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  1. Chuch trying to justify their reasons for war when a simple "We wanna go war" would have sufficed.
  2. I couldn't make it any bigger Enjoy war. Unfortunately nobody is in my range.
  3. If you're in VM and you're checking your nation b/c you're actually still around and using VM to hide

    Your mums a ho. 

  4. Coup govt Congrats on retirement, It's lovely trust me. @Wizel best of luck in the new shoes.
  5. I genuinely appreciate how self indulgent t$ are that we lost some score, we went through over a year of losing score and it didn't bother us. Stop being salty and inflict more damage and enjoy the war.
  6. Enjoy the pixels exploding. I don't come out of retirement often.
  7. Thing about war is it brings out old names. 
    Saw a few posts on the OWF from people I've been on these games with since '08 onwards. 

    Always makes me chuckle. As I'm sure we complained about them in '08 too. Yet here we all are. 

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