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  1. United Nations Resolution Number 1 Limitations on the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Recovery of the Philippines Article 1 Weapons of Mass Destruction that have a total explosive capability above 5 megaton must be destroyed. Article 2 Weapons of Mass Destruction must not be given to non-state parties such as rebels, separatists, terrorist groups or other armed groups. Article 3 Lethal chemical and biological weapons which intended to be deployed on warfare must be completely destroyed and may not be developed. Article 5 Security regarding ownership of weapons of mass destruction is the responsibility of the owner’s country. Failure to do so is a form of violation and can be subject to sanctions. Article 6 The use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians who are not in war is a crime against humanity. Article 7 All forms of activities in order to destroy weapons of mass destructions must invite representatives from UN member countries. Article 8 As a form of respect for victims of Rokkenjima genocide, All member countries must not expand and colonize the Philippines in any way or purpose. Article 9 All countries will work together to rebuild the Philippines regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and class. Article 10 The establishment of the United Nations Temporary Administration in the Philippines which is financed proportionally by all member countries. Article 10A UNTAP will conduct a survey and analysis to decide proper actions for the Philippines. UNTAP will be consisted of representatives of UN member states. Article 11 If the recovery attempt is completed, UNTAP will be dissolved and give independence to the Philippines as well give “Observer” status to the Philippines within United Nations. Article 12 The Philippines shall be under the protection of the United Nations. Outside parties are prohibited from making agreements or treaties with the Philippines but assistance can be provided through the United Nations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As part of UNTAP mission, Canada will send 5 reconnaissance aircrafts which will be escorted by 15 Su-30MKK. The aircrafts will be flown from aircraft carrier CS Vengeance. A Boeing 737-600 which will carry Canadian scientists, doctors and medical equipment is also prepared and ready to depart to the Philippines. Canadian Marines will also deploy 700 personnel to the Philippines to protect and secure the mission. The Navy will deploy 4 frigates and an aircraft carrier. Department of Military appointed Lieutenant General Frank Norton, CA as Commander in Charge of Canadian Mission to UNTAP. LTG Frank Norton will contact other military officers from other nations as well to coordinate the UNTAP mission.
  2. Strengthening National Defense A Paper for the Eyes of Personnel of Department of Military / Classified Army Department of Military has approved to begin development of ratnik-3 combat gear. The ratnik-3 will be developed from ratnik-2 combat system which already in field of operations within Canadian Army. The development is intended to increase the effectiveness and survivability of Canadian Army in time of operations. Canadian Army increased its preparedness for global military operations. Each army formation will be trained according to its designation. For example, Pacific Army will be trained to adapt with tropical and jungle warfare. So that, they will be ready for combat in their designated areas as well other armies. Canadian troops will be combat ready for every condition everywhere in the world. Canadian Army built massive underground network to hide several mobile nuclear armed ballistic missiles. The current underground capacity is to hide 410 Russian made ballistic missiles. Canadian Army nuclear doctrine is to change from missile silos into mobile launch systems. Missile silos and 5 Mt-above nukes are going to be destroyed as well to follow United Nations Resolution Number 1. Navy Canadian Navy built several naval stations within Greenland and Ryukyu Islands. The naval stations are intended to increase preparedness of the Navy to global deployment. Canadian Navy equipment and personnel are also upgraded. Navy Special Operation Forces are trained harder than ever before. Canadian Naval Strategic Force also acquired new weapons. Department of Military has procured 10 borei-class ballistic nuclear submarines. Marines Canadian Marines have been increased into 150,000 personnel. The 150,000 personnel will follow and based on Navy structures. They are also trained to be deployed globally within hours. Air Force Canadian Air Force developed Space Track Program. The Program is aimed to detect and track artificial satellites, space debris and objects within Earth Orbit. The Initial Space track facilities will be located at somewhere on the West and East of Canada. Access to the facilities will be classified and will be limited to Canada Space Agency, Canadian Forces and Canadian Intelligence Community. Technology is acquired mostly from Russia and will be upgraded by joint cooperation between the Magical Government and several institutions. Data collected from the new Space