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  1. Only one nation had the capabilities to destroy the entire game, and only one guy was able to destroy that nation. Anyway, always sad when a such iconic players leave, Luckily I'm not Alex because I wouldn't be able to be truly happy anymore with a remorse like this
  2. To date, the 55% of 2019 (158 of 292 days) was spent in a state of global war for the majority of the alliances...
  3. 1.046B... Knightfall dethroned and we aren't even at the half of its duration ?
  4. Our member at the moment still consider themselves part of Coalition B and dont consider NPO a political enemy, obviously any attack will be (and they already are) actively repelled, regardless of where it comes from...
  5. I 'm sure that OFA will take the measures we deems appropriate for the situation...we are already talking with NPO. But for the moment I can assure that currently, our members are extremely determined to win this war aganist the enemy coalition, and also that we are working hard to implement a "no more beige" policy.
  6. worst merger than the FCA-Renault-Nissan one
  7. okay, thank you all for the answers
  8. as the title, if I wanted to send money to a nation (and not resources or credits), how should I do? :-3
  9. you seem a bit 'disorganized, I had attcked one of your communist nation, he could defend himself, but he preferred to go into vacation mode
  10. Santa Rosa recognizes all legitimacy in the Kingdom and in his actions. In a period where Christianity is increasingly put aside have Nations that defend it is important, in the actions of everstar there is very courage. Santa Rosa is prepared to send military experts to help the armed forces of our allies, if he requires it, we have already some experience from the annexation of Istria
  11. -Everyone has the right to work, even minors -With the Communists in charge the nation is likely only to become a "Banana Republic" -We don't like the Communist parties
  12. your enemy has a much lower score than mine, I cant attack he, I can try to find someone in my Alliance but I don't think I can make it on time, the only thing I can do is give you resources after the war. I'm here for a while and I know well what does a naval blockade, because I used to win all the wars that other players and raiders have declared against my nation, in part thanks to blockades I never lost a war, and for that I know to never allow the enemy to sneak up on me without a reserve of gasoline and ammunition with which he could put me on lock
  13. I give you 50 fuel and 15 ammunition
  14. Santa Rosa is a extra-capitalist nation and then, banks and private companies usually grow up fast. The industrial sectors in which Santa Rosa excels are: Cars, motorcycles and various vehicles -Lamborganti: sports cars -FEA: cheap vehicles -Ducaldi: motorcycle -Agosta: aircrafts -Nassari truck: military vehicles and heavy vehicles clothing -Ducci -Altanis -others production of glass and porcelain -Finvetri -Venezistalli -others the banking sector last month, with the new Government had a significant increase, thanks to the privatization of many insurance agencies. -Brabia investment enterprise -Bank Doc Estense We would like to encourage the I.T. sector but for now the situation is very undeveloped and the only exponent is Bink LTD Oddly enough also the pharmaceutical sector is booming since Vatican laws were abolished 2 years ago. -25 years ago, 75 percent of the work in our area was agricultural, now this industry is in crisis, we hope to give him new life once we started growing in Istria. Every company does not pay taxes if the number of employees is less than 5, and pay reduced if the number of employees is less than 15, undeclared work is accepted if you are paying less than 10 people and no more than 2200 € (5500 Ducali) each. over 200 employees the fees become quite heavy. If you're a noble discounts on taxes are not applied. You can become a Knight of the work if you take more than 1000 workers, if you are a "K.o.W." , you have a lowered taxes as a citizen, Santa Rosa has a few State-owned companies and few state-investments to the citizen.
  15. is a fee which was fine at the time of the middle ages or would be fine for extremist Islamic Nation. Santa Rosa is a strongly Christian nation, and Muslims don't have equal rights with the Catholics, but we would expect to never put a price to be Muslims.
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