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  1. After 550 days of playing and as reported to DEIC gov yesterday i am quitting the game. Now i could of done the normal thing and declared on a bunch of players and chucked some nukes around but i know how much effort player's put into the game and that would of been unfair on those involved. As for any remarks i made today on the forums they where made in jest and maybe some in poor taste and i offer my apologies but you can blame the bud's for that (Afternoon drinking should be avoided at all cost's). I wish all players from all alliance's (even Mensa ) the very best of luck for the f
  2. So no member of SK has during the planning of a war or during a war has switched alliance's
  3. Spite reported herself. I simply made mention of the report as a defense to my argument
  4. I am just saying players ghosting between alliance's happen's in every war and a player should not be issued with a zi order just because they do it
  5. Wow looking at the Mensa alliance page i thought your alliance colour was beige due to the amount of your members that are flying that colour at the moment
  6. Like i care what you think. If i am right in saying the war you are involved in is down to you raiding and being a general pain in the ass. Which then dragged Arrgh into it and in a lesser sense half the game. So dont talk to me about disgrace to my alliance
  7. I unlike others don't take screen shots of everything but members of Mensa did ghost across to Guardian and other alliance's in response to a member switching from DEIC to UPN. So iam not saying you or any other player was in the wrong for doing it then nor should any player be held to account for doing it now. Its just part of the game and players have and always will have friends they want to help in other alliance's
  8. How nice of you to hold me in such high regard and please tell your recruitment department to stop asking me to join Mensa
  9. What are you on about?. I will explain slowly. If Mensa where on fire i would not piss on them to put them out. Do you get it or should i draw you a picture
  10. Who needs to join Rose. I could join several alliance's and have a pop at you
  11. No coz i like the Syndicate. Mensa on the the other hand i would not piss on if they where on fire
  12. Your own member spite posted about being blocked from trading due to multi networks and asked if you could change the settings so it only comes into effect after a few times. So yeah your multis and yeah you are all using each others log ins
  13. Yeah the only alliance in the history of gaming to pay to win in a game that aint pay to win
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