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  1. @Changeup I was tracking the race between Rose and TFP on ‘most improved alliance’. Last time it was 47vs50, and now gone; any idea what happened to that one?
  2. Ketya


    I agree it is an unnecessary improvement, but I don’t see a comment from Alex that says ads with higher votes will be shown more frequently. It just says ‘advertisements’ page will be ranked.
  3. Alliance of the Year: TFPMost Powerful Alliance: RoseMost Improved Alliance: immortalsBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): ErrorMost Missed Alliance: Best Alliance for New Players: TFPMost Honorable Alliance: TFPMost Immoral Alliance: Most Controversial Alliance: coal minesBiggest Warmongers: ErrorBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Spanish ArmadaWorst Fighting Alliance: TKRBest Alliance Growth: ErrorBiggest Alliance Decline: SchruteMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: TFPMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: FarkBest Economics Department: TFPBest Foreign Affairs Department: TFPBest Internal A
  4. Thanks! It feels like the whole baseball thing doesn’t add any value to the game while causing many to consume their time. I wish there was a way for the game to reward the value added activity over mindless clicking. Don’t have an idea though
  5. Good point. If you look at the data visualization charts around the amount of raws and resources, most are reaching pre-cheating levels; and this is with a large scale global war. Adding more projects could both address the increasing amount of resources/raws and also force players to specialize instead of trying to get all projects. Was it ever the case where new city building required resources in addition to cash? That might be another method to make raws/resources more valuable.
  6. 17k nations excluding VM nations. 31K nations including the VM ones; according to the ‘nations search’ page.
  7. I would think top tier nations will not care too much since majority of the projects are much cheaper than the next city. I want to have five projects and the sum of all five is cheaper than my next city (and I am not top tier). Dynamic cost also adds another angle players need to consider while planning their nations, without making things overcomplicated.
  8. Simple idea: Alliances issue in-game awards for their members by redeeming credits. For example, 1 credit to issue an award to 5 members (numbers are tentative). These awards appear next to the p&w issued awards. What do you think? Useful, unnecessary?
  9. What would you say the purpose of baseball? I am not playing the game long enough to have the context.
  10. I play only on mobile and this would be a simple yet useful change
  11. Activity is good Phoenyx, don’t let others discourage you! No harm in having more posts, if people don’t like they can choose not to read.
  12. Correct. I didn’t do a good job explaining, I guess. For instance, I couldn’t raid inactives in Morningstar when it had treaties with a bunch of others. Now that MS looks like dead and their treaties are expired, I can raid them. If there is no expiration on treaties, those ‘dead’ alliances kind of stay protected by others.
  13. A side consideration for this one. Some alliances allow their members only to raid inactive nations in alliances that are not tied to top-50. When alliances go inactive over time, if the treaties don’t expire they all stay out-of-bounds for those that can only raid unaffiliated alliances. it is minor but still a consideration to keep expiration aspect there. I feel it at least make people consider whether to renew, at times have a short chat.
  14. We should have this even if we can’t target power stations. Just being able to target regular improvements is good enough over the course of a weeks long war.
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