Track stations was planned to feed into the Joint Aerospace Operations Center Mission System operated by 876th Air Operations Center. The 876 AOC’s 24 hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week operation provides vigilance to conduct command and control of Canadian Air Force. If the Space Track detects that an object may cause danger or harm to the Canada from the atmosphere, the data will be transmitted automatically to the air defense units which will immediately fire the PL-18 Nudol missile from MiG-31. Canadian Air Force also tested SSC-X-9 Skyfall, a nuclear-powered, nuclear-tipped cruise missile. The defense industry said that the missile capable of penetrating interceptor-based missile defense system and has ability to dodge missile defenses. The missile will be designated as surface-to-surface cruise missile. The Skyfall missile will join alongside other cruise missiles in storage such as 3M33 Zircon Anti-ship missiles, Kh-90 air-to-surface missile, Kh-80, 3m-54 Kalibr, and Kh-32. The Canadian Air Force also planned to upgrade some of them in the near future. Intelligence Canadian Intelligence Community Director Katherine Forbes authorized the launch of Program SIRE. The program utilized massive ground-based radio antennas in to intercept satellite transmissions containing the digital communications of millions. Ground based radio antennas have been constructed in Canada and Ryukyu Islands to sustain the program. Director Forbes also planned to submit a proposal to develop this program jointly with other nations which share intelligence agreement with Canada. Military Deployments Department of Military headed by Ernest Fitzcharles authorized deployment of 2,500 troops from 5th Infantry Division. The purpose of deployment is to protect and secure Russian oil and gas field in Siberia. Four Canadian companies (Canada National Oil Corporation, Canadian Petroleum, Royal Oil Corporation and Northern Oil and Gas Company) have granted concession to manage Siberian oil and gas fields. The troops will secure oil and gas fields in Siberia as well protect exploration and exploitation. Canadian Air Force also deployed 17 fighter aircrafts and 20 helicopters to secure the airspace. Canadian Navy will also deploy a destroyer, a frigate and two ice breakers to protect shipping in the Arctic Ocean. Canada is also considering Joint Naval Exercise in the Arctic Ocean with Navy of United States of Northern Europe. United States of Northern Europe is notified about this movement through its Embassy.
  3. "Overall, we agree with all points but we request some additional points. First, support each other on international diplomacy. Second, extradition of criminals. Third, integration of military and network communications so when your troops are surrounded, you could request close air support from the nearest 'commonwealth' military bases or facilities. And the last is annual joint military exercise."
  4. Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation Seraphina Picquery will arrive at Northolt Air Station using Gulfstream G550. She will be guarded by seven aurors from Protection Directorate as usual.
  5. National Military Command Center Conference Room, 1/2/2019 08.00 On the cold morning, several people had gathered in the National Military Command Center conference room. The room was rather crowded with conversation between them. They are wizards who work in the Department of Military and high-ranking military officers, some of whom are wizards and some are muggles. The room was bewitched so that there were no spells or curses that could be casted inside. The room is part of the National Military Command Center which serves to coordinate all Canadian military units. Later, the Head of the Military Department Ernest Fitzcharles will give a briefing to military officials about the change in the National Security Policy approved by the President. "Well, let's start this meeting, the President has agreed to the wizards’ council's proposal for a change in the National Security Policy. This change will make our department to be the one of the most important departments in the Wizards’ Council. Surely we will get more responsibility for this" said Ernest opened the meeting and suddenly the room quietly listened to the explanation. "To help carry out our responsibilities, new institutions will be formed to help maintain National Security. They will work with us. I also want to let you know that the Auror Director General is no longer under the Armed Forces Council. Instead, Marines will be appointed as a new branch of the Armed Forces. So, General Trudeau will become Commander of the Marines." Said Ernest to them "Then, what about Joint Forces Command, sir?" General Trudeau asked Ernest. "Well. They will be dissolved" replied Ernest, immediately everyone was surprised. "Maybe you can read the details of the changes in this paper to make it clearer." Ernest said while distributing paper to all meeting participants. National Defense Structure (2019) Department of Military Head of Department of Military Ernest Fitzcharles Head of Department of Army Austen Winchester Head of Department of Navy Daniel Bristol Head of Department of Air Force Miles Renaud