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  1. One sided wars is due to overpowered planes. This update will push for shorter wars and since war frequency is because of political changes, this will have minimal effect on global war frequency. you might argue that this will push warchest requirement higher hence less war but it isn’t. Even in the current meta we’re having this problem so it really isn’t due to warchest requirement being high as alex pointed out in part 1 thread. This changes is better effective with planes nerf update.
  2. *Insert Ripper Comics Here*
  3. I’ll read this long post and go through comments some other time but i get this is mostly about The war is long and gets more boring with each passing day. It is hard to find targets that have more than 0 military and 1k score. This gives you time to think about certain aspects of this war. maybe growing a pair of balls and not fighting only with overwhelming numbers might help you get those slots easily who has a decent military and above average score but ofcourse this will lead to a good fight and equal match up. Are you upto the task ? Thank you
  4. I think timeline is: 1. Grumpy lets joe carry the bank 2. Joe goes inactive 3. Grumpy realized he’s having problems. 4. Grumpy contacts alex 5. Slots joe to nuke him and help coalition B 6. Sphinx and others noticed it and the propaganda follows.
  5. heh! well i enjoy reading though comments in forums. I'm shy type and so i don't really argue with anyone. The recent talks is all repetition and i want new topics to giggle with. Him saying everyone frick you would make a new environment where i can read and laugh in my home sweet home. Thank you : )
  6. @Roquentin honestly, I don’t know why’re you even trying. If i were you i’d have told “Eat shit. We hit whoever we want to and do whatever we want to. Frick you with your morality, responsibility or whatever PR thing. We’ll play how we feel like it. If you want to fight then come get me next war or other.” I quoted the above text from some one else who said s/he would have said that instead of those long back and forth essay. Remember soup action against Fark/wtf. I believe the whole war purpose was to send a message that a valid CB is not required. You can apply the same thing here. Also Oblivion vs Alpha. Most of the KERTOG coalition wanted war and they got one(not what they expected it to be but regardless still a WAR). you trying to validate ur CB and actions is making this war and community more toxic. While ur CB maybe true and legit but it matters not. They won’t take it and as u said the logs has been revealed to concerned parties of ur choice.
  7. It's sad to see you go @RyanK.
  8. This would have been better if there were visuals and not just words/music. can we expect full video ?
  9. Le post war camelot merges to BK BK STRONK
  10. My suggestion would be to go vacation mode and don't delete it outright. Giveaway for "Rose Members" only thanks : )
  11. What did you do to get that vote ? As i see it, you’re not even eligible for your name to be on it. Not yet atleast.
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