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Agent W

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In the certain town indicated most commonly as Agua Fria,an individual approached the town atop an Equine in the 24-hour period used most commonly about in the western world. He did not speak the English language to the indigenous citizens of the town, he had no remarkable comments to speak of in the English language.No individual citizen was capable to asking the strange individual of what his intentions were, nor did they make the cunning decision to challenge the individual to what is known as a “duel”.As the Strange individual had a large revolver holstered onto his hip

“Large revolver holstered onto his hip.”

In what is considered to be early to the most capable humans, the strange individual came atop an equine into the town addressed most commonly as Agua Fria by the southern cardinal direction analyzing his surroundings and that of the town in a sluggish manner. “He is an individual who committed crimes and currently still possess power to do so with free will and manner”Is what is spoken quietly among the citizens of Agua Fria. “He has intentions to use the large revolver holstered onto his his”

“Large revolver holstered onto his hip.”

In the same location were partisans chose to inhabit, a despicable !@#$ sapien infamous for his crimes has associated himself with the title of “Texas Red”. A large group of individual males have attempted to assassinate this black sheep of society but have failed miserably as the individual males are now deceased. He was considered evil and competitive in nature as he enjoyed acting in the homicide of other !@#$ sapiens, though approximately the time of his existence on earth is close to that of 757,366,233 seconds. Finally the surface of his weapon of choice (Revolver)had twenty notches engraved on the surface of the pistol indicating his past encounters that are now deceased. The strange individual whom traveled to the town started to communicating in the English language by using his vocal cords connected to the Vertebral cavity to the citizens of the town commonly referred as Agua Fria, to share his intentions in a clear capacity for the many to recognize his message.The individual was a high authority figure in the state of Arizona but was commonly regarded as a “Ranger” and he had no intentions to stay in the town referred as Agua Fria for a vast period of time.He had intentions to bring justice upon a specific target for the judicial system, and wether he remained with his mortal coil or not was not a priority for him.He specifically stated he rather not care for the well-being of Texas Red, rather he had be pursuing Texas Red.

“Pursuing Texas Red”

Tis was a short period of time until the word of the Ranger’s intentions finally reach to the outlaw. In clear indication of a serious threat, Texas Red failed to show worry about the Ranger. After all the chances for the Ranger to win was 20:1 as seen in the previous encounters of the outlaw. Precisely 20 male !@#$ sapien meles attempted to take Texas Red’s mortal coil from him but failed and have now fallen deceased. Due to the outlaw’s victories in the past this number stall increase by 21 with the upcoming duel with the Ranger holstering a large revolver onto his hip.

“Large revolver holstered onto his hip”

Due to heavy amounts of anticipation and suspense from the citizens of Agua Fria, the beginning hours of the 24-hour time period fell quickly upon the residents, and the meeting between the Ranger and outlaw was to commence. Precisely at eleven twenty, the two !@#$ sapien males used the process of coordination between the legs to where one foot is on the ground and other facing the desired location to move appropriately in a mannerly fashion. Citizens of Agua Fria were spectating from inside multiple buildings via the windowsills built in the buildings of the town addressed as Agua Fria. Every citizen due to the anticipation of the event, had momentary ceased their respiratory system. Many of the citizens concluded that the removal of the attractive Ranger’s mortal cord was inevitable as due to the previous victories if Texas Red. “Removal of mortal cord was inevitable as due to the previous victories if Texas Red.” In between the two male !@#$ sapiens was precisely 480 inches between the two participants of the duel and there was the time for the two to preform their actions in the duel. Due to the incredible swift action of firing his weapon at Texas Red, the citizens of Agua Fria still mention the actions taken from the Ranger to the present day in conversation, books ,&ect in present times. Factoring the speed of the Ranger’s actions, the outlaw failed to unholster his weapon to retaliate against the Ranger. Finally the impressive aim of the Ranger proved fatal to Texas Red due to the large revolver holstered onto his hip. “Large revolver holstered onto his hip.”

This event concluded in a short period of time and the citizens gathered on the scene of the event. Presented before them was the corpse of Texas Red. He, in theory could of continued his natural live of not for the fatal mistake he chose to act upon. The fatal mistake of partaking in a duel along the individual Ranger with the large revolver holstered onto his hip. Large revolver holstered onto his hip.

“Large revolver,Large revolver. When he attempted partaking in a duel along the individual Ranger with the large revolver holstered onto his hip. Large revolver holstered onto his hip.”

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iTs A hEgEmOnY

But for real good luck

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Proud to be a part of this new hegemony sphere.

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<~Sval[OWR]> I am your father.
<+Curufinwe> Can confirm

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Good luck guys. We'll miss you, but expect big things from ya'll. Enjoy the peace and growth.


The Knights Radiant 
High Prince of Foreign Affairs

Journey before Destination.

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