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  1. The option to fortify (No idea what is does) doesn't work. When you fortify in a war it takes you to a broken link.
  2. Following a really large methane explosion, Annville seems to have completely disappeared from the map. No one in the surrounded areas know what caused the explosion and if Annville was completely annihilated in the explosion. Guinevere has not yet to be found with the assumption she is likely dead. Jesse Custer on the other hand was seen in a car muscle car with a male and female heading south of the area with wearabouts to where he was going being unknown. (OOC: Jack !@#$ed me over in the game more than once, and I've temporarily left the game out of frustra
  3. Could have sworn you had made a multi, confessed to it and were cheating with it, so why the hell are you back here exactly?
  4. GG Kylo. Making moves already. Don't let your gov !@#$ you over this time. Achieve and keep your greatness.
  5. Okay fast good is what keeps the American economy going.
  6. You have to be 21 to drink because it can be harmful to you and other the way you act when you drunk. Food is available at any time in life and is a necessity to live. Alcohol isn't necessary to live...see the difference?
  7. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: The Knights Radiant Most Powerful Alliance: TEst Best Military: Mensa HQ Best Rookie Alliance: I would say Blue Moon if that shit didn't fly south. Best Flag: GPA's TEst Flag they had to hang to when they got their asses kicked. Best War Flag: Mensa Most Active Alliance: The Chola Most Honorable Alliance: The Chola Most Improved Alliance: Roz Wei Best Diplomatic Team: The Chola Best Economic System: Best Recruiting Staff: Anyone who doesn't use a bot to recruit. Lazy people. Best Propaganda Staff: Princess Bubblegum//Shifty Stranger Best Alliance
  8. We're going to pay back what was taken because that is the right thing to do. He can claim whatever he wants to claim but at the end of the day we were just as surprised as anyone else when he pulled that bs. It was a betrayal to Blue Moon and to Treasure Island with what he did.
  9. Because of the actions taken by Gentlemen Jack Blue Moon had quickly dissolved over a 24 hour period. I'm just here to write a quick message saying Blue Moon doesn't condone the actions taken by Gentlemen Jack, and we're working on a way to pay back the money that Jack took. This being said, Blue Moon may return at a later time but for now production on our beer has been halted until further notice. We hope that our previous investors will be willing to invest again after this whole fiasco gets sorted out but we understand if they no longer want to work with our brewery.
  10. His apparent plan is to use all the money in war. Their perma war will have him using the money to invest in infra that they will destroy and basically it would be extremely cost heavy to waste time warring his nation over 341 mil when they will spending more than that trying to zi him. That seems to be his shitty plan that screwed over Blue Moon. Gg I'm gone in a few days since everything I worked for was destroyed by an idiotic stoner who was given power he shouldn't have had.
  11. This post is just a reminder to Orbis that it only takes 1 credit to block out the crappy ads by Princess Bubblegum. Not only will this benefit you from not having to see these annoying ads but you will greatly benefit all of the credit sellers as well. So what are you waiting for people? Go buy credits.
  12. What worth do you have to someone when you break up with them other than causing them sadness, binge eating icecream, and crying while watching romantic movies? Bby it just wasn't meant to be, but there are still plenty of fish in the sea.
  13. The servers always crash too when a big war breaks out, and if we're as you say, growing a lot more, server size will need to be increased anyway and this should be an excuse to do so...
  14. Having all 28 treasures would barely bring you above a 10% bonus but my guess is the nerf is necessary because you plan to carry control points over from the test server and this will balance it out?
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