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  1. It's that moment when you are getting so hard that you just give up and don't care until the end of the war. Still had fun despite being sacked harder than Constinople by the Crusaders.
  2. I'm Roman Catholic and believe in God. To be it very simplistically I believe there is a creator of the universe as well as a moral guide stone. Before you jump at me, you can be moral without being religious.
  3. My college offered it, but I really can't make money off of being a theologian.
  4. The conffetti is cool, but it strains my eyes.
  5. I like the flag design.
  6. Kinda, I was born Roman Catohlic and still am to a degree. I disagree with some of the things the church teaches, but still associate with them though I probably fit under another sect of the church. I've changed my views on gay marriage and abortion. I remember when I was getting confirmed, we had to write a paper to the arch-bishop why we were against it. I too went to a Catholic school.
  7. Inflation isn't the evil everyone thinks of. It is necessary, but must be controlled.
  8. On the next episode of Dazed and Confused...
  9. I may be a bit out of the loop here, but why is someone from Arrgh! announcing this and not someone from the 3 nations who agreed to the peace?
  10. Good ol Barriers to Entry. I've always enjoyed much early 1800 econ, but a lot of it will have some defunct theories like that of Malthus and such, but don't take my statement as to mean that they are all defunct. Not sure, though it would be a very interesting thought.
  11. True, though not everyone's expierences are the same.
  12. Just a few days old and they are already going to war with other alliances. Well, I guess this is a case of just throwing the alliance into the deep-end and seeing if they sink or swim.
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