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  1. Okay part 6, gotta be worked on y'know... 5 parts is better =w=
  2. The miners will come back stronger then ever!! We will take your coal and make you buy it for 10.000 ppu. Love you ❤️
  3. This happend to me recently, obviously didn't say yes bc then i would be endorse war slotting.
  4. Okii, we will see eachother another time then, bai bai ?
  5. And is it true @Firwof Kromwell that you're trying to get this one million, instead of giving it to this new member?
  6. Welcome to the house of vibe for your vibe-check, state your name.
  7. Good Friendly Happy Helpfull Bad Too lewd Too many jokes Not convincable Hobbies Cooking Gaming Helping people Interests Cooking Japanese culture and language Neko catgirls
  8. It could be 2 things 1. Glitch 2. You had enough soldiers and tanks, but maby you didnt count for that the air control decreases your tanks by 50%, wich made you lose
  9. Hello, ^w^/ I've been playing PnW for a while already, but i haven't introduced myself yet.....soooooo, better late then never. Im shadow, im 17 years old and i live in the netherlands (real name classified) This game is awesome and i play it everyday, finding new stuff to do on a regular basis. 10/10 would suggest to friends!
  10. I wish you the best of luck and love, Hopefully we see you back better then ever!
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