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  1. How do you switch the city image back to default? Also, how do you get the image for JFK at the white house that can be seen as the last photo here (https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/City_Images)?
  2. It is a good suggestion and should be implemented
  3. Same in Nation States. Same in the real world. Yet, a World Assembly exists in NS and the UN exists in the real world
  4. This game is centered around alliances however.
  5. One of main reasons why Nation States is so active despite all of the years that have passed by is their World Assembly, which continuously keeps the game's user base active. There should be a similar World Assembly in this game where participation is optional, but if a nation decides to join the World Assembly, they have the ability to vote on bills and are required to follow laws that are passed. Voting could be adjusted by city count for each nation. Nations who are in the World Assembly will also have the ability to form political parties in order to get people with common ideologies toget
  6. It is stupid that we just keeping adding more and more projects to this game. Projects don't help the gameplay because everyone will have the same projects in the end. What would be better for the game is to replace projects with a technology tree, where nations have one choice in terms of whether they want to specialize in manufacturing, commerce, etc. In each branch, there will be multiple steps of improvement in which you can further build your nation's specialization.
  7. It is truly a great place to be in. Please join! ?
  8. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152232 In my nation, I have 20 cities with 5 oil refineries, so 100 refineries total. With the EGR project, each refinery should be taking in 1 per turn, so my nation should be using 100 oil per turn. However, when I look at my revenue page, the amount of oil I use per turn is only 75. What is going on? EDIT: Nevermind. I am bad at math
  9. I agree. This should be added.
  10. What happened to this?
  11. Alliance leaders should have the ability to place a tariff on certain other alliances or nations in order to discourage trading with them. The tariff will work when you try to by from an alliance that has a tariff set by your own alliance, you have to pay a small fee that goes back to your own alliance bank. Alliance leaders should also have the ability to sanction other alliances or members.
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