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  1. Good luck in your future endeavors. Be safe and well!
  2. First tell why you are a moron, then we can talk! Checkmate!
  3. Lets not forget about the entire fake grudge you have where it was just about how u bullied/forced CU to disband and merge into another alliance. This all a show of bs. You are a narcissistic prick! CU never lied about anything, nor ignored you! When you asked for 1 billion dollars for damages, Jaffe said no. You asked for damages of a war you insitgated for no reason based on a false premise. Now, you are asking me to apologize to you for your actions that you committed! You are a liar, bully, and a narcissistic coward!
  4. Good Luck to you in your future endeavors!
  5. Good luck to you in the future!
  6. So you DOW then goto VM. Pathetic!
  7. I would say good luck...but you cowered out. First you DOW on an alliance, then hide like a pansy in VM. Bravo for stupidity!
  8. Good Luck to you in your future endeavors!
  9. Congrats and good luck
  10. Thank you! We are glad to be back!
  11. After some long drunken nights pillaging women throughout our villages, and creating chaos everywhere, we have decided to wake up from hibernation and return to Orbis! Now...shhhhh. We want to take Orbis by suprise! The Celtic Commonwealth re-declares its existence. AA: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=8113 Discord: https://discord.gg/D6NeFTuD3b Celtic Commonwealth is protected by House Stark once again.
  12. Welcome to the game! Good luck!
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