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[DoE] The Queen Has Fallen

Rosa Cossette

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15 minutes ago, Noctis Anarch Caelum said:

What happens when you put people as heir who shouldn't be trusted. RIP The Originals I guess, unless Rebekah Miaelson wants to try getting back. Although its people like this who panic at some danger which is why pixel huggers run so many alliances.

Holy shit, shut up already. 

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:nyan:The Volleyball :nyan: 

Avanti Immortali


..one, two, Jimmy's coming for you...

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Guest San Fortunado
2 hours ago, Avakael said:

Every micro should roll a d20 once a month, and coup their leader if they roll a 1. It's important not to have any unlucky people leading their alliance.


@Kim Jong-un move over, daddy's leading ya.

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3 hours ago, Pop said:

this is why we need a micro affairs subforum.

I still disagree with that.  People are just annoyed that the activity is roughly the same shit today.  It'll pass, and this board will go back to being DoEs and other boring stuff.

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1 minute ago, Changeup said:

Though seriously, how the hell does the leader of The Coal Mines manage to coup The Originals?

Welcome to PNW, you're in micro land now ?

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