Why are we helping these people? They're American
  6. So, considering how active other nations have been when it comes to foreign affairs, His Majesty has decided to send ambassadors to the following nations. Below are information about them. To have an Amenrian ambassador come to your nation, please contact His Majesty, he will deal with it as soon as he can (which is when his player isn't freezing to death in Changchun with a packed schedule and slow internet). Name: Arashi Kirigakure Age: 27 Species: Human City Assigned to: Novia, Nova Empire Name: Anna Li Age: 25 Species: Human
  7. I'll expand to the lands marked in black this month, thank you very much. Post is WIP.
  8. I'm still the same old nation of heroes. Only bigger.
  9. Working on this thread. If you haven't already, please post a pic of your flags here, sorry for the slow updates.
  10. Somewhere in formerly North Korean territory 12 October 2045 A woman from the Amenrian noble house of Yi sits on the balcony of her estate, sipping warm tea from a cup held in her little hands. An older man sits opposite her, looking at the city below. "Can you believe it?" asked the man. "Once this land was the land of the enemy. Brainwashed people following a barbarian madman. And now we sit here, casually, as our fellow countrymen rebuild it." he continued. "North Korea was terrible. But today this land is ours, as it been since 2040. His Majesty did a good job saving the w
  11. You speak of freedom and democracy, yet you keep secrets from your people and keep them on a leash. If you wish to show dominance, do so with honour like a true leader. Politics is no place for liars.
  12. I see there is yet another new nation. An evil one at that. Be prepared, us heroes don't like the sound of opression through illegitimate means such as wealth. OOC: Welcome back! I miss you!
  13. We would like to offer humanitarian and military aid to your nation. We are paragons of heroism. We cannot stay and watch this happen.
  14. We are glad we are not the only people who believe that the strong must rule and protect the weak. We would like to exchange embassies with you, and offer support for your new government
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