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UPN Election results

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I wonder if the next 6 months would bring some change to UPN. :thonk:



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1 hour ago, Majima Goro said:

Can we know how many votes were cast for each?

We use Single Transferable Vote, so there isn't a traditional vote count per person.


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3 hours ago, Hansarius said:
UPN Election results
We in the UPN has just completed our mid-year election and the UPN government for the coming 6 months is as follows
Hansarius: Prime Minister
Cora McStrap: Chief of Staff
Noreen: Minister of Internal Affairs
Cora Mcstrap: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Cameron Axley: Minister of Finance
Sealteam6: Minister of Defense
Matt2004: Minister of Communications
Failure: Minister of Development
Alliance Elders:
Altheus, Hansarius, Matt2004, Jared95 ,Malichy & Noreen

Rigged, Make Sirgogo Emperor!

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5 hours ago, Suyash Adhikari said:

Rigged, Make Sirgogo Emperor!

That would have required him to put his name in the hat lol

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On 7/6/2021 at 6:17 PM, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

i dont know what it says when you already admit that your minister of development will be a failure.

I'm just very good at this job. I will do what is required.

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