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[RoH] WTF was that all about?

Mr Pasta

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Good Luck, have fun etc. Nothing like the smell of burnt infra in the morning.

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The Knights Radiant 
High Prince of Foreign Affairs

Journey before Destination.

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11 hours ago, Dwight k Schrute said:

Great Post & great spirt Mr pasta, let the snowballs fly. Farming is bad😳

Nobody likes you.



On Topic, did you guys have to vote to recognize hostilities?   If so, that's easily the quickest I've ever seen WTF move.   Did Kenny come out of retirement to talk about it too?

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:nyan:The Volleyball :nyan: 

Avanti Immortali


..one, two, Jimmy's coming for you...

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I'm unsure why you were attacked first, Pasta. My personal theory however is that the group who were tasked with attacking you and another person were very quick. If it had been my call, two different people would have been attacked first. Shit happens, I guess.

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