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  1. Nietzschelloo

    Arrgh! Recognition of Hostilities

    yeah but not because I was paying attention lmao it was multiple days after the first hit I'm general. woops
  2. Nietzschelloo

    Arrgh! Recognition of Hostilities

    I mean to be honest we werent really paying attention or this war would have been a lot more fun for everyone probably I didn't notice I got hit until like a day later lmao woops.
  3. Nietzschelloo

    Arrgh! Recognition of Hostilities

    the important thing here, gents, is that I am very charming ? ? ?
  4. Nietzschelloo

    War Ending

    o7 peace ✌
  5. Nietzschelloo

    Feel the Charm!

    i luv u 2 katie
  6. Nietzschelloo

    A Charming Friends' Announcement

    in classic stoner fashion im late to the party and way too high for this shit so o7 us i guess
  7. Nietzschelloo

    Feel the Charm!

    none of us have 5 wars :3 we just have many nations willing to come together for the team <3 the real reward is the friends u make along the way ~
  8. Nietzschelloo

    Feel the Charm!

    o/ us
  9. Nietzschelloo

    Expansion of the Syndicare Program

  10. Nietzschelloo

    Lights out

    ;) i mean the offer isn't off the table boo
  11. Nietzschelloo

    Lights out

    o7 tlf <3
  12. Nietzschelloo

    Peace in our time

    Buttercup luv peace http://imgur.com/zh6Jf6V
  13. Nietzschelloo

    War and Keg Stands

    #chuchu #allaboardthepartyboat
  14. i still love you even if you're beating me up
  15. Nietzschelloo

    Charming Friends march to war!

    That was the first time I looked at your city names, buddy. I lol'd

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