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  1. yeah, i remember your avatar. however, i forgot your username. also welcome back
  2. "Rise of National Socialism in Kyrat, Military Coup successful." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazism= national socialism " The National Socialism Kyratian Worker's Party was one of these." National Socialist German Workers' Party https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Party flagrant nazism. ur not fooling anyone. if u were a fascist, u wouldn't use something so obviously similar to the nazi party nor associate with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism- read up.
  3. leader pic comes from HOI4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_Legion_of_America- " The Silver Legion of America, commonly known as the Silver Shirts, was an underground American fascist organization founded byWilliam Dudley Pelley that was headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dudley_Pelley- profile pic based on said leader. nazism may be against the rules, but if my memory is correct, fascism isn't. -- also, to contribute to the thread; the recent debates shouldn't be considered "debates". not enough policy talk, too much rhetoric.
  4. overlook the immense amount of nuclear fallout all over orbis! the nostalgia from the 50's shall once again be prominent, awe-inspiring, and spectacular!
  5. while food was already an essential resource, it's nearly an obligation to stockpile on food to nullify the approaching food crisis. it's official everyone, food may have significantly rose to prominence. however, this can probably be seen as an incentive to rise food prices.
  6. operation barbarossa gone wrong.
  7. all dow's lack giant wall of repetitive text, much disappointment!
  8. oh, it's that time of year again
  9. in response to 1 and 2; however, is the threat of death really necessary to "help" drug addicts? i don't think so, but that's up to you to decide as a human being. also, the point of me stating that was to clarify philippines is not culturally a third world country, it has been heavily influenced by american culture and values. so "western lens" would best apply to a "western" country. 3. it may be effective for now, but the future still has yet to unleash the true results of this "war on drugs". although, i do agree with the intensive crackdown on the drug lords and their empires, but i still disagree with the utilization of death squads. until then, when this "war on drugs" is finally over or progress to a certain level, i'll be willing to debate the after results of said policy.
  10. 1. you gave the implication that death will be enough for them (drug addicts) to sway off the use of illegal drugs. 2. western lens for a western country. you're forgetting the philippines was occupied by the u.s, culturally influenced, and governmentally reformed. marcos may have screwed up the filipino government with his widespread corruption and embezzlement, but it still shows shocking similarities with most "western" countries. legalizing hard drugs wouldn't do anything, as you stated, but still isn't my argument. i could, however, argue that the immense amount of poverty and the large income gap has a contributing factor to the heavily entrenched drug lords/empires within the philippines. yet, as stated, that's not my argument. 3. "go after their supply" drug dealers - people who sell the "goods" on streets or any other generic location. 2. going after drug addicts doesn't have to merit the use of death squads, it could include intensive jail time with rehabilitation. 3. going after drug lords can be hard if you don't crack down explicitly on their drug empires, contacts in the government & police force, and general associates. don't generally care about the crackdown on the drug empires/drug lords and their generic associates within all fields in the philippines, but the usage of summary squads against drug addicts who have the urge not will (usually, not speaking for all) to intake the usage of drugs.
  11. "sometimes" radical change doesn't have to include the usage of death squads on drug addicts. a simple "i swear to never to do drugs again" is hardly going to stop a drug addict from overcoming his urge to intake drugs. rehabilitation programs for drug addicts would be ideal, large amount of time in a prison for the drug lords (even death if sentenced so) and their associates. also when is he going to crack down on the oligarchs and general corrupt government, we don't need another marcos. also note how i never stated "this policy is bad", but i did point out one flaw. summary executions aren't warranted, especially once they're detained. yeah and i commented on how killing drug addicts is somehow justified
  12. yeah, because summary executions are somehow justified. is the hardline approach okay? yeah, however, has society really degraded to the point where we kill drug addicts who are motivated by urge not by will to intake in the usage of drugs? yeah maybe kill the drug lords after giving them a trial. but honestly, drug addicts? ironic how this "president" has to use paramilitary vigilantes to do his dirty work after inciting the civilian populace to kill drug addicts without any remorse. to reiterate, the hardline approach to drug lords and their cliche is okay, but summary executions of suspected drug addicts is a step too far
  13. Hello! It's another fabulous day on P&W! Don't forget to take your joy!
  14. Not exactly great to see you making choices without the consideration of opinions of other NatRP team members. However, the fact that you "decided" to make these changes after Meonesia was unbanned from the forum hints some biased intents towards said player. Not sure if you reserve the right to dictate who can roleplay within this community, but I'm more than positive that this recent change was in light of Meonesia being unbanned (again biased). -edit- Take some joy and lighten up. Also, I withdraw my claims on this map. I no longer wish to roleplay where someone can dictate a rule change without considering other players input on the matter.
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