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  1. 5 stars out of 5 stars, or if you want to go out of 10, 10/10. The entire operation was fast, efficient, and definitely worthwhile. I’ll be using this service again in the future, and I highly recommend you all use Thalmor to nuke a few people, even if it’s just to keep radiation up and the C5 food-producing noobs angry. Could not be more satisfied 👍.
  2. Yes, a real outstanding move there. @Isjaki, you’ve definitely been checkmated.
  3. I’ll be interested to hear your take!
  4. Let’s go! Cutting the thorns of the Rose, eh?
  5. But where do the cows go? 👀
  6. Bad Pun: Rose/Cam enters the era of unending Knights... (worth a shot 🤷‍♂️)
  7. Andrew, you don’t know when to quit, do you...
  8. Best of luck with the new policies.
  9. And so it begins... Anyone else waiting for Arctic to be the reason of this next Global?
  10. And so things are further posted... Yikes. Now I can’t wait for Part 3...
  11. Hmmm. Now I'm curious as to what else is going to appear over the next few days.
  12. Had to put this one in here relating to KT. Good luck everyone!
  13. Does this stand for nations that haven’t blockaded? IE if Nation A is blockaded by Nation B, and Nation C declares war, can Nation C bombard without personally blockading? I believe he meant alliances can only sign 1 treaty with each other. IE an alliance must pick between PIAT, MDP, MDoAP, etc., with a potential treaty partner; not alliances are only allowed one total treaty. I think it’s meant to prevent treaty spam, like what recently happened with Liberty and also KT.
  14. Best of luck in resolving the conflict one way or another! Hopefully this proves a lesson about poaching...
  15. @Prefontaine one thing I've been confused on; when you say things don't stack, does that mean that if I select Tea and Spices as my two commodities I only get 1% monetary increase? Or are you saying two Tea commodities wouldn't stack?
  16. (Not because I have anything against him, but because I know other people will do this if I don’t) Best Villain - Phoenyx
  17. Who said pixelhugging was the foremost intention? 😄
  18. I appreciate that very much, Warrior!
  19. The scratching of a quill pen echoed through a wood-tiled room... The door creaks open, and an aide enters the room. “My lord, I think you’d like to see this.” The scritching of the quill stop as the man behind a beautiful dark-oak desk takes the paper. A slow smile spreads across his face as he scans the paper. “So, they’ve agreed, have they?” The man lets out a chuckle as he signs the bottom of the paper, then looks up at his aide. “Today changes everything.” The aide nods.“The plans have been set in motion then, Lord Lysander?” Lysander hands his aide several pre-written letters, all appropriately addressed and prepared. “Indeed, they have. Send these to the partners; it’s time for things to be set in motion.” Lysander finishes writing something on the paper the aide brought in for him, and hands it to the aide. “Make sure this gets appropriately sent, along with the letters.” The aide nods, muttering, “of course,” before leaving the room. Lysander relaxes back into his chair and smiles. “The Rockefeller Group has begun,” he murmurs, before turning back to his work with a grin. TL;DR - the Rockefeller Group is created as a training alliance for the Rothschild Family, and, as such, signs a Protectorate with them and CoA & TCW. Rockefeller Group is a community of young, determined, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are making their entry into the business world. If it is something you are interested in and you think you can make a difference, hit us up in https://discord.gg/ENwaHSbxHr .
  20. Oh this is sweet as hell... surrender? 🤣 What kind of craziness is on the other side? Your people are leaving alliances more often than ours are, the gap is shrinking, and Quack is still fighting and burning pixels. The momentum is dying and now you need surrender? I’d suggest learning before posting here, my friend; when this Global is older than you are, your knowledge is nonexistent. Calling for surrender as a newbie with little grasp of the game is... embarrassing, to say the least.
  21. Republic of Swash made alt account named RoyalLand to scam banks out of cash.
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