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  1. yeah but not because I was paying attention lmao it was multiple days after the first hit I'm general. woops
  2. I mean to be honest we werent really paying attention or this war would have been a lot more fun for everyone probably I didn't notice I got hit until like a day later lmao woops.
  3. the important thing here, gents, is that I am very charming ? ? ?
  4. in classic stoner fashion im late to the party and way too high for this shit so o7 us i guess
  5. none of us have 5 wars :3 we just have many nations willing to come together for the team <3 the real reward is the friends u make along the way ~
  6. ;) i mean the offer isn't off the table boo
  7. Buttercup luv peace http://imgur.com/zh6Jf6V
  8. That was the first time I looked at your city names, buddy. I lol'd
  9. Welcome welcome. Put on ur party hats
  10. Not much to do about people who have vastly more cities that have been knocked down in score to our score level. We can max every military unit at our size and still have less than someone with more cities we are smol and we did what we could for our allies with the information we were given. c'est la vie~~~
  11. We support our allies in their efforts. TLF has been kind to us and it is them we stand with. Rose is cool enough I guess but they didn't ally us.
  12. Wishing you all the best for your health, comrade. <3 I'm sorry you were treated unkindly. Sending you all my positive wishes ~~
  13. We've moved on. We are a forgiving bunch. But I mean idk I can still lol about it.
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