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  1. When is my wiki page being created?
  2. I recommend that you join another alliance and learn the way this world works before you start your own alliance. Feel free to message me, I’ll help you with learning the game if you are so deadset on doing this. Sounds like you already are beginning to understand the way wars work.
  3. Thanks for freeing up slots for us.
  4. Same here. I’ve played on and off for years and have never had a multi, but it’s saying that we share a network. I think I accidentally signed in with a VPN the other day, so I’m thinking it’s related.
  5. Because it reminds you of yourself and you can’t sleep due to a racing mind and crippling depression.
  6. One can assume Guardian asked them not to come into this war. Probably have an agreement to help them rebuild post war. Either that or they are crappy allies. Take your pick.
  7. What would be the benefit for TKR to expand the war even further when they don’t have enough slots to engage their enemies as is? #1 goal of a war (winning or losing) is to make sure you have improved your ability to fight another war. They should be fighting a Guerrilla campaign, but I still see TKR nations buying thousands of tanks and quickly having them blown to bits.
  8. I just ignore you. (and most people)
  9. I’ve read The Giving Tree, I know how this ends.
  10. I knew It was only a matter of time before the #MeToo movement rocked t$.
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