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  1. Good to know. Did you know that your first city is the original spelling of Cardiff? My friend Siân told me that back in college.
  2. Man, this BETTER not be another message to join Exodus already.
  3. I see nothing wrong with this. Each time you 'surrender,' you lose 3 MAPS and 10 resistance points and the attacker gets an automatic Immense Triumph with a random assortment of loot (equal to 125% of what they'd have gotten in an attack on you). It would then be treated like an offer of Truce, and it would be up to the attacker to agree to the Truce or to keep attacking.
  4. While this isn't the best idea I've seen today--- that would have to instead be "let's turn this game into a game like Minecraft or Roblox"-- this is still a really good idea. The combat in this game would be immeasurable more useful if you could gain XP experience points for battles. And to address the main issue that people would have against this: how to keep those who prefer farming and resource selling instead of raiding still vested. Well, the answer is totally simple. They would get Resistance experience points or perhaps Infrastructure experience points. Some PvE exp to
  5. I like the Roblox idea. Let's make Politics and War a 3D game made in Unity, where you attack other nations through FPS first person shooting of your soldiers against their soldiers. You'd get resources by digging voxel squares from other countries, and your airplanes would be assembled from those same squares and used to shoot down their country. I play Roblox with my 13 year old nephew, so I can totally see this as possible. Instead of having to click a button to build a city, you'd have to assemble it yourself like a Lego City building kit. And while you're trying to build it, oth
  6. What happens when Luna joins Black Skies? (As the 54th Alliance that Luna joins this month... see my own post in Luna's thread for details on 1) why I'm not making this up and 2) why I'm willing to bet that this WILL happen, eventually. Though for all I know Luna has joined Black Skies for a few days previously...)
  7. Seriously? The 53 other alliances Luna was in wasn't enough for you? (See my first post in this thread, directly under the OP if you think I'm exaggerating; I only went back a week or two; I know Luna was in the Immortals as well.)
  8. 06/11 01:03 pm - United Provinces of Luna created the alliance The Citadel. 06/11 01:00 pm - United Provinces of Luna left the alliance Independent Republic of Orange Nations. 06/10 12:59 pm - United Provinces of Luna changed their Color Trade Bloc from Gray to Green. 06/10 12:58 pm - United Provinces of Luna has publicly denounced the nation of United Socialist Formation led by AnarchicalAnarchist. 06/07 09:00 pm - Firwof Kromwell of Folgrath has publicly commended the nation of United Prov
  9. 06/11 01:03 pm - United Provinces of Luna created the alliance The Citadel. 06/11 01:00 pm - United Provinces of Luna left the alliance Independent Republic of Orange Nations. 06/05 09:44 pm - United Provinces of Luna applied to join the alliance Independent Republic of Orange Nations. 06/05 09:36 pm - United Provinces of Luna left the alliance Aurora. 06/05 01:14 pm - United Provinces of Luna applied to join the alliance Aurora. 0
  10. I don't know what his CURRENT name is, but some guy formerly named Roberts went ahead and did this already. He even has a Discord for it and everything; all Politics and War nations are welcome to join as the leader of your nation. You can play it straight or roleplay, but either way you are encouraged to participate. And yes, there is lots of voting on stuff. You will probably really enjoy it.
  11. I dabble in computer programming. I don't know what language your code is written in, but it's clear to me that some line has a typo on it. Specifically, one of the lines used to subtract MAPs. Because MAPS are used in so many different ways (seal, air, land, etc) then I'm guessing there's a subroutine or function or something where you have a line equivalent to "MAP = MAP - 3" written out a bunch of ways. One of those ways has a typo in it. Technically, everything else is working correctly; if MAPs were being subtracted properly, all other war bugs would vanish. So in my opinion
  12. Sir this is a Wendys. A Wendys that closed on September 13, 2020, come to think of it. Perhaps you'd be best served by creating another suggestion thread with that idea about a Pollution Project, though.
  13. All of life is pay-to-win, though sometimes the Internet gives the illusion of fairness sometimes, maybe. But since you're a VIP with many cities, ranked #174 of 40,727 Nations (0.43%) you should change that to openly and honestly say "Isn't this just catering to people like myself?"
  14. This just happened to me, I think. Maybe Anyway, look here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=947958 I was off-line for a day so my MAPs were all at 12, which is consistent with the glitch, and it appears my first attack today cost me 1 MAP instead of 3. Not a terrible thing; it means I'll beat some inactive 4 hours before I was supposed to. But it lends credence to the theory that the total count is somehow 14 or 15 instead of 12 sometimes, especially if you haven't attacked in a day or so. Note: I only had one browser tab open and didn't even get the "S
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