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  1. They lost the Super Bowl, so they probably do. Go Patriots! Yet another win for Beantown!
  2. If it's the bank that's disappearing at random times, then it may have something to do with the script that runs every turn to collect resources/taxes from nations. For example, something could be triggered when a player in the alliance has a certain resource on hand, ect.
  3. ...include an edit link in the post if you have the correct permissions. <a href='edit.php?id=$announcement_id'> ...display the announcement in a text area field to allow editing... <div class='announcement_div'> <form id='announcement_update' method='post'> <input type="textarea" name="new_announcement"> <?php echo"$announcement";?> </textarea> <input type='submit'> </form> </div> ...submit the form and update the announcement text and last update time. You could even update the 'announceme
  4. In the event of a 'full-scale' conventional war between the United States and China, I'd have to say that neither side would be able to gain a firm foothold. In the event of war, China's factories that produce cheap plastic goods could be converted to produce weapons. The manpower and material advantage would make a United States invasion impossible. If China tried to invade the US, most of their soldiers would end up at the bottom of the Pacific before they reached the mainland. But, China would most likely be fighting a defensive war anyways. Here's my ranking of the 'most powerf
  5. I'm sure your alliance would appreciate losing out on your tax revenue and a slight decrease in the color stock bonus. If I was an alliance leader and I saw my members switch to grey to avoid paying taxes, they'd be kicked out. It's that simple.
  6. Edit; I see the error with more observation.
  7. Let's be honest here. How often can a player continue to contact you and be considered 'active' but can't sign in for a couple of weeks. This probably doesn't happen as much as you claim. I don't think that alliances should be rewarded for having inactive members. If you're that concerned about the missing tax revenue, I'm sure that any honest and valuable member would gladly deposit their owed funds once they return.
  8. The sorting is based on the last time in which a comment was posted. One could say that it is similar to a forum.
  9. They only thing being 'penalized' is the alliance bank. The country isn't losing money for being inactive, thus making the point of being punished invalid. The limit could also be extended to two weeks rather than say, five days. Also, if they have the ability to contact you, and continue to do so, then what is preventing them from spending the the ~10 seconds required to sign in?
  10. Not really. $10,000 for a newer nation could purchase more than $10,000 could for an older nation. Due to the fact that gameplay slows down a bit as a nation ages, you may want to consider providing a more hefty bonus to vetrans to encourage them to sign in more. Sometimes, I don't log in in-game because I know that I won't have enough money or resources to do anything of note. Adding in an hour of income for signing in would change that.
  11. I understand that you must also do the same for resources, but the logic is the same for each variable. Unless the structure of the game isn't efficient, I couldn't imagine this taking more than 30 minutes to implement. Edit: I've realized that nations go on grey after 7 days of inactivity. You could do this if 7 days is deemed a long enough timespan by the playerbase.
  12. Recently, an issue has been brought to my attention. From my current understanding, inactive nations can still be taxed by their alliance. While I know that nations are automatically deleted when they reach a certain level of inactivity, I believe that stopping automatic alliance taxation after a certain point would be beneficial to the game. I'll iterate through the reasons why. This one is rather obvious, but it makes multi-farming a little bit less beneficial due to the increase in effort required by the ring leader. Anything to further discourage the creation of multiple accounts by a
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