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  1. My alliance KoM just hit #30 so i think im allowed to talk about this lol. i can give you this, micros are needed to start war. the big bois are too aware to the costs to act. and i guess we all can agree on that. and ofcourse, some micros are literal shit. noobs create alliance and teach their noob knowledge to newer players who could potentially do great in the game but lead them into the darkness. as Buorhann said, better learn figure out shit before making your own thing. otherwise, micros are needed to have contrast in the game. it facilitates people who want a more individual focused gameplay and not one of the masses.
  2. A properly established alliance? Only time will tell
  3. All the best guys! Finally an alliance with a good theme! And maite can u pls link me ur alliance discord?
  4. gotta admit. i have no idea what all this is about...
  5. Umm, anybody talking about good Blitz?
  6. that's right an all that. but now it has left the industry pretty dry atm. the banks that have existed for ages(the stable ones) now are the only ones left. well, i might return for a short while to introduce a bit of contrast. but well, you never know (so dont i either!)
  7. it took me sometime to understand it, btu well, congratz guys!
  8. yea yeah. but you just completely ruined the catchy title...
  9. I'm in a micro alliance and no u
  10. Like United Hoods xP That's your management's problem. Im here to get information to the people as fast as possible.
  11. I mean, that's the whole point of this is to get people updated with all i know lol. I think I'm free to express my thoughts whenever I want. A spectator. And i totally can ^-^
  12. This is Blitz bringing you the first and probably the last update of the liquidation vote underway at Pantycore. (cringe) https://prnt.sc/mm6ji7 (The forums is being annoying and only allowing me to upload files smaller than 0.01MB) This is where i least expected it from. The one who stood with me to criticize Antonious/Sempre At Azure Bank Turned into an even more worse iteration of it. i will probably loose my shares and my role on doing this. So if he does decide to continue going no matter what and you're still a share holder over there, Pull it out God Dammit! This is a depressing moment for the banking industry. Not because we have lost a prominent bank, cus screw it. but because we have not a great fellow banker. We will miss you Impreza! And in the same time, The Most Honorable, Mr. DustyDart has decided to cause more drama accusing Robert_gero, Another fellow banker for giving him so called Death Threats https://imgur.com/a/ZQuKz5B It is quite depressing to see such people constantly bringing negative reputation to the Banking industry. its affecting the flow of investment and making look great investment opportunities unstable. I would also like to greatly thank and appreciate @Phoenix and @Johnny Costello for not being a puppet in Dusty's hands.
  13. yep, ive seen him going around do that. well manticore is a well established bank and mutaza isn't asking for 2.5x times his original cost is he lol
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