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  1. Stop hating on him Leave the man alone
  2. Well go forth @Horsecock!!! CLAIM THE HOLY LAND
  3. your still here ??? lmao i thought u guys rage quit
  4. Hangars wouldnt take city improvement slots
  5. dont make fun of at a sport u never tried, or were good at
  6. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=183860 Has many pictures of inappropriate stuff. it burned my eyes @Alexlmao im a lost of words nations flag is also, graphic
  7. I have not known BK for a while but it hurts to see a Community leave all together. Same with Goons and NPO. I do not like them too much but it doesn't mean they should go all together. After all who am i going to blame everything one now and who will be my source of daily entertainment. I cant blame them either for being too war hungry, this game is boring and doesn't rly have much to offer except fro frekin sheets and docs. im serious, that the most enjoyable part of this game and tbh the only reason why i know Google Drive exists lmao.
  8. Hahahah, of course weaklings blame others when they cant succeeded to the ban hammer. @Alexyou have done well...
  9. I understand adding certain updates will require a longer turn time but what ever. Also I understand this is alot. @Alex Currently the game is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery boring with it being as repetitive of Sea of Thieves. It has come to the most fun thing is to raid ppl. Suggestions: ~ Add other sports like Football (Merica), Football, Lacrosse, basket ball (these should earn you more money as i see no point investing over 1 million when it will take you nonstop all day 24/7 to keep on hitting that baseball game button. To me its a waste of time and money. ~ Add more customization to the armed forces. (this can be for VIP) Be able to make divisions and name tanks. (they wouldn't affect warfare but they would add more customization to nations). Example ~ Can assign an amount of soldiers to Marine corps (cannot bypass current amount of soldiers) This would be same for tanks, you can assign a current amount to be light tanks or heavy and name them. Same with planes and Ships. You can have Aircraft carriers. ~ Projects: Dockyards (would allow you to build Aircraft carriers and Battleships.) ~ Military points - instead of the current system, you can have points instead of exact value. u already kinda have this but lets say you make a destroyer, It would only count to 1 point to your navy. If you were to have a BS (Battleships) It would count as 2-3, AC (Aircraft Carriers) will have 3-4. Same for tanks. ~ Planes- you would be able to make strategic bombers ( they would damage infra and improvements heavily but cannot operate without air superiority.) Fighters (Self Explanatory, they will fight for air superiority.) ~ How are you going to make hangars without an airfield? Add an airfield as a improvement for a city (will cost resources) But then you can build hangars, (which will cost resources and money but very little.) ~ ^ this bring me to another topic. Mini projects - you can make mini projects in each city, they would cost alot but be very beneficial. You can make a Airfield (and create hangars) You can make a civilian airport (which will bring in tourists) Also airfields would only allow up to 5 hangars but an airfield would come with like a holding capacity of 120 planes. ~ Speaking of tourists, they would count as another source of income. In the project menu you can build a certain world wonder which will increase your tourism and therefore increase income. (they would cost alot to build tho and an okay amount to maintain.) ~also add land calculator
  10. Yes, i can finally rebuild
  11. @Malleator it’s TSK lmao not SK
  12. The Snow Knights merges into GPC The Snow Knights and Golden Phoenix Coalition have recognized their new profound destiny, to be one with the flames and fury.
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