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  1. Blitz


    _Rubs hands_
  2. Blitz

    Save Dem Pixels (Pixel Hugger Anthem!)

    Levi made it in! Congo! And yea music vid plz!!!
  3. Blitz


    welcome to PnW. just looked at your nation. seems like you have too much infrastructure for your sity count. try buying more cities instead of buying more infra. im ex IA gov so you can trust me lol if you are intending to stay low on score by avoiding cities, i would suggest dropping tanks instead. given that fact that you arent participating in the global, tanks are quite some useless score buffers tbh. i mean, you could always drop tanks and build planes!
  4. thanks yo!!! and first finally
  5. Terran colonial ship approaches planet Orbis. “We are picking up signals for the planet commander!” said Kobe Blitz, the commander of the ship, turns around and looks at him. “As expected. Leox! Systems report?” said Blitz “All systems go!” Exclaimed Leox “Charge up defences?” suggested Kobe “Business first maite.” replied Blitz. “Leox, hows the progress on establishing connection?” “Almost!... There!” Leox said “Connection Established!” Blitz standing up, and waited for the screen to clear up. On the other side were surprising human creatures. “Greetings people of Orbis, We are friendly colonists from planet Terra, aka planet Earth looking for economic opportunities. We run banks and other companies. We request permission establish orbit around your planet” said Blitz in an accent nobody has ever hear him speak. The translator beeped as the other side received the message “We welcome you to planet Orbis. Feel free to land on the surface and we will negotiate that kind of investment opportunity we are looking at” said the person on the other side. A smaller vessel detached with Blitz, Kobe and Leox which soon touched down on the land of planet Orbis. The door open with gases pouring from the hydraulics. “Greetings Sir. Welcome to Orbis. Im Robert Gero. i run the Orbis bank. It was decided that it will be the most appropriate for a bank owner to welcome you. Let's head in to meet the planet’s government representatives.” He said. Upon long discussions, Terran people negotiated to establish a Bank of their own in planet Orbis. The Terran Banking Corporation Declares its Existence! Discord server: https://discord.gg/PXKDcCd The bank will be auctioning 40,000 shares starting at 9,000 ppu! Get in soon! (Auction starting on 21 Nov, 12 midnight GMT)
  6. Totaly. Sempre announced a 2 month break. Guess i contributed to not letting what you mentioned happening. ^-^
  7. we i did get a heads up on the post coming in . so technically you're first in here
  8. Yeah. people tend to forget that the fuel to successful banks is trust and reputation.
  9. I mean, yeah! Totally! Well that was the counter argument that I got from Sempre. Just wanted to throw that in.
  10. Blitz

    Shifty News Network LLC-The Song Remains the Same

    Wowowwo guys! Take it chill. Robbers don't say thanks do they? Don't worry it didn't get robber. I do wonder what the 'banking purposes' mean 🤔
  11. Another funny detail I would like to add here. Before the bank was closed for the war, there just wasn't a set interest rate. It was negotiated as per the client lol! Seems interesting indeed. Link pls 🍪 As we are on the same table on transparency, it won't be fair if I comment on that. If there are cons that you think might exist, please let me know too!

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