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  1. I have been told by senior NPO members that there is sufficient liquidity to pay all outstanding debts.
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=189112 This is MinesomeMC. You can check the IP records (the UID collision has since been removed). And of course, Alex, you don't see sufficient reason to issue even a strike. Alex, a reminder, we don't care either.
  3. NPO, I'll say, has a much classier banme than GOONS.
  4. Have fun, Maelstrom. I'll enjoy the shitstorm, or enjoy watching this just get deleted.
  5. Strictly speaking, your statement is self-contradictory (by definition it's not the same limit), but hey, everyone's under a lot of stress these days.
  6. I'm just here to put figures into context. We knew exactly what your response would be to events as negotiations with Alex progressed (to the best of my knowledege, we refused to admit wrongdoing in exchange for leniency). As I've said in Discord, GPWC was a grey area event that was ultimately adjudicated against by Alex in a very harsh way, helped by the fact that elements of Coalition B decided to spend their time alienating Alex (Viva Miriya was Mandozer, for people who knew that, and he harassed Alex every day with insults until Alex had enough and banned him). If you'd like a sustained conversation, maybe we can talk about it after we're out of the game for good and this is depoliticized. Otherwise, why bother?
  7. I just want to point out how the game works for people who don't understand Orbis economics. There's about 660 billion in total in-game money supply, and about 440 billion in all alliance banks, which is about exactly enough to rebuild all Coalition A assets (including inactives) to 2.25k infrastructure. My estimate of total game fluid assets (not including fixed assets such as infrastructure and cities) would be between 1.2 trillion and 1.8 trillion at current prices. The daily production capability of NPO right before their entrance was about 2 billion per day (for the alliance!). Syndicate was around 1 billion per day, and Grumpy Old Bastards was between NPO and Syndicate. I think a pre-war estimate of total in-game generation capability came to 60-80 billion per day. Wartime, NPO was estimated around 1 billion per day, although this obviously went to cover military expenses. I had estimated GPWC at around 1-2 billion, but in reality due to massive inactivity and the low per-city productivity of low infrastructure farms, the actual production was about 850 million. === A lot of this goddamn game is based on people not understanding what the actual gameplay factors are like, as well as the fact that PnW behaves like an Arab army, where military anthropologists have noted knowledge is treated as power and is thus carefully hoarded. This can extend to political factors, but in this case, it's a lack of understanding of the game economy.
  8. It's been reported that baseball has been nerfed so that you can only play 250 games before your penalty kicks in. Could this please be documented? And does this apply only to home or also to away games?
  9. This has been a long-standing issue. It might be well worth fixing.
  10. Were this actually a legal matter, this would never stand in front of a good lawyer. Unfortunately for us, you are the sole proprietor of Red Road Gaming and can do whatever you wish with your property. For the outside observer, your "report" comes out as absurd. But, we all live in absurdity.
  11. @Alex I've already stated my protest in PM. As I've said on Discord, propriety (and legality) means that my cash has no hold over you, but I am ceasing credit purchases permanently. As NPO has already pointed out to you, you were informed months earlier of what GPWC was seeking to do. You knew what was happening and you reversed course right when it was most opportune for the faction you favored. The issue at hand isn't that leadership has been decapitated--the negotiations gave advance knowledge and the ability to plan for it--but rather the fact that you no longer seem to be impartial with regards to game events. The war will continue. Assets may drop out, but other assets will remain. The insurgency will not end.
  12. Oh no, religions are quite logical if you understand what a predicate logic system actually means. In practice, the point is that there's an established practice with substantial medical research on practitioners and information on the long-term health effects. But once again, my point about people blowing hard about things they don't understand applies to your commentary.
  13. "Concern trolling". If Alex is being pinged over this, let me point out that this is a microcosm of the forums. It's just people pretending that they know things feigning concern for people they detest against a volume of authoritative information otherwise, including commentary on mainstream religious practices which are implicitly being called insane.
  14. Protip: when both suicide cults on the opposite sides of the fence are pissed off at you, you've mismanaged the situation. In bond services I usually make sure that when a bond is written, the seller always has to sign a contract that is screenshotted and preserved on the spreadsheet to verify the loan. It is possible that Lovin Boi owes you the measly sum of 15 million, but usually you should prevent the harboring alliance with real proof of the contract.
  15. I haven't eaten at all while planning your demise. Then I ate again today. Seems intermittent fasting is caused by milcom work.
  16. Actually, GOONS like forcing you to convert resources. You realize they get a kick out of making you spend real money (or the equivalent of) to stay quasi-viable, right?
  17. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=190019 The baseball team is labeled Nazis ATM.
  18. Ah, so you actually did try Mecha Godzilla. Shame I never got word of it. === DBDC got where it was by raiding cowards in the upper tier who were scared for their nations, and would end up signing ceasefires to get DBDC to go away and ending up getting voluntarily raided for tech in return for some kind of payment. I had a concept called Mecha Godzilla wherein you could clone the technique under controlled circumstances and at a higher scale, with coordinating and cooperative fighters. And yeah, NPO had amazingly strong logistics (NPO is always good at organization) in CN, which is what got them to the top after MK died. Coincidentally, when MK was at its peak (shortly after I stepped down for tech), MK had the game's second best logistics set-up after Umbrella (Roq's alliance) as well. ==== Also, if the line is that you can't raid better than baseball, I was averaging about 70 million net during the early stages of the war and in peacetime I made 25 million. On good days I got like 143 million daily average for the last 5 days of raiding. In other words, Get Gud.
  19. He's a mythomaniac. "Never tell the truth when a lie will do".
  20. I'm busy comparing you to Goge Vandire in coalition chats.
  21. As with our recent conversation in PM, more like insanity. Hatred is something I've long since left behind. I am a weapon, meant to be used to destroy the enemies of my masters.
  22. Don't worry, if you hurt NPO in any way Frawley will just rig the dice and get us perfect We'll Be Back rolls and we're back up again.
  23. Given that you're the Eldar in that picture, it's more you.
  24. What it sounds like is something someone who's pored over virtually every individual nation on both sides alongside many of the conflicts might say.
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