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  1. I've grown more and more inactive through the past months, it's a blend between life coming at me hard/fast and me not being as interested in this game anymore. It's time for me to hit it and quit it. Thanks you for those lovely people I've meet through these past years. !@#$ off to all the garbage cans on this site as well! I wish the best for the fun and loving friends who are staying in the game and I hope you reach out on discord, twitter or facebook if we've bonded or boned. It's gonna be weird not having a PNW account after 956 days... Cheerios!
  2. Wait a minute, I just realized this thread is a rip-off of my thread you cheap !@#$ing bastards!!!
  3. Tho I hate to say it y'all are one of my favorite alliance and I'm gonna miss y'all. Thanks for the ride and all the terrible conflicts
  4. Good to know your allies know where to have you, fascist lover.
  5. CF is an outspoken communist AA, are we too small for you to hit too?
  6. How did you know I was an action based anarchist? Words are for cowards, actions are for the revolution!
  7. If you think it's wrong, do something about it. If you are right in that this is unfair and bad, do something. If the alliance knows they're getting hit because of how they are playing and conducting themselves, the simplest answer is to change that. It is possible to play without being an antisemitic, nazi loving POS. And for the last part, what the hell do you even mean? Are you being forced in to posting? You are suppose to only interject when you want, none of us (aside from Alex) is getting paid for this shit.
  8. Except nazi rp and symbolism is against the games rules. But whatever, it's not like Alex has ever cared or done anything about it, so it's only rational that alliances take things in to their own hand.
  9. I'm rolling my !@#$ing eyes over here. If you think communism is equally bad or that it's unfair that fascists get hit for being fascists, do something about it. Stop your fricking whining, do something or move on with your lives. Or are you all as spineless as you are daft?
  10. Yes, I'm glad you finally understand Boony
  11. Eh, I for one do not give a single shit about casus belli. It can be legitime or not who cares. War is war and war is fun. However, if you claim to have a legitime reason for war I don't really see much of a reason for why you'd mention some fancy schmancy reason or other and then not divulge the evidence you were basing it on. But each to their own. Can we please just all go back to waring in a month or two?
  12. I for one truly appreciate how IC iron guard is role playing, being utterly defeated at every corner of the world. Just like their role models I'm sure we'll soon see them dragged through a public street, to have their dead bodies on display for people to spit on.
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