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    I like Anime, Manga, Five Night at Freddies and other video games.
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    Socialist cities of the New World
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  1. Oh im.back on forums?

  2. For no good reason I combined john cena with oboma.


  3. As a Socialist nation and a socialist minded individual I believe people care more about fluffy their dog by buying him (or her) food more expensive then human food with better ingredients then some human food. Dogs can survive by eating their own barf (and they do sometimes) they can eat out of a trashcan. They don't need your 100% chicken and muscle builder. But do you know who does? People, such as the people who you see on the streets. Don't you see, the government needs to take more care of the poor and low income families if not I and others will. Also other people in other nations need this care too. In America we still are a splendid nation with richness everywhere to give, but not all nations have this. Just think about this...
  4. I am a new nation. Conceived out of the want to provide better for the lower class people. Although right now it seems our cities are not doing well we are slowly improving them. Money seems to be in short supply (gotta get people jobs)

  5. My country is going through major rebuilding and restructuring to make it more productive and happy. It will be expensive and take a while but it will work

  6. Hello everyone I am back. Three weeks back I had to be airlifted from Helena Montana to Salt Lake City Utah. I had a paracardial effusion, if you don't know what this is its fluid collecting around the heart, when I got to the hospital in Utah I had a heart drain installed and a whole liter of fluid (about 4 cups) were drawn from around my heart. I was told after that if we had not gone in on that certain day my heart may have not survived the weekend. So very thankful that the entire situation worked out. They also found out I had fluid around my lungs, which also had to be drained, and I had a kidney biopsy. A lot happened during this visit. But I feel much better without a liter of fluid around my heart slowly constricting my heart. 

    I'm thankful to God for getting me through this.

    Now I am back and need to rebuild my nation

  7. Here I am again, begging to get Alex to take my requests for the game, like said I would like the game to be on Fire Os, but I can also use the web so this int that big of a problem. I had an idea a day or so back where we could make custom news thumbnails in game, have a option on the side where we can create and make cutomn thumbnails without going to Canva or other sites and bringing them to the the game and putting them in our bullitens.. This seems good
  8. Well, thats confusing, its been a while since I created my nation but I believe to change your government go into edit nation and if you scroll down you can change your countries government type. There isnt a Fascist Socialist type of government, so...
  9. Well I think this game isnt for everyone, some people this game may click and channel their creativity to find a way. But for others this game is a weird game, the format is difficult to use (for some) So I understand that you may feel different then us about this game
  10. Anyone want to chat?

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  11. I know its been said before by Kaka, but I will say it again, there are still positions available at lighhouse and we can welcome you. I dont know how much info you want but I am the leader of this small nation along with Kaka Canli, and Jeb K leaders of Kaka and Muffiny (in order) Thats about it from me, but we have a trade color of Liberty Blue, we have a Discord server courtesy of Kaka (who recommends people to join) we also can give you grants if you ask. Here is the link to Lighthouse, join if you feel led! Lighthouse home
  12. Thanks for following me!

    I need the support

  13. So anyone have any cool stories to share?

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