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  1. Holy shit, it's been awhile. I'm back! After Khevin and Harzotchka a bunch of !@#$ ups, I'm brand new. I don't know what else to say, but school got the best of me and just I couldn't keep up with this, but now I'm back and I'm ready to !@#$ it up. Jk, I'll prob !@#$ up even worse.
  2. I'm triggered!!!!!! Ur making fun of nah womns perioudddddd and other gidtiyny million genders that don't have periodudssdd
  3. They're replaced with even worse SJWs *shudders* that'd be awful. I wish that people could learn how to compromise and get along.
  4. Nation name: Harzotchka AMOUNT OF ATHLETES IN EACH SPORT Baseball: N/A, team sport Football: N/A, team sport Basketball: N/A, team sport Swimming: 0 Cycling: 0 Diving: 0 Beach volleyball (In integers of two): 10 Volleyball: N/A, team sport Track: 1 Fencing: 2 Judo: 7 Taekwondo: 2
  5. They're trying to get into your head..... If they do, you're a goner.....
  6. No, mainly because of their proximity to Gran Pulse, I would not feel safe.
  7. Nation name: Harzotchka Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=11048 Which city will be the host city: Kairo Why you should be the host of the 2016 Summer Orbolympics (At least five sentences of information): Harzotchka is a warm nation that can host all events of the Orbolympics. We are a nation that is warm for all nations that haven't attacked us. We are a cultural nation while preserving our past no matter how much we reject it, in the Pyramids. We have lots of open sand, urm, land that can be exploited to create all venues and housing for the Orbolympians. We still have a barter economy from old Khevinist times, so we will be able to do everything without an issue.
  8. Going around Africa is how they will get through to Europe. The Suez is not international territory. It is Harzotchka's.
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