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  1. What an interesting thread! I really enjoy these OWF posts as I find them very illuminating. Sure, a thread like this is ostensibly a declaration of war but it also is an education in alliance politics and how many of the people in this game feel about each other.
  2. I'm officially changing my last name to Wintchell or something less incendiary.
  3. This is complete nonsense. You completely misunderstand what people mean when they say "Don't take IC stuff personally in an OOC way." This isn't Nation States where there is an in-game United Nations and you get to debate policy and law; this is a wargame, and any politics is just flavoring here. Every nation has cities with the same 20 buildings; whether I role play as Democratic or Republican, if you attack me I'd better have some planes and tanks or stuff or I'm going to get beiged. We could both be Democrats, or Communists but if I'm in Alliance 1 and you're in Alliance 2, and they are at war then you are attacking me, end of story. If we're in the same alliance but I'm a Democrat and you're a Communist, I am still coming to your aid if you need a counter. Now, some people do take IC stuff in an OOC way; maybe they got whomped on in a war, people were a [email protected]#$ to them, and now they nurse a grudge. But that's nothing to do with politics and instead it is just the human need to go for a rematch or 'best 2 out of 3.' Play any war game long enough and you are going to accrue allies and enemies on the map, but most of these people still all go to the same Orbis radio shows and voice chats. No one plays a game like this for the wars or the politics: those who stay do stay because they like or are amused by the people they've met. I can't tell if you're mean-spirited by nature or just deliberately misunderstanding stuff to be mean, but either way, cut the crap and grow up. I don't know you, but if people are telling you to differentiate between IC and OOC, they mean stop being a sore loser; it's nothing to do with politics or war.
  4. So it turns out that war is a vastly different experience than peace. Many of you guys reading the OWF are veterans from CN and elsewhere, but I just started in 2021. Played the game for a month or two, deleted my nation, came back a month or two later in April and so this is my first war where I'm a target. Last time around I helped out with some spying and some counters but this time I'm getting blasted to smithereens. Which is okay. I'd be annoyed if I lost a 1 on 1, but going down to 5 to 1 is something I can live with. If I couldn't handle the fact that you have to lose some battles to win a war, I wouldn't be playing a game with the word 'war' in the title. It's a good teaching moment; I'm learning the value of various units that I never used when just raiding inactives, plus I'm seeing the synergy of how 3 or 4 well coordinated guys can really do a number on someone they're focused on. I don't like it, but at least now I understand why certain large alliances have policies I consider Draconian and cookie-cutter and min/max and whatever: they work. Stuff I chafed against in peacetime now makes much more sense. I'll tip my hat to Allend (and Frank, Canbec and the rest) as a guy who's doing a good job coordinating his guys. Anyway, I'll just dust myself off and keep plugging away. One advantage of having just a few cities with just a little infra in each is that it won't cost me anything except time to rebuild; I've raided enough cash and resources that rebuilding will be easy so I'm not concerned with any damage inflicted on my nation by anyone else. War: it is what it is; I appreciate the insights (of why certain alliances do what they do) that this war experience has given me.
  5. I guess you answered your own question: This nation does not exist. It was either deleted automatically for inactivity, or the player controlling the nation deleted their account. Visit your nation, or go to the search page. While many people do not join alliances, quite a few of those countries get deleted for inactivity, just as you went inactive, because people are mostly social animals. And those who congregate in packs often hunt those who are solo, so first you're alone, and second you're being raided and beiged and raided again.
  6. So this happened: One day-- let's call it Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your time zone, but a day or so back at any rate, government Deacon Mr. Pennywise, one of the loveable winners in my current training alliance decided it was his goal in life to attack every applicant that ever existed in another alliance's applicant queue. By my count he's attacked 40 or so in his last 50 attacks. Apparently this is an allowed, okay thing in Orbis, since 96% of you guys either didn't know or didn't care about this enough to do anything. Anyway, TKR did. They immediately did a full body counter, and suddenly one war against TKR was now 4 battles: one raid and three counters. So far so good. I would say this happens all the time, but clearly 96% of the time it doesn't. But anyway, so far so good. Our Atom guy panics, wets himself, wets me, wets some water, wets be fwiends, and then wets himself again. Then he dries himself off and goes to the TKR Discord. Not the Slack. Not the TKR forums. He goes to the TKR Discord and writes "I demand to speak to the FA of TKR" 5 or 6 times. Hilarity ensues. If I remember right, the Fluffy Assistant appears, then the Fire Arsenal, the Field Agent, and whatever a Faaaaaaaaaaaiya Aaawork is. You'd expect a First-ideal Adrienne, but no such luck; no other F.A.s from TKR appeared, though a few random FAs of various micros that were in the TKR server stepped forth. There was a bit more polite, pleasant cheery banter of the sort that usually proceeds fisticuffs or a melee brawl, and then TKR did its thing, won its little meme war with Pennywise.... and our government guy Pennywise decided to open an IA ticket and was promptly masked as a TKR applicant. He was in our serving memorizing various oaths and ideals, bought himself a little spren plushie on Etsy, and started reading Sanderson at the rest of us in our voice chat. Even so, he apparently failed his entrance exam and was eventually returned to us a little older and not a bit wiser. Canbec took away his TKR applicant mask. I am not making this up. However for the cynical amongst you: Aglet Green — 08/10/2021 I was wondering why Pennywise is a TKR applicant in your server Canbec — 08/10/2021 Ah that'd be why. I'll remove that mask Aglet Green — 08/10/2021 Don't be premature. We'll give him to you for Kirk and two guys to be named later. Canbec — 08/10/2021 How is that a fair trade? Aglet Green — 08/10/2021 It's totally not a fair trade. Canbec — 08/10/2021 I mean you can definitely keep Kirk and Joe but we can't give you a third Aglet Green — 08/10/2021 Fair point.
