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  1. Cmon and join us. Show is starting in about 10.
  2. ^ Click the Poster! ^ Will we be talking about the new beige change? Will we be rambling on about nonsense? Come and find out! Also, exclusive Peacock story. No special guests this week unless we end up finding one, interested? Tell me a story.
  3. Ok first off - your first sentence just proves the argument that you are upset, but its chill to take a free browser nation simulation game so serious to the point that you personally insult someone. From the perspective of someone who works on systems with a nation-wide customer base that submits feedback, suggestions, and other requests to me in a fast paced first response industry - I understand what it is like to not make everyone happy, have priorities, and make changes that might make people upset in the short term. I ask my customer base for suggestions almost frequently, because where there wasn't a previous thought of idea, there might be a new one, changed one, or one adapted to the current change in the system. It is how a system grows and grows for the better. I think saying this will change 'nothing for the better' is a pretty inflated opinion being pumped up by the masses here that like the control over the beige mechanic - therefore your insinuation that I also agree with that and its OK is wrong. As I stated, these games get boring so regardless if you agree with what is happening or multiple people agree - y'all will keep playing and it will be fun for me to learn how to navigate the waters.
  4. I guess that makes sense, It was a legitimate question - I've been here long, but never really take shit that seriously to be the one out there giving all the orders during wars, but I know its always been a thing in war. I guess I just look at this as have your cake and eat it to. I'm more of a long-game type person, my ideas are maybe politics will change on these changes - they won't - but its always been my hope.
  5. I think its funny when changes in a game make y'all super upset. What is the difference between giving the order to not beige in war and not having beige in a war? I am someone who's been in these games for a while, why? No idea. Most times they get to the point where it is boring as all hell. Alex may make quick and sudden changes, but for me - keeps me on my toes and pushes you to learn new things, strats, and maybe - could change the dynamics in the game. I don't think he wakes up one day and is like no more beige, I think there is a thought process there. I look forward to what this brings to the game. Also, I like pre's extended ideas in this game - there's a lot that can be done to change the war mechanics, everybody isn't going to be happy, but going personal and negative isn't going to solve anything haha
  6. Was thinking the same thing. Cool to see alliances coming over from back in the days of CN- memorrrriiieees
  7. Awesome show today! Thanks to TKR for showing up and hanging out with us and all the new faces.
  8. Bumped - starting in about 30 mins
  9. "THE DIRECTOR OF ATLAS" sounds like a big job, must be one of them micros. Good luck! Welcome
  10. I'm late, but now that downvotes are back - I'll be downvoting everyone even if I laugh or enjoy your post. Thank you.

    1. Hime-sama


      I'm here to collect your taxes, you owe one downvote.

    2. Tartarus


      Just wondering, when?

  11. I want you to want me

  12. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SHOW! (DISCORD) We hope to see y'all there - Fridays can be a little tricky, but we always have a good time and a lot of stories to share. Our Meme Master Challenge is a quick 1-Minute game where all listeners can post up as many memes as possible while some crazy countdown music plays - after a minute you're done and the channel is hidden. TEKTONIK hosts will judge the memes and pick the funniest/best one. The winner gets announced on the next show & they receive a custom Meme Master award (shown on the image above!). Previous winners are SunTsu, Hahiha, Hope, and Daddy Lenin. Who's next? