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  1. The Mad Titan


  2. The Mad Titan

    Twin Dragons

    It’s almost like it’s not a unified sphere and some people are in between spheres, just like there has been since the game started. Shocker I know.
  3. The Mad Titan

    Twin Dragons

    I mean considering you are rolling part of the circled area right now and there is no reaction your arguments a little weak here.
  4. The Mad Titan


    They fill a very niche roll in the war meta.
  5. The Mad Titan

    Any Trustworthy Banks?

    That issue has nothing to do with Horizon Bank.
  6. The Mad Titan

    Any Trustworthy Banks?

    This is objectively false. Stop lying.
  7. The Mad Titan


    We get it prices are low, I eagerly await tomorrows thread regarding the subject.
  8. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    You have contributed pretty much nothing overall to the changing FA of the game. You mention two years but what exactly did you do in two years? Nothing in T$, and nothing in CoS. It took Ripper joining as leader to actually make CoS relevant. And no, hitting a few pantheon members for half a round isn't being relevant. It's not consolidated though? NPO and T$ have just as much in the range as we do?
  9. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    The irony of this coming from you is truly amazing.
  10. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    We haven't, its always been the mid-tier which is an expanding category. Pretending there was no intent behind the post is transparent and disingenuous, nice try. So far the only time all the spheres have united was to take down upper tier consolidation, first in Test, then in EMC. Never has the mid-tier been deemed a large enough threat to warrant the whole game united, and according to your own propaganda never won a war with mid tier domination. Lol. "We couldn't compete with organization so we had to consolidate in the uppers". What a meme. No one forced anyone to build it was just the easy path out then actually trying to compete, so makes sense why you chose it. So because BK's milcom is good enough to organize smaller players effectively it's easier to just give up. Ill take it as a compliment that you are so certain our organization is better than yours you don't even try to compete.
  11. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Buorhann 04/23/2018 Rose didn't pay us, but we were given 100k of each resource and a couple billion. I told them that they'd have to make it worth our while to fight IQ, and shortly after, that was given to us and I was like "Well, ok then, I certainly cannot turn that down." Thanos 04/23/2018 Yep that is enough for most people to be persuaded Buorhann 04/23/2018 Otherwise we would've handled our own peace negotiations with Polaris and Co, then been out of the war. I'd imagine we'd have been out of it much earlier, as we had already worked with OWR and to a certin extent Cerberus (That was a nightmare of issues due to Arya being multis like crazy). And it's not like we had the resources to really wage a full on war against a major sphere at the time (We were not even a month old iirc). But with that payment, that's why we stuck it out. Like I stated earlier, our beef was with Polaris and that was it. We had no quarrels with IQ initially at all, and I even told the few folks organizing the hit against IQ that we weren't going to join that war. It wasn't until later they threw those funds at us and then thats when we started to spread out our hits.
  12. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Easy to say, let’s hear it. False. It’s well documented that TGH was going to sit out of AC till they were paid Pantheons bank to join. More revisionist history. Now that you point this out I was mistaken as well. Point stands however.
  13. The Mad Titan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Ummm no. TGH has not initiated any risky wars in its history. Good fighters sure, but in no way are you a Test who suicides knowing they'll lose. In AC you hit Polar when IQ was busy thinking you would get away with it, so it wasn't started believing it would be a risky war. 69 day war wasn't up to you, and when you rolled TRF there was no risk there at all since their allies were busy. Lets not get all revisionist history here.
  14. The Mad Titan

    Do we like war?

    Theres no way this isn't a masterful troll at this point in time.

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