Armed Forces Council Chairman of Armed Forces Council Air Chief Marshal Jean-Paul Rouzet Vice Chairman of Armed Forces Council General Henry Johnson Commander of Canadian Army General Nicholas Stuart-Lane Commander of Canadian Navy Admiral Edmund Christenson Commander of Canadian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Thibaut Sylvestre Commander of Canadian Marines General Kevin Trudeau Combatant Commanders A. Geographical Command Commander of Northern Command General Emmanuel Auguste Commander of Southern Command Air Chief Marshal Terrence Remington Commander of European Command General Frederick Greaves Commander of African Command Air Chief Marshal Emerson Watson Commander of Central Command General Liam Wilson Commander of Indo-Pacific Command Admiral Lorcan Damon-Cowles B. Functional Command Commander of Transportation Command Air Chief Marshal Carter Exeter Commander of Special Operations Command General Marshall Carlton Commander of Strategic Command Air Chief Marshal Thomas Brian Commander of Cyber Command General Samuel Bryton Canadian National Intelligence Council Director of National Intelligence Katherine Forbes Department of Military Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lawrence Bradford Defense Threat Reduction Agency Director Walter Blackwood Department of the Army Army Department of Intelligence Lieutenant General Pierre-Antoine Fresnel Department of the Air Force Air Force Department of Intelligence Air Marshal David Ashton Department of the Navy Naval Department of Intelligence Vice Admiral Harley Buckingham Marine Intelligence and Surveillance Command Lieutenant General Edmund Mediean Department of Auror Directorate of Intelligence Director Cassandra Calder Directorate of Special Activities Director Parker Whittaker Department of Economics Financial Transaction Report and Analysis Center Director Andreas Tudor Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director Richard Brighton Communications Security Establishment Director Chester Nelson National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Director Florent Coquelin National Reconnaissance Office Director Gauthier Chauveau National Security Council President William Rutherford National Security Adviser to the President Alexandre Blaise Head of Department of Military Ernest Fitzcharles Head of Department of Auror Leighton Kensington Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement Catherine Whitehall Head of Department of Economics Marie-Christine Cheron Chairman of Armed Forces Council Air Chief Marshal Jean Paul Rozet Vice Chairman of Armed Forces Council General Henry Johson Commander of Canadian Army General Nicholas Stuart-Lane Commander of Canadian Navy Admiral Edmund Christenson Commander of Canadian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Thibaut Sylvestre Commander of Canadian Marines General Kevin Trudeau Director of National Intelligence Katherine Forbes [[]] "Well, after this the Armed Forces Council is no longer responsible for the Operational Command. The tasks of the Armed Council are only to train and equip their respective branches. As well, assist the President and Head of the Department of Military in making national military policies. Then the National Intelligence Council is formed to coordinate all intelligence agencies. We will also recruit 100,000 more Army, Marines and Auror personnel respectively. Any question? "."Well, sir, what is the duty of the new Military Departments?" Ask General Carlton. "Yes, all of branch commanders will help them to train and equip your branch." Ernest answered. "At least you did not get a three in one leadership," Joked Navy Commander Admiral Christenson. Then, everyone laughed at the joke. "Alright, Admiral, Do you have more questions? If not, the meeting is finished and don’t forget to our first deployment to secure Ryukyu Islands." Ernest said closing the meeting.
  6. Claiming three of Greenland and Ryukyu Islands https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/24554-canada-news-network-episode-1/
  7. Welcome to the first Canada News Network broadcast in 2019. First of all, all staffs, editors and the board of directors of CNN wish you a happy new year. A little information for you about us, that CNN has been broadcasted since 1989 in nationwide of Canada. So this year we will celebrate 30 years since our first appearance. For this reason, we are launching our first edition in the form of the CNN Broadcast which will be broadcasted worldwide. The first news came from the Office of the Canadian Economic Department where Marie-Christine Cheron, the Head of Department of Economics began a policy to improve the Canadian economy that has been isolated since the 1988 Magical Revolution. One of the biggest projects that has been completed is the construction of Inter-American Maglev train that passes through major cities in the North American Region. All North Americans can shorten their travel time from cities to cities by using this transportation. SCMaglev trains can go up to speeds of 603 km / h or 375 mph. This Maglev Train was built by the American Maglev Corporation (AMC), a joint venture company based in Montreal. AMC shares are owned by three different entities namely Masrani Corporation (33%), Britannia (33%) and Canada (34%). The plan is that 34% of the shares owned by Canadian Government will be sold to the state-owned enterprise Canada National Railway (97%) and the remainder will be sold to the public through the Canada Stock Exchange (CSE). We will also provide you information about American Maglev Corporation and the routes after this broadcast finished. In addition to the construction of the SCMaglev train, the Canadian government also built new economic centers in several regions. To maintain equality between the eastern and western coastal regions, the Canadian Government is building a wider new port and airport on Vancouver Island. New Vancouver Harbor will be the main entrance for the sea trade route from the Pacific Ocean. With this development it is estimated that it will encourage the emergence of new industries in the western coastal region. We also get good news from our correspondents who are in the city of Nuuk, Greenland and City of Naha, the Ryukyu Islands. They have just reported that Greenland has agreed to join Canada. As well as, residents of the Ryukyu Islands took to the streets to celebrate their independence. The Canadian government has also congratulated the Ryukyu islanders for the freedom they have achieved. The Canadian government is also willing to protect the Ryukyu Islands. Canadian Forces will be sent to the Ryukyu Islands region to maintain security and defend the island. Canadian Forces in Ryukyu Islands will be headquartered in Naha, Okinawa Island. Alright, thank you for watching CNN Broadcast Episode 1. Don't forget to watch the next episodes. (Info) American Maglev Corporation Board of Directors Chairman of the Board Leopold Du Pont, Canada President / Chief Executive Officer Claire Dalton, Masrani Corp Managing Director Anderson Gray, Masrani Corp Finance and Accounting Director Earl Smithe, Canada Technical and Service Director Christina Tu, Masrani Corp Human Capital Director Ronald Lyndon, Canada Corporate Secretary Charles Tourneur, Canada Risk Management Director Thierry Lavaud, Canada Independent Director Nadine Chevalier, Canada Headquarters Montreal, Canada Traded as CSX: AMC Routes Finished AM-1E Route: Halifax - Quebec City – New York City – District of Columbia – Atlanta – Miami AM-2E Route: Atlanta – New Orleans – Houston AM-3E Route: Quebec City – Montreal – Toronto – Indianapolis – Oklahoma City – Houston AM-1N Route: Montreal – Ottawa – Sudbury – Winnipeg – Calgary – Vancouver AM-A1N Route: Dawson Creek – Edmonton – Calgary AM-2N Route: Indianapolis – Chicago – Minneapolis – Winnipeg AM-1W Route: Vancouver – Portland – San Francisco – Los Angeles AM-2W Route: Los Angeles – Phoenix – Austin – Houston Red means the stations are not opened yet due to political issues Green means the stations are ready to serve passengers Pending routes (waiting shareholders’ approval) AM-A1W Route: San Francisco – Salt Lake City – Denver – Omaha – Chicago - Detroit - Toronto AM-A1E Route: New York City – Pittsburgh – Indianapolis – Kansas City AM-B1W Route: San Francisco – Las Vegas – Gallup – Albuquerque – Kansas City AM-1C Route: Austin – Dallas – Oklahoma City – Kansas City - Chicago
  8. "For us who have no interest in this conflict, peace can only be achieved when all parties are able to hold back and reduce tension. Maybe all parties here can bring down all weapons that are directed towards each other. The step of peace must begin in good faith and intention not to attack each other. Thus, all can trust each other without feeling suspicious. That's why we put forward the points which are essentially demilitarization in the East Asia region. In this case, the best way to achieve peace is by demilitarize all parties which present in the East Asia Region and establish an independent court to try those who commit crimes against humanity. This court is important because from here we will get objective facts and evidence, not just blaming on each other. If Rokkenjima does not want to present the defendants in this court, the court must continue to run in absentia. Maybe the court could add several people to be charged for trying to block this court process. Justice must be upheld for the sake of innocent victims. To maintain the independence and professionalism of the court, we propose that this court uses an arbitration system. And all parties must agree to comply with whatever is decided by the arbitrator. After the decision is made by the court, it requires a commitment from all parties not to repeat this terrible action in the future. That is why we propose to form the United Nations as an international authority so that this does not happen again in the future. Maybe some of you are questioning why we remain adamant about proposing the formation of the United Nations. For us, the United Nations can make a series of formalization of international law so that it will be obeyed by all countries in the world. Because in the UN institution we can act appropriately and organized in dealing with world problems in the future. As Rokkenjima questioned about international law that we do not currently have, So we made this UN proposal as an answer to this criticism."
