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  1. I dont see a problem with using them. Less annyoing than the huge recruitement squad...
  2. I agree, otherwise Blitzkrieg is useless. I mean, I only used it this war to get some more damage out for countering some people, but I probably wont use it again.
  3. First of all that doesnt apply to all sort of cookies. Second, forum moderation here is needed because of obvious reasons. Third, sure someone could sue him for whatever reason, beeing a US citizen doesnt protect from everything. That doesnt mean that you could sue Sheepy in this case. @Sheepy: It would be nice if we would see an Implementation regarding the cookies. Its like 5 minutes of work, the EU even offers pre made things for that and you would make your European Players happy
  4. Owning a battleship should be mandatory for each US citizen for the case that their governemnt build a secret operation base on the ocean and tries to enslave their people.
  5. oh no, Alpha did some damage to Mensa, buhuhu. Thats why Alpha doesnt win wars: You guys need to understand that one day doesnt not mean the entire war and you need allies with actual warchests, not some with 2k gas @13 cities
  6. Good you realized there is no other way for your ally.
  7. >NPO declares war on BK with 3 other alliances >Still needs "nation sitting" because they still dont have enough control over their own people and havent filled all slots already Srsly thats a stupid idea because i can tell 20 people to create PW nation then and just do the nation sitting them.... And you cant win a game if you arent active. Try Total war multiplayer while you are afk....
  8. Wait, did my dream just become true? When Nat was AoFA that was my running gag
  9. No, he simply says that the arguments of the pro-guns-lobby are ridiculous.
  10. Looking at othre threads in the general discussion forum I think this thread fits there perfectly well.
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