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  1. I am sadden to hear you are going. You have been here longer than I and was one of mine and BoC first allies. While we have not always been on the same page, I have great respect for you and all you have done. o7 TheNG May you have fair seas my old friend
  2. /me puts down snowball launcher. "guess its finally over" yea to peace?
  3. I'm not sure what you were hoping to accomplish by posting this? So your plan was to share your view. Then we are meant to just say, "okay" and follow your lead? I think you might be confused on where you are and how things work here. Try NationStates, its likely a better game for you then this.
  4. /me sees KT civil war post Kids bring the popcorn! we are in a for a good showing tonight
  5. Glad to see this finally, now we can move on to step three Step 1: Build snow fort (Check) Step 2: Make some friends(check) Step 3: Take over the world
  6. Antarctica, my long lost homeland. This snowman can finally go home ?
  7. that's what they all say at the beginning
  8. BoC Discord new link, that does not expire
  9. It was fun while it lasted, sleep now sweet prince
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