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After 550 days of playing and as reported to DEIC gov yesterday i am quitting the game. Now i could of done the normal thing and declared on a bunch of players and chucked some nukes around but i know how much effort player's put into the game and that would of been unfair on those involved.


As for any remarks i made today on the forums they where made in jest and maybe some in poor taste and i offer my apologies  but you can blame the bud's for that (Afternoon drinking should be avoided at all cost's). I wish all players from all alliance's (even Mensa  :D  ) the very best of luck for the future in your game live's and your real ones 



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Reroll, get your days to 0 again, if that number is too big for you ;D


Dammit, another good friend leaving. Hope you set your nation only on eternal vacation mode and decide to come back at some point in the future.

Farewell :)

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