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  1. "Democracy is indispensable to socialism." Quoting the wise words from our eternal leader, we express our sincere gratitude to @Psweet, @Adrienne and @Lossi for instating a perfect environment for our coup to succeed. As we have foreseen, a counter coup was nothing else but imminent. We have taken precautionary measures, and have left a line in the code on which Bodice runs. When the code started running, there was nothing else left to stop it. I announce that Emmi, Rei and Bodice have fallen in the democrats' desperate actions to protect their flimsy institution. People's Rep
  2. shush your coup was obviously against mint choco, shoo shoo sprays water
  3. Transmission from the Chocolate Castle Today, a new era, a new future of Chocolate Castle begins... No longer will the Castle tolerate Hershey's and mint chocolate. No longer will we remain with the obviously inferior colour scheme that clearly doesn't suit our taste. And no more will we remain under the tyranny of cuddle brackets that are evidently useless. Today, I, the totally-real-gov member of CC, have completed my totally-not-fake coup, and have overthrown the totally-incompetent leaders that I totally didn't like. A new future, the one filled with chocolate w
  4. Ok, so, how did the previous guys do the thing... oh yeah, o/ NPO o/ BK
  5. @epsteindidntkillhimself Here's an enemy for you to roll hehehe~ And yes, I did find the easter eggs.
  6. More proof why the CB for GW16 was nothing else but utter nonsense.
  8. @Vero mum look, new things! Can I have one of these? pleaaaase?
  9. @TigerFire I will watch your career with great interest. Also. boop @Lord Vader
  10. >post is about OWR >micro u wot?
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