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  1. Welcome Back Pre. It is nice to see you back in action.
  2. Ant it took all those Alliances to take down all 14 of us
  3. Thanks SRD for the fight. I is nice that you have friends like Guardian, TKR, Hogwarts and tC or Grumpy would be in a lot of trouble. Anyway it was a lot of fun and I'm sure we will meet again.
  4. And what disadvantages is this? There city count? Or the fact there all whales? Do you have to tell everyone that there going to be attacked in P&W or should your Alliance just be prepared. Shame on them for being unprepared. Unless I'm playing Politics and tell who you are going to attack you might not ought to decom and cry. We in Sparta have nothing against GOB but the fact that we were close. For us it was an up hill battle but knowing SRD they would be more then prepared. We enjoy the fact that GOB are willing to fight us one on one. They have said they would not be cowards an
  5. 1 VS 1 . Does GOB really need tp call anyone in to help them. There are only 14 of us. Lest just have fun and not cry for help
  6. Five minutes of my life I will never get back
  7. anyone who like Bad Company cant be bad. Good luck guys
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