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Arrgh, piracy and whatnot..

Sam Cooper

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1 hour ago, Sam Cooper said:

So what's the point of Arrgh?

To make life a living hell for anyone who wants to start their own alliance 😂 Jk jk. 


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Raiding is incredibly profitable at certain city counts and certain builds.

The thing that makes it unprofitable for many is whenever you get into the 10-15 city count and hit into the Top 25 alliances. At that point, you're guaranteed to get countered by people that are more than capable of shredding a pirate without blinking (because they have builds that are more than capable of making money without needing to resort to piracy) and they generally will punish you.

The point of most pirate alliances isn't money. It's to fight wars outside of globals and have fun. I can't say that I blame them.

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On 1/13/2022 at 11:22 AM, Zim said:

I honestly think you misunderstanding this one completly, Sam is saying that in lower tier raiding profitable is extremely easy thing to do, ones you get sorted through the overwhelming number of bad targets. 
The main expense at the low city tier opportunity cost, every action taken is contradicted with every action not taken. Basely picked not as profitable targets as you should have.
That why you have people that won 1000 wars at city 3, but only raided like 3 billion. It is clear compared to the top end of raiders that is extremely bad numbers. But everyone can do it at that tier, not just the top end of raiders. If you willing to stay at city 3 raiding will always be profitable, because you don't have the same expenses as the higher tiers. 

But they have no political impact on the game, who cares that it's a nation with 2 cities declare more wars then entire alliances doing a war. They can only ever bully new players, or haunt the occasional offshore. They won't have the political inpact on the game, like Arrgh or KT have. 

This is honestly something to think about.  This is the first time in a year I've read a good argument for why I should have more than a few cities.

Sadly, I just gave away all my billions last week when I thought I was going to die. (In real life; I was in an elevator accident a few years ago that put me in a wheelchair for 6 months, and while my legs healed, I sadly gained some circulation and heart valve problems, and some anger/bitterness over my probable imminent demise.)  

Well it is what it is.

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On 1/13/2022 at 5:21 PM, Borg said:

Obviously useful. At the end of the day it's a tool, and it automates tedious aspects of finding targets and running an alliance. 
I keep hearing similar arguments, but imo gatekeeping piracy by saying its not real piracy or they shouldn't play if they use tools is dumb. People should be able to play however they want.  

The argument essentially boils down to "you shouldn't use a calculator to do math, or shouldn't depend on a car for getting places because reasons". 
Piracy is already niche. imo, you're gonna keep having difficulty appealing to casual players unless you put effort into making piracy more accessible to them. 

And there seems to be the false impression with raid tools. My experience is that members declare more wars, and have more time to spend on discord talking to each other when they aren't spending that time hunting for targets. 
The flipside of that would be having a coherent milcom gov giving people targets - as any major alliance will do in wartime. In Arrgh's case, that would be giving people raid targets. 
I think many alliances have gone the route of having members find their own raids/wars, and having raid tools because it's tedious having milcom gov do that manually, especially for a pirate alliance that wars/raids all the time. 

The notion tools are only for IA and that milcom has little use of for it, seems like a fairly braindead assessment. 

something something, "how ridiculously easy it actually is" "profitable piracy is a dead business" - seems contradictory. but k. 
I mean, to each their own, but having a strategy is generally why many people play and enjoy strategy games, and making profit is kinda an integral part of doing stuff in the game, like buying cities. 
Probably not much use in pointing out that one of the three pillars of piracy is profit (or plundering as it says on the Arrgh page). Rejecting that completely seems at the very least... odd.

sorta like someone who's been stuck in a situation long enough that they've grown used to it, and tell themselves its actually better. I forget what that's called. 

Normal alliances have the potential to make profit raiding cut back because of various DNR / raiding restrictions. This is done to protect their precious infra. 
Arrgh doesn't have that, so theoretically having all these otherwise untouched targets you are allowed to raid should be a boon for raiding profit - and yet that opportunity is more or less squandered (looking at raid profit stats)

High tier raiding is dead:
Yes. Mechanics have changed. KT and mythic have left piracy. Other pirate alliances have cropped up though. 
imo, high tier raiding using the same outdated strategies is dead. Gotta adapt. 
I never had too much issue raiding in high tier, though I am fairly active. Kinda got in the way of running the offshore and all, so I'm not right now - but profit was never the issue. 

Also, this might be a big revelation to everyone in Arrgh, what with your entire alliance having a city revenue of $21m, but... you know you don't have to have a shit city build whilst raiding..?
Infra gets damaged, but buildings do stay. Meaning you can double dip and make both a reduced city income AND raid income. 

Arrgh is all about anarchy. I get that's the playstyle you want, but the lack of coordination is a pretty big impedement to the KT-like mass raids the game likes to see. 
Obviously there's some middleground - especially if you want to appeal to more casual pirates, but I think going a pure anarchy route instead of finding a middleground wouldn't lead anywhere favorable. 

Haven't heard much, so I'll assume Arrgh's academy and mentoring program is mostly non existent. e.g. half the alliance being inactives is a sign of a slacking IA gov:

Things might be different if competence & mentoring was taken more seriously. 

Funding Wars:
Amateurs talk tactics. Professionals talk logistics. or whatever the saying is. 

So.. looking at the stats, some members make profit, others don't. Overall its a wash though. 
Normal alliances fund wars by taxes & city revenue. A pirate alliance would thus likely want to fund wars through a war economy. 

Not having taxes, city revenue or a war economy, and embracing that fact.. k. 

Sailing low and avoiding conflict:
Seems like a fairly condescending thing to say to the other pirate alliances, which have all participated in wars and have decent member participation when doing so. 
I suppose it's easier blaming external factors like game mechanics and what not, but imo there are other more apparent reasons. 

Finally got time. And I'll keep it short.


Bots: This is merely a response to people who argue Arrgh doesn't make money because Arrgh doesn't use bots (we do), I will use your maths and calculator example. So it's like you saying I failed my maths test because I didn't use a calculator and me arguing that I failed it not because I didn't use a calculator but because I wrote Egyptian mythology stories for answers in that test. I hope you get the point. When our goals are not same our tools also don't have to be same, I do use a bot when I need a profitable target but I just don't always hit a profitable target. Rest is explained by Zim.

Profit: You missed the part (or ignored) where I say "If you're in the right tier (i.e. sub c20)" for "ridiculously easy" and "if you are not willing to invest the efforts" for "piracy is dead business". The point here is that the higher you go in city count the more you have to invest in time and resources for not so high returns. See zim for rest. As for building up for slots: always been doing that.

Organization: most is explained by zim already, tl;dr Arrgh's tiering doesn't allow to pin an alliance down for more than one round like KT can do.

Training and stuff: That's a months old picture that you have posted lol. Should check again, I was basically working alone that time, thankfully I was able to panic the admiralty into activity. See zim for rest.

War Funding: This one is a bit eh, Arrgh will def never have taxes or force members to only work on their profits. Though most members do have what they need to fight wars, we did fine with swamp and that one lasted for like six months, we take it slow unlike KT style warfare and that allows us to survive dragged out wars with no hassle.

Sailing low: It would be condescending if I thought it was bad to avoid conflict, I don't think that. I was just pointing out that it is easier to survive and make profit for a raiding alliance if they aren't as much of warmongers as Arrgh.

And yes, mechanics should definitely be blamed if they are indirectly coercing me to adapt to a certain playstyle and ruining my game experience, no matter how competent you are you can simply never outplay the mechanics, just because you are an excellent pirate it would not give you a chance against someone with 330k men + 30 f*ing thousand tanks with your 300k soldiers lol

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On 1/15/2022 at 9:52 AM, Sam Cooper said:

And yes, mechanics should definitely be blamed if they are indirectly coercing me to adapt to a certain playstyle and ruining my game experience, no matter how competent you are you can simply never outplay the mechanics, just because you are an excellent pirate it would not give you a chance against someone with 330k men + 30 f*ing thousand tanks with your 300k soldiers lol

As a perpendicular point this warped range issue effectively limiting piracy to only be profitable below city 10 is one reason global wars don't last as long as they used to. They start and end in about 14 days as opposed to about 60-90 days. This is because higher tier targets are limited and it becomes difficult to hit the few people in range. They have slots filled by lower tiers or on beige for a week. 

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Yarr harr fiddle e dee do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free.

On 1/13/2022 at 10:44 AM, Justinian the Great said:

I think the point was more along the lines that Arrgh’s primary goal has been obfuscated over the years as the original pirates all died off. It was never supposed to be about money, it was about having fun in a game.

Raiding is profitable, as stated in the OP, but typically it’s also more profitable to swap to farming (even fighting globals every few months) once you reach a certain city count.

To your points though, there are things Arrgh could improve upon, like double dipping with city builds. I think Sam is just expressing his frustration with the constant complaints that Arrgh isn’t entertaining the rest of the game enough anymore. The pirates aren’t there for our entertainment, they’re there for theirs.

Whatever, apostate.

Are you originally from Earth, too?

Proud owner of Harry's goat. It's mine now.

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On 1/13/2022 at 11:22 AM, Zim said:

Arrgh dosen't get noticed when it in the top of the scoreboard, get higher raiding stats then other alliances, fight wars other alliances wouldn't even dream of getting into, or follow an FA policy other alliances would consider suicidal, it just expected... it only get commented on when Arrgh isen't at the top. It's annoying as hell to listen to, when Arrgh is still the messuring stick used by other raiding alliances. 

Arrgh gets away with it simply because they don't have to change much during wars. When an alliance goes to war and gets blockade cycled or beaten into the ground with nothing more to lose, they never make the logical decision of switching into pure raiding and just hitting anyone in range regardless of alliance affiliation. Everyone knows that the alliance will refuse to expand the war and make money in an alternative fashion and will instead cave so they can return to farming. A war with arrgh, on the other hand, will have little effect on the actual revenue of their members. Blockading/beige cycling is difficult because they have no issue hitting micros for beige, blowing up their infra costs more in gas/mun for the attacker than the value of what they destroyed, and you can't even kill their income unless you slot fill every inactive in the game. The most that can be done against arrgh is crying to sheepy until he deletes beige again lol.

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On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

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