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  1. I've never said this before, but man, this really did give me aids reading through it. Enjoy the war. High speed low drag.
  2. Going against my better judgement, I've looked through this entire thread and I see a lot of shit throwing. I genuinely want to know as it's getting brought up time and time again each year. What past actions are people referring to when they claim tkr bad. I've DM'd several of you privately and had either no response, deflected response or no reply. (All valid). So once again I ask publicly.
  3. Congrats on the merger. I love the theme too.
  4. Look at it for what it is, some fun. But as always blame @Abbas Mehdi he's the true villain. @Kurdanak tells me so.
  5. Sounds like a break is needed, walking away is the best thing folks can do sometimes.
  6. I've read some DOE's in my time and this is definitely one.
  7. Enjoyable skirmish, enjoy the easy rebuild on all sides.
  8. Presented without context. Pic reflects who?
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