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  1. Well most complain is because not enough rebuild period of planes. Maybe remove planes and not have to worry about beige anymore
  2. @Zevfer TlDr; Belgium is talking behind your back.
  3. Have you considered removing war range restrictions along with removal of beige as well ?
  4. Fraggle has shown no Power nation is not a big deal and can still grow to be the largest nation in score : )
  5. Reducing soldier casualty from air if we have GC because of trenches sounds cool :3
  6. Does it matter whether it's merger or not ? Not sure why you don't like people calling it a merger .
  7. wow I didn't knew we couldn't see other nations custom names for their units.
  8. Suggestion 2 and 3 is okay but 1 is debatable for those producing food as we can feed part of our population with our own food production. Your suggestion 2 and 3 makes perfect sense if those affects are based on the shortage amount.
  9. Limbuwan

    Take a l

    You’re relevant : )
  10. I disagree. How will this buff mid tier raiding ? The inactives will have their wc looted already. Those who keep fighting, winners will keep their wc in bank and keep the bare minimum while losers has nothing to gain with their soldiers only option. This will make this whole war from overpowered planes to planes only. considering above scenario, there will be no Rss drain as u claim there to be. Pw businesses are irrelevant to game and should not be factored in. This change will put an end to small window of bank loot altogether and punish losing side to fight. No matter how small the bank loot is from winning inactive nation, there’s still a lot and at most cases those are enough to keep our nation fighting. That 2% beige bonus is nothing if the defender carries nothing.
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