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Shifty News Network-Ayy lmao?

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Shifty News Network with some spoopy images. Viewer discretion is advised.

After hearing strange muffled *ayy lmao* noises, a local fan of the network submitted this shocking image:


Could this be evidence of life beyond the stars? Could this be concrete proof that Roq's deepstate is working with extraterrestrial beings and ayyssimilating the native population?


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Damn leaks. 

I credit Biel for Acadia's wise decision.

Anyways the pigeon was gaining awareness of Roq's plans, gotta keep him close to make keep an eye on his activities.

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5 minutes ago, Lucifer Morningstar said:

So BK is eating another alliance to stay alive. Eh, not surprised.

I mean, do alliances, and not just strictly p&w alliances, but any kind of gaming community, team, organization, etc., not rely on fresh new members coming in to keep growing? People come and go. Don't see what the issue here is. 

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"I VM due to timezone differences" -Reuben Cheuk




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y'aint even breaking stories. 

Also, some of y'all acadians come apply to The Island, 50c margaritas and chicken tacos. C'mon now. 

1 hour ago, Pheonix said:

BK STRONK!bZyVvsh.png.d66331fde169c4ea71db092cdacade74.png


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