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  1. I disagree. CBs add another layer to the game and arguing for their justification or lack thereof is engaging. Constructing a CB and using it is also a fun aspect of the game. Complaining about its validity is part of PR wars which I like very much.
  2. I don't mind having my pixels burned to the ground, but what is exactly the CB here? Or are we now just warring for the sake of war? I would like to war for the sake of war, but I don't like when people make shit up.
  3. People cannot be punished for mistakes, so there's no incentive to war anyways. What exactly is "winning" a war nowadays? You can't crush your opponent. He will get out of your range and then proceed to shit on lower tier nations, and war devolves into "Top tier winning on side A and bottom tier winning on side B". Even if side A does more damage, within 3-4 weeks everyone is rebuilt to the exact same thing. There's no strategy or skill required. I say remove all caps from all tiers so we can finally have a real alliance war between all members, not handicapped by players who are "too large". If your alliance get pummeled by one top-tier player then maybe it shouldn't exist.
  4. Even if the game was 16+, sending unsolicited porn to someone is NOT okay, and there is no precedent for this game to contain pornographic material. Case closed.
  5. When you create your nation, get a grace period of 30 days(or X days) or until you have 5 cities(or X cities), or X score. Why would a 6K player attack a noob player anyways? The extra cost of having an army is going to be more expensive than the loot he would be getting.
  6. Imagine how fun it would be to have a mob of low tier fighting and taking down a bunch of higher tier nations. It would be an awesome shit-show
  7. Here's a RADICAL effing idea. Remove beige altogether and remove nation the declare limit, as well as the amount of wars you can declare. Add a new player grace period of X score or X cities to prevent piling on new players. Let the game self regulate itself with how the wars work, maybe we then we can stop having a bunch of players unable to interact despite having the same amount of cities and shit, just because they're lower score.
  8. I have not played this game in awhile, but upon returning it seemed to me that things haven't changed much when it comes to war. Wars get divided into higher tier nations and lower tier nations where one side pummels the high tier and then the lower tier swarms the other side. Currently, when you actually play the game and advance in it, you get more cities and as a result more income, but your military strength stays relative, because you are locked into your tier - meaning your relative military strength stays the same to other players. Players should not be inhibiting their growth to stay in the same range of other players. I don't think the solution is to remove or change the war ranges(it might though), but rather introduce mechanics that scale with cities, meaning that the more cities you have the more you are able to do. For instance, unlock certain benefits for players above 10, or 15, or 20 amount of cities, allow them to contribute to lower tier nations in a way that others cannot. Discuss.
  9. Say I am a 25 year old mill worker under a 'true' communist society. Now say I want to quit my job, completely, and stay at home. How would my life change? Do I still get the same amount of food? Can I still take baths and waste water all day?
  10. I think the bolded part simply means that it isn't something that you are able to use to avoid war, since the wars will continue and you will be left w/o defenses. It's not a peace mode because your nation will be frozen with no income/ability to log in.
  11. Liked for being humble I still think Mensa were one of the top fighters even if your perspective, as a Mensa government member, is different.
  12. Best: Guardian, Mensa, Hogwarts Worst: SK, VE, WTF at least that's what I feel /me shrug
  13. I think it's a bit silly that fortify allows you to be in a war forever* and avoid getting beiged. (*until it expires)
  14. Pantheon is definitely a worthy opponent. I have a lot of fun fighting them.
  15. Finally. I liked this just because WTF finally does something.
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