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  1. We will aid the freedom fighters and we have commenced aid drops of food, sanitation and other things to aid civilians who are impacted. We have not sent them weapons and we are only dropping basic aid. The drops are made by our stealth bombers the Al Khalid Class Stratofortress
  2. You have captured a tiny fraction of our fields as our major production plants lie to the east of our nation. It may be true that there is oil north of Palestine but we to have a large military precence there. Remember we have surrounded the three holy sanctuaries with our forces and if needed we can mobilize our civilians who will surge upon those cities like a plague of locusts. Ooc: I could have a huge military but not at the moment
  3. You must add the riyal or dirham as no Arab currencies are represented
  4. hah a thorn in the side of a dragon. No pain whatsoever
  5. Umm inside Arabia you have Chernigov details And as for my details. Sources are: The Caliphate and pan islamism Treaties. The treaty of Jerusalem
  6. With this post i do not support the actions of Islamic State but i wish for everyone to discuss how they are able to pull of this seemingly impossible victory even though they are in effect against the whole world. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-38275905
  7. We are disappointed by your reaction and if this continues we shall have to declare a state of enmity
  8. Arabia shall begin to build up it's forces in Al Andalusia in order to counter this threat
  9. Also Caledonian ports I laugh at them I would never use them neither hungadas ports. I will therefore block shipping lanes to Caledonia and Chernigov (pending respons)in the Mediterranean, Gibraltar around turkey, the strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea. I hereby declare piracy on all merchant vessels belonging to Caledonia
  10. No remember that I have a lease on the port of Sevastopol. Breaking this lease will lead to a war against your nation
  11. I signed the treaty of Jerusalem too
  12. We shall send the grand imam and the grand mufti along with 1000 soldiers, bodyguards and diplomats to the event. Also we wish to reach an agreement on the crisis
  13. Nope soon they will be just seas of fire
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