  9. Military Conference Room, NMHQ 12/25/2018 09.42 The meeting room was already filled with wizards who occupied several high positions within the Government. Some of them are chatting with other wizards, but all were silent and stood up after President Rutherford entered the room and asked them to have a seat again. On the meeting room, there was a muggle who lying in froze and floated across the President. Her eyes glanced around the room and scared. Then, President Rutherford said: “For those of you who do not know, we will be joined tonight by Miss Arabella Mulroney who until recently is a member of Free Canada Movement. It is a terrorist organization which tried to restore the Muggle Government in Canada.” Then, everyone chuckles and stares amusedly at Arabella Mulroney. “Miss Mulroney was caught this morning after she tried to steal military intelligence documents from the office of our head of department of Military. Unfortunately, she failed and brought here by the Auror John Dawlish”. “Calm down, you will be sentenced to death” whisper Ernest Fitzcharles to the scared Arabella Mulroney. Then, President Rutherford said “Maybe some of you wanted to hear some testimonies from our new friend.” He pointed his wand to Miss Mulroney and lifted the curse that made her frozen. Then, he she fell and bowed to the President and others. “Your excellency. Please forgive me. I… I..didn’t mean to…forgive me. Please” Arabella Mulroney begged to President as tears dropped from her eyes. “I didn’t mean to steal…please…forgive me”. “Very well, I forgive you, off go!” answer the President calmly. “Thank you very much, your excellency” she bowed again and turned toward the door behind her. Before she reaches the door, the President aimed his wand and shouted “Avada kedavra” against her. She suddenly fell and her eyes stared blankly. The aurors outside the meeting room were surprised and immediately took Mulroney’s body out of the meeting room. “Well, let’s begin the meeting, I invited all of you here to discuss about the progress within our military. We took over the command of Canadian Forces 30 years ago. And now, as we are opening ourselves to the world, we need to improve our military to challenge problems in the future. I hope that you could amaze us with your presentation, Ernest.” President stares at Ernest Fitzcharles, Head of Department of Military. Ernest presented documents to other meeting participants. Canadian Department of Military The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are the military forces of Canada. The unified forces consist of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Wizards’ Council resolution in 1991 determines that the Supreme Commander of the Canadian Armed Forces is the President of Wizards’ Council who has authorized his Head of Department of Military to exercise duties ascribed to the post of Commander-in-Chief. All troop deployment and disposition orders are issued by President of Wizards’ Council while daily management and operations fall in the hand of Head of Department of Military. National Defense Structure (2019) Department of Military Head of Department of Military Ernest Fitzcharles Head of Department of Army Austen Winchester Head of Department of Navy Daniel Bristol Head of Department of Air Force Miles Renaud Armed Forces Council Chairman of Armed Forces Council Air Chief Marshal Jean-Paul Rouzet Vice Chairman of Armed Forces Council General Henry Johnson Commander of Canadian Army General Nicholas Stuart-Lane Commander of Canadian Navy Admiral Edmund Christenson Commander of Canadian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Thibaut Sylvestre Commander of Canadian Marines General Kevin Trudeau Canadian Army Regular : 570,000 Reserve : 190,000 Army General Headquarters Department of Intelligence Department of Logistic Department of Transportation Department of Health Department of Materials Department of Engineering Department of Installation Department of Ordnance Department of Electronics Department of Finance Department of Training Army Forces Command / Rapid Action Force 1st Infantry Division (Airborne) 4th Infantry Division (Airborne) 5th Infantry Division (Airborne) 8th Cavalry Division 2nd Armored Division 7th Armored Division Western Army Command / First Army Eastern Army Command / Second Army Northern Army Command / Seventh Army Central Army Command / Ninth Army Army Air and Missile Defense Command 1st Air and Missile Defense Command 2nd Air and Missile Defense Command 3rd Air and Missile Defense Command 4th Air and Missile Defense Command Equipment of Canadian Army Infantry