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  1. Alex's twitter

    An image of a pornstar, largely a head shot with no nudity isn't pornographic. Also, I'm judging their posts based on their views. If they have an issue with it, then can always change them.
  2. Alex's twitter

    Dude, I'm judging them based on your standards of "female empowerment and respect". Clearly, you aren't empowering or respecting them by not letting their image be complimented and viewed...
  3. Alex's twitter

    I don't remember P&W explicitly being PG rated. Also, you are disrespecting those women for saying those their work shouldn't be view able.
  4. Alex's twitter

    You can't really joke about this since he should be honoring what he says. So are you trying to say that women want weak men then since you have an issue with Roz's quotes?
  5. Alex's twitter

    Here is an example how Alex didn't uphold his values of treating men and women with fundamental equality and human rights. He didn't immediately shut down this thread but instead locked it after a period time since there were personal attacks and whatever. Not only that, Lightning most likely didn't receive a warn for that. Alex- "Women are not objects. They deserve the same fundamental equality and human rights as men and all humans." Then, he goes on Twitter and say he wants one for Christmas. Ah, hypocrisy at best.
  6. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    "I have said racial things to Kastor because I am black, too. *surprise*" That is like saying, Japanese people can't be racist to Chinese people because they both are Asians..
  7. Alex's twitter

    You have called this whataboutism which sure, whatever. However has already stated he won't hear any criticisms on his decision to give 4 warnings to Roz. If he won't hear any then ripping off his veil of morality is all that is left to do since he doesn't upholds what he stands for. Did you even read what you quoted? Emperor Wu of Jin had 10,000 concubines and just picked whichever women he wanted out. Not only that, role playing doesn't have to be exact. Roz mainly just wanted to role play as an Emperor receiving tributes and women from others. This doesn't mean Roz was discriminating against women in anyway.
  8. Alex's twitter

    I never wished any death threats to him, if you meant Henrich then that was just some dark humor from him. Likely done because he knows you'll get triggered by that too. Second, if you want to start policing social issues then you should start with KT since their Islamophobic content is in plain obvious site; yet, Alex never goes after them but goes after Roz which is shown to be bias based on Alex's replies to Roz by calling Roz the following, "sexist", "racist", and "sick". Refer to Buorhann said before
  9. Alex's twitter

    Apparently, Alex took no action against someone role playing (and known to be be a ISIS supporter in RL too) ISIS. He had the nation name, flag, city names, everything. Repeatedly no action was taken, only much later was something done and it was over his anthem which was by an ISIS account or whatever. His ban on the forum was related to his personal attacks on people and not his ISIS/RP content. However when it comes to basically role playing as Chinese Emperors, Roz's post IMMEDIATELY got taken down over "sexism" when it is just role playing as Emperors of China.
  10. Alex's twitter

    Does it matter if it is right or wrong? This was Roz basically role playing as Emperor Wu of Jin (founder of the Jin Dynasty) at that time. Are we seriously going to be policing morality in this game and enforce what we can or can't role play as? We might as well ban the Knights Templar for being Islamophobic and Arrgh for being immorally wrong. Sima Yan (236-290), the Emperor Wu of Jin, was the founder of Jin Dynasty. It was said that he had as much as 10,000 concubines. He once issued an imperial edict to “prohibit marriage” for years and carried out large-scale beauty pageants to select women for him, which increased his harem concubines by more than 5,000 beautiful women. He had so many concubines that it was difficult for him to decide which concubine to spend the night with. So he thought of a weird way, he sat in a cart drawn by sheep and let them walk randomly in the palace, he would spent night with the lucky girl inside the room where the sheep stopped.
  11. Alex's twitter

    @Matt2004 @Johnny Costello So how is it sexist for Roz to roleplay as a Chinese Dynasty sexist then? It was standard practice to take massive amounts of women from other kingdoms back then. Also, Big Brother was continuing the retarded math comments rather than focusing on the hypocrisy which is the topic of this post.
  12. Alex's twitter

    Nah dude, you were too busy making retarded math comments to insult Heinrich rather than understand the hypocrisy.
  13. Alex's twitter

    Indeed, AP math really taught you nothing because there is no such thing as AP MATH. The advance placement class for math are AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Computer Science.
  14. Alex's twitter

    @durmij @Johnny Costello @Big Brother @Matt2004 How the heck do you guys not see the hypocrisy in Alex's actions towards Roz? Heinrich was trying to show Alex engages in the same "sexism" as Roz did in his post. Matt, we aren't frickin comparing the sites' terms. Get that through your damn brain! Lastly, Roz wasn't being a sexist in his post. He was just role playing the Ming Dynasty. When Korea became China's tributary state, Korea sent China massive amount of beautiful women as tributes to the Ming Dynasty and developed great friendship.
  15. Alex's twitter

    Of course both are two separate sites but Heinrich is trying to show the hypocrisy of Alex’s actions towards Roz. Not only that, Alex showed a lot of DISRESPECT towards Roz when he implied nobody would care about Roz if he gets banned.