  7. Well, I have been seriously thinking about buying Politics and War. I figure it's worth about $16,000.00 dollars, though I'm willing to go as high as $18,000.00. Oh I'm sure Alex wants some ridiculous figure for it, maybe $20,000.00 or $25,000.00 dollars, but I'm willing to haggle. Up to $18 thousand. If you mean in-game endeavors... well we will see how it goes.
  8. And yet you can't deny that the first two numbers of each of their creation date years are "2" and "0." Coincidence? I think not. And the third number is either a "1" or a "2." Harsh evidence, my friend.
  9. Leader NameNation NameAllianceDate CreatedLast LoginScoreElka Yudaina https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=341910 Kismerolda Fascist State of France Fascist State of France 8/09/202108/09/2021250.38
  10. Times flies. Another 90 days have gone by. In 48 hours, I will have achieved my personal goal of a billion dollars raided as a C3. I also found that since rerolling back in April I have pretty much just been in one alliance for the last 3 or 4 months: Atom. I think I was in TAP for about a week or two, then I've been in CoA ever since. I feel it is a good alliance for me, and I think it is an alliance that is currently in a rebuilding phase and may very well surprise people in the fall and in 2022. That being the case, and now that I've been around a few months, I've decided to step up and take a Low Gov position in FA. Perhaps I'm a leader of countries; perhaps not, but the only way to find out is to apprentice myself out and try my hand at stuff. We'll see how it goes.
  11. I woke up today and realized I was in Atom for over three months which is pretty good as I've only been around in the country since April. (I had a previous country for about a month or two.) That being the case, I will say that the Convent does live up to its word as far as giving away freebies. As a completely average person with less cities than anyone reading the OWF, I have been given 175 million dollars by the Convent simply for being alive and doing my Aglet thing every month. Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $42,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $38,500,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $34,500,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 Church Of Atom Bank Agletia Pimitivo $5,000,000.00 So the Convent does live up to its boast of "We have Free Resources/Free Cities + 5 mil or more giveaways!" There's plenty of money given away, and for those who desire it, there are free resources (food, uranium, etc.) There's also a daily giveaway (not a lottery since you don't have to buy in or pay anything, just a random giveaway) and if you think I'm at the upper end of those who have gotten Atom money.... no. There are Convent members like Issohighlyenergeticheiscrazy who have gotten $300,000,000 from the Bank of Atom. While this may be nothing if you have 20+ cities, for new and old players with 15 or less cities this is a good deal. Now, besides money, why should you join the Church or Convent? After all it's not a #1 alliance like Rose! Well, first of all, we are currently allied with Rose so you do gain the benefit of having those guys without the downsides of having to follow any draconian mandates on what to do with your country. There are also many great mentors who have been in other alliances (and other games, such as CN) who are always willing to share their knowledge with other players, there are openings in Gov for those who wish to pursue the path of political power, and there are a raft of various discord games and party games (right now CoA is hosting 'summer games') going on right now. I give the Church/Convent two thumbs up.
  12. Was the forum recently changed or upgraded or something? It looks different. My little green box of love (well, likes) is missing, and there's some spaceship icons and stuff about levels I don't remember seeing before. I went looking in the appropriate place "Forum announcements about the forum" but there were no memos there about any recent changes. What's up? What's going on?
  13. That is correct. A quick glance at the Nations page reveals a country called Gamers ruled by a guy initialed P o. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=343016
  14. and don't have any issues. Those two thing aren't mutually exclusive. But I'm glad your computer doesn't have any issues. Anyway, I figured out the problem-- my particular browser page was counting page 25 (the game itself wasn't) and somehow between the game and the browser, I wasn't getting any credit. Basically the problem was that MY 24 hour cycle and the game's 24 hour cycle are two different time zones, so the browser counted my last few ad-watchings from the previous "day" even though for me it was Tuesday. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ButForMeItWasTuesday
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