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  1. No, keep it. It's free $10,000,000 for you. I would've done the same thing.
  2. I will take pineapple pizza but I demand jalapenos peppers on top of it.
  3. Untrue, I am protected by shining magic wall of Bioism. God Emperor Bio Drando only protect me against the gay blonded and false god emperor dio brando. I can make attack on Dioists and still win the war as one man army because God Emperor Bio Drando inherent his touch of hand on me, making me a million times stronger than the false god emperor dio brando.
  4. Dio Brando's soul holds some of the darkest secret that will expose Mensa HQ and their false followers weak spot. By denouncing Dioism as the failed global religion, we can watch Mensa HQ crumble into bits in matter of seconds. By establishing Bio Drando as the only and true god emperor, we will encourage global peace but only through one condition: Dissolution of Mensa HQ or pledge their allegiance to Bioism as the true religion. Dioism has caused too much trouble and it is time to put this to end. If it is necessary, a second holy war might be needed to wipe the false spirit of Dioism for good.
  5. Issue 1, Series 2 is out. https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/blog/143/entry-819-pnw-ball-issue-1-series-2-mensa-gets-crucified/
  6. All players in Mensa HQ is my confirmed multi. Sheepy please dissolve Mensa HQ. They are my multi, ban them all. <3 Or better yet, crown me as the god emperor of Mensa HQ.
  7. I don't know what you are talking about. Are you on vacation or what?
  8. P'n'W Ball *revving p'n'w ball* new series of p'n'w ball will be coming out this year. Enjoy first series!
  9. I could see Dwayne Johnson running for third and fourth term. But given that Republicans committed political suicide when they passed two term limits to prevent any democrat president from running for third terms, only to bite them back when Ronald Reagan was an extremely popular president to win 49 out of 50 states. He could have run for third term but it was the law that prevented him in 1930s passed by the Republican Party.
  10. Unfaithful and insane follower who have no regard for people. You are not a loyal nor real follower that you chose not to use power of sand, but rather use unorthodox and unholy tools of weaponry. Begone you false and unfaithful follower. For false god emperor dio brande should be disappointed in your transgression.
  11. Secretly, false god emperor dio brande is doing this to Rose.
  12. God Emperor Bio Drande condemns your post for promoting use of drugs.
  13. God Emperor Bio Drande has returned. He is a million times stronger than Dio Brande. He can take any hits and not flinch a slight. God Emperor Bio Drande has displayed his great strength during the Holy War with far less military force compared to that fakeass Dio Brande who suffered heavy casualties. For that blonde so called emperor who strangle and kills people with fire and sand, the bioists are calling for crucifixion of Dio Brande and give up the throne of sand to the rightful God Emperor Bio Drande. Who he shall transform it into throne of snow and bring bountiful bag of harmony and life. Mensa HQ shall accept Bioism as the only and truly rightfully holy religion. Mensa HQ shall light up their lighter and burn all of the books that endorse Dio Brande, the false god emperor. Mensa HQ in addition shall crown Stormrider, myself, as the faithful and holy emperor of Mensa HQ. The god emperor Bio Drande is an undeniable and rightfully god emperor of Orbis. Praise god emperor Bio Drande!
  14. Wait, can I farm you? I would hate to miss the opportunity to farm you after you learned your lesson. Regardless, I am going to farm you today.
  15. Leftists are terrorists. They are like ISIS. You don't embrace their worldview, you are going to end up in sewerage.
  16. When you compare the intelligence capability of the left to right. The left based it only on feeling and not logic, hence that makes the right intelligent inherently superior to the pea-sized brain leftists.
  17. A tyranny emo Japanese boy that doesn't know the biological difference. I am on badassery fire.
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