combat system: Ratnik-2 combat gear Helmet: 6B47 Armor vest: Armor vest 6B43 Bomb suit: OVR-3Sh Assault rifle: regular: AK-12, A-545, AN-94, AS Val, SR-3M; reserve: AKM, AK-74M Sniper rifle: Dragunov SVD, SV-98, VSS Vintorez Anti-materiel rifle: KSVK, OSV-96 General purpose machine gun: PKM, PKP Light machine gun: RPK-74 Heavy machine gun: NSV, Kord Rocket-propelled grenade: RPG-29, RPG-32, RPG-7, MRO-A Automatic grenade launcher: GP-25/30/34, RGM-40, RG-6, GM-94, AGS-30, Anti-tank weapons: 9K115-2 Metis-M, 9M133 Kornet Anti-air weapons: 9K333 Verba, 9K38 Igla Mortars: 2B14 Podnos, 2B11 2S12 Sani Hand grenades: RGO, RGN Anti-personnel mine: MON-50, MON-90, MON-100, MON-200, OZM, POMZ, PMN Anti-tank mine: TM-82, TM-89 Field artillery: 2A65 Msta-B, 2B16 Nona-K, 2A36 Giatsint-B Self-propelled artillery: 2S34 Chosta, 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV, 2S7M Malka Rocket artillery: 9K512 Uragan-1M, Tornado-G, TOS-1, BM-30 Smerch Tactical ballistic missile systems: SS-26 Iskander-M, SS-21 Tochka-U Short range SAM: 9K331 M, Tor-M1 Medium range SAM: 9K37M1 Buk Long-range SAM: S-300 V, S-400, Pantsir SA, Tor-M2DT Main battle tanks: T-14 Armata, T-90M Infantry fighting vehicles: Kurganets-25, Bumerang, T-15 Armored personnel carrier: Kamaz Typhoon, Ural Typhoon, Bulat, BTR-90, BMO-T Robots: MRK-46, Platforma-M, MRK-3, Argo, Uran-6, Uran-9, Uran-14 MEWC: 1L269 Krasukha-2, 1RL257 Krasukha-4 Canadian Air Force Airmen 195,240 Reserve 68,000 Air Force General Headquarters Department of Intelligence Department of Military Police Department of Logistic Department of Transportation Department of Health Department of Materials Department of Engineering Department of Discipline Department of Installation Department of Finance Department of Training Air Force Command 1 Air Force Command 2 Air Force Command 3 Air Force Command 4 Air Force Training Command Air Force Strategic Command Air Force Transportation Command Air Force Special Operations Command Equipment of Canadian Air Force Close air support: Su-25 Strategic bomber: PAK DA, Tu-160, Tu-22M Military transport aircraft: Il-112, An-148, An-140, An-124, An-22, An-12, An-225, C-5 Galaxy AEW&C: Beriev A-100, Beriev A-50, E-4 Nightwatch, E-8 J-STARS Electronic warfare: EA-18G, EA-6 Multirole: Su-35S, Su-34, Su-30, Su-57, Su-37 Fighter: Su-33, Su-27, Yakovlev VTOL, Mig-29, Mig-35 Interceptor: Mig-25, Mig-31 Rotary aircrafts: Mil Mi-28, Mil Mi-26, Mil Mi-24, Mil Mi-38, Kazan Ansat, Ka-226, Ka-52, Ka-50 Canadian Navy Seamen 61,324 Marines 150,000 Reserve 57,000 Naval General Headquarters Department of Intelligence Department of Military Police Department of Logistic Department of Transportation Department of Health Department of Materials Department of Engineering Department of Discipline Department of Installation Department of Training Department of Finance First Fleet Command Second Fleet Command Seventh Fleet Command Ninth Fleet Command Military Sealift Command Naval Aviation Command Canadian Marine Corps Marine Force 1 Marine Force 2 Marine Force 7 Marine Expeditionary Force Marine Training and Doctrine Command Equipment of Canadian Navy Aircraft carrier: Kuznetsov class Cruisers: Slava class Destroyers: Kashin class, udaloy class, Type 055, Sovremenny class Frigates: Gorshkov class, gepard class, La Fayette class Landing shiprs: Alligator class Landing craft: Zubr class, Serna class, Ondatra class SSGN: Oscar II class SSN: Yasen-class SSK: Improved kilo class Equipment in number Main battle tank 2,870 Armored fighting vehicle 7,350 Artillery 5,970 Rocket projector 3,816 Fighters 1,123 Attack 1,416 Transports 1,254 Helicopter 1,451 Attack helicopters 511 Aircraft Carriers 4 Frigates 19 Destroyers 25 Cruisers 16 Submarines 29 Mine warfare 15 Department of Auror Aside from having Army, Navy and Air Force, the Armed Forces also has Auror, gendarmerie forces which filled with witches and wizards who are in charge of preserving security, law enforcement and border security as well as paramilitary force. The Director-General of Auror is a member of the Wizards’ Council. Thus, it is not part of Department of Military. Regular : 200,000 Reserve : 25,000 Department of Aurors Headquarter Directorate of Resources Directorate of Investigation Directorate of Criminal Directorate of Protection Directorate of Intelligence Directorate of Special Activities Directorate of Border Security “Well, I hope they could sustain our military to defend our interests, I would like to remind all of you that we need to work harder for our great nation, and for our people.” President ended his words and left the meeting room.
  10. National Military Headquarters Building, 12/25/2018 09.00 A woman wearing a silver robe entered the National Military Headquarters building. The building is being guarded very tightly by Aurors because the President will attend a meeting with several members of his cabinet in the building. "Good morning dawlish, I'm Charity Burbage, this is my ID card," said the woman to John Dawlish, Deputy Commander of the Protection Division. Dawlish showed a slightly suspicious face while staring at Burbage. "I was assigned to protect the second and third floor of this building directly by the President". Then Dawlish immediately returned her ID card and said "off go" in cold voice. Inside the building, Burbage went around looking for a room belonging to the Head of Department of Military. It was very difficult to find where the room was until she finally found a rather large room near the military conference room and the Asia intelligence analysis center. She entered the room and then opened a desk drawer containing secret documents. He failed to find the document she was looking for but she found a newspaper cutout labeled [Prohibited]. Then she read it for a moment. Magic Is Murder: The Untold History of Magical Government of Canada Written by: Patrick St. Claire 05/09/2009 [Prohibited article; Violates Article V of Reasonable Censorship and Modification of Historical Facts to Safeguard the National Security Decree of Department of Magical Law Enforcement; Classified] The Magical Government of Canada is the governing body that governs the magical and non-magical population of Canada. The Magical Government is separated by three branches: The Magical Congress, The Wizards’ Council and The Wizengamot Council. The President of Wizards’ Council automatically held position as head of state and head of government. The current President is William Rutherford. The Magical Government in its current form was established in the late 19th century, replacing the former House of Warlocks which had represented the magical communities of Canada since the early days of European settlement in Canada. The Magical Government’s most troubling years were during the two world wars and cold war. Under the Statute of Magical Secrecy, the magical community is prohibited to perform magic outside or in front of Muggles. The statute was created by our ancestors to protect us from being persecuted or executed by Muggles. The statute was created by the House of Warlocks in 1784. Throughout history, the magical community cannot perform and show their force of life to the world. In the beginning of 19th century, many wizards and witches decided to marry Muggles. This marriage bond has created a significant decrease of pure-blood descendants and increasing half-blood descendants. The inclusiveness between Wizards and Muggles grew significantly throughout years. Eventually, many Wizards attended the same life as Muggles. Many of half-blood descendants are working and living within Muggle community as doctors, soldiers, teachers, sailors and even government officials. Many of whom also gained highly important positions within the Muggle Government. The result was an unplanned infiltration upon Muggle Government by the wizards. On August 1988, a radical minority group of pure-blood witches and wizards known infamously as Krasnota launched a coup against the Magical Government of Canada led by President Cornelius Fudge. The coup gained supports from magical community especially pure-blood descendants. As the result, President Fudge was replaced by Jean-Christophe Pomeroy, leader of Krasnota and well-known dark wizard. Then, he formed an Army of Wizards and call for preparations to launch “a Magical Revolution” in Canada. He calls for witches and wizards who work inside the muggle government and muggle community to work closely with him especially those who work closely to the Prime Minister of Canada. Five months later, krasnota launched a coup against the muggle government. The attempt was succeeded as they managed to murder several important government officials. It was succeed to overthrow the Muggle government as there is no counter-revolution attempts by the Muggles because half of the government and the military is already infiltrated by wizards. 42 top-rank officials, 12 high military officers and 107 security officers were killed. Among those who killed were Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and General Paul David Manson. While casualties among krasnota group were 3 died and 15 injuries. After the revolution, President of Wizards’ Council Jean-Christophe Pomeroy immediately installed the Magical Government of Canada as the sole official governing body of Canada, dismissed all Muggle Government institutions and takeover the command of Canadian Armed Forces. The infamous slogan used by krasnota group “magic is might” became the official motto of Canada since then. 30 years after the revolution, the Magical Congress voted to abolish the Statute of Magical Secrecy as part of reform and openness proposed by President Bill Rutherford. The President decided that magical community needs to openly perform their force of life in this world. However, The President also stressed that Article VII of Statue of Magical Secrecy which prohibits the use of magic against Muggles would remain valid to protect them. Jean Christophe Pomeroy died after lost the battle against his partner Gerard Deveraux in 2001. Deveraux rose to power as President after the death of Pomeroy. After a year as President, Deveraux was found dead without knowing the cause in his office. He was replaced by former Head of Department of Auror Angelina Malone. The current members of Wizards’ Council are affiliated to Krasnota and President Rutherford himself is the current leader of Krasnota. Wizards’ Council of Canada President of Wizards’ Council William Rutherford Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement Catherine Whitehall Head of Department of Auror Leighton Kensington Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation Seraphina Picquery Head of Department of Military Ernest Fitzcharles Head of Department of Economics Marie-Christine Cheron Head of Department of Magical Sports and Games Augustus Bailey Head of Department of Magical Transportation Elizabeth Camden Head of Department of Magical Education Francine Winthrope Head of Department of Science, Technology and Technomancy Earl Crawford Head of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures Zachary Sutcliffe Head of Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes Claus Musgrave Head of Department of Mysteries Cosmo Rothchester [[]] Suddenly she heard a whirring and then the door bounced. When she looked at the door, she immediately took out his M9 pistol instead of her wand and taking cover behind the table. She saw four aurors were pointing their wands at Burbage. “Get out you intruder” Dawlish shouted. She turned and tried to fire the gun at Dawlish but she was late. “Expellliarmus” Dawlish yelled. Then his wand casts a red light which blew Burbage onto the wall. Dawlish approached Burbage who was lying down after crashing the wall. Knowing Dawlish was approaching, she tried to grab his knife to stab Dawlish. But she was late again because suddenly Dawlish’s friend casted “Petrificus totallus” against her. She cannot move her body but she can still see and breathe. “Good, now I cannot ask her. She is obviously not the Auror Burbage.” Dawlish said to his friend with a little anger. “She tried to kill you for the second time.” Answer Robbie Wallace and pointed his hand to Burbage’s knife. “Well, maybe we better read his mind,” Dawlish said. Then Burbage heard Dawlish casts “Legillimency” while pointing his wand at her. Then Dawlish entered her memory. “What did you see?” Samuel Wilson asked. “She is a Muggle disguised as Auror Charity Burbage with polyjuice potion. She was looking for military intelligence documents but failed.” Dawlish answered. “Maybe the President wants to hear a few things from her”. Knowing that she will be brought to the President, she tears but his face was stiffly motionless.
  11. Canadian representative Seraphina Picquery spoke casually "I do not feel concerned in your warfare, but in my view, all parties must provide guarantees and trust to other parties as well as to the entire world community. I have some ideas that might help. For all parties 1. A peace agreement between countries must be signed. 2. Civil shipping must be free from military interference except for civil law enforcement. 3. Air control is left to each country. 4. Non-human soldiers are not allowed in times of peace. 5. Civilians in the occupied territories may not be expelled, damaged or killed by the country occupying the area. 6. Bordered areas must be free from heavy weaponry. 7. Biological and chemical weapons must be destroyed with confirmation from international authorities as well as weapons with warheads of more than 10 MT. 8. All parties must reduce their military presence in the East Asia region with the confirmation of international authorities. 9. All countries must commit and recognize that every nation and every human being has the right to be free from foreign occupation. 10. The establishment of an international authority that is independent and represents all parties in the world. 11. The occupied territories will be directly monitored by the international authority. 12. To avoid unilateral action between Britain and Rokkenjima, a peace force must be established to guard the border between the two countries. The force must consist of British soldiers, Rokkenjima and other countries who are willing to pay a balanced amount. and I have some special points for Rokkenjima 1. Rokkenjima must allow international authorities to observe the transition process of their leadership. 2. Rokkenjima bear the damage caused by the genocide committed by the previous government. 3. Liberate areas that have been carried out genocide. 4. Give permission to international authorities to establish a permanent representative office in the capital to provide uninterruptible communication space. 5. Provide an opportunity for the international court to try Rokkenjima officials who committed genocide And I propose the international authority shall be called as the United Nations. the tasks of the United Nations will be carried out based on decisions made by the UN General Assembly. The General Assembly will be filled by representatives from sovereign countries and also filled by non-sovereign state representatives. that's all"
  12. The head of Department of International Magical Cooperation Seraphine Picquery will be present along with seven Aurors. We will always welcome efforts to make the world better and also oversee these efforts so that they will not be misused.
  13. Dear witches and wizards of Canada History records that December always incised an important event for this great nation. On December 1931, the Canadians were granted half-freedom by British power and on December 1988, a small but powerful group of wizards and witches known as Krasnota launched the world’s first magical revolution against the intolerant Muggle Government. On that day, we gained our freedom from prosecutions by Muggles. Under the Statute of Magical Secrecy, the magical community is prohibited to perform magic outside or in front of Muggles. The statute was created by our ancestors to protect us from being sentenced or even executed by Muggles. The statute was created by the House of Warlocks in 18th century. Throughout centuries, the magical community cannot perform and show their force of life to the world. Today, on this December, I declared that the Statute of Magical Secrecy has ended unless for the Article 7 which prohibits the use of magic against Muggles. This is an important time for us to welcome a brighter future and this is our time to show to the world that: Magic Is Might On behalf of the Wizards’ Council of Canada President of the Wizards’ Council William Rutherford Members of Wizards’ Council Catherine Whitehall Leighton Kensington Frederick Harrington Elizabeth Camden Ernest Fitzcharles Marie-Christine Cheron Augustus Bailey Earl Crawford Cosmo Rothchester Zachary Sutcliffe Francine Winthrope Claus Musgrave
  14. Application: Nation name: Canada Population (may use in-game numbers): 90 Million Population density (may use in-game numbers): 30 Official currency: canadian dollar GDP (may use in-game numbers): 2.327 trillion GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): 49,000 Form of government: half-democracy and half-oligarchy Describe your nation: a nation of wizards and witches Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): modern canada Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Separate colonies are unable to be conjoined. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. This includes land gained by a nation as a result of a war as well.) (You are required to post at least once a month in the national affairs subforum to remain active. This means creating your own topic, not just commenting on your own, or someone else's posts. Inactive nations will be removed from the map.)
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