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  1. Ayylah is disappointed to see successful conclusion of short war as opposed to their long war theory.
  2. Removing bank loot is the worst possible option put forward by some players here.
  3. I’d like to add further so that a nation is not pinned down forever and be given beige whoever has lower resistance remaining. What happened to that 12 turn cooldown stuff ? where we can buy troops every turn worth instead of having to wait for reset.
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=192027 you should also put a limit to number of character for nation description. Thanks.
  5. nPo gOt fOuNd oUt fOr nOtHiNg pEoPlE ... U AlL JuSt dIdNt lIkE LoSiNg tHe wAr oR ThE PeAcE TeRmS AnD DiDnT WaNt tHe gAmE To cHaNgE DyNaMiCs tHaT U DiDnT LiKe. u sPeNt mOrE TiMe cRyInG FoWl tHaN AcTuAlLy dId dIpLoMaCy tO EnD ThE WaR ... JuSt lIkE A BuNcH Of kIdS CrYiNg tO MoMmY CaUsE ThE BiG BuLlY PuNcHeD Ya iN ThE NoSe *Chuckles*
  6. I find it amusing that two globas can happen concurrently. Maybe fix that first.
  7. And people wonder why certain people has insecurities issues and becomes paranoid.
  8. Imagine going back to playing dota instead of AoE.
  9. Now that all the scandal has been revealed and proper action taken. I guess it's time to remove baseball as well.
  10. Age of Empires > Dota/CS:GO THANKS
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