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  1. Good luck in your future endeavors. Be safe and well!
  2. First tell why you are a moron, then we can talk! Checkmate!
  3. Lets not forget about the entire fake grudge you have where it was just about how u bullied/forced CU to disband and merge into another alliance. This all a show of bs. You are a narcissistic prick! CU never lied about anything, nor ignored you! When you asked for 1 billion dollars for damages, Jaffe said no. You asked for damages of a war you insitgated for no reason based on a false premise. Now, you are asking me to apologize to you for your actions that you committed! You are a liar, bully, and a narcissistic coward!
  4. Good Luck to you in your future endeavors!
  5. Good luck to you in the future!
  6. So you DOW then goto VM. Pathetic!
  7. I would say good luck...but you cowered out. First you DOW on an alliance, then hide like a pansy in VM. Bravo for stupidity!
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