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  1. Getting some DBD PTSD. Also good luck guys
  2. sounds like anti pixel hugger propaganda to me
  3. Thinkpitz


    It should definitely be high enough so that you can build most of the national projects available to us currently. But other than that i would agree
  4. Maybe if we colour the background red and have a white arrow going down I and many others would like it much better.
  5. Probably highly unlikely raiders will ever get it even with the buff. since you know you literally need 2 national projects as a prerequisite and moon landing itself making an additional 60 score to the raiders. Perhaps the 600k could be increased to 1 mil daily instead or left at that if a new project was introduced. Maybe through refunds of national projects? i know that this is highly unlikely myself
  6. "Is this what you mean... by enjoying the moment?" - RO ... M16 gives no reply other than a single gesture. ... An incredibly ordinary gesture. "M16A1... Thank you for you words." - RO She hears me and answers with a most sincere smile. The picture did the job alright but even more so after playing GFL..... GL everyone and congrats and may we see each other again in orbis
  7. We will definitely remember you guys. Fs in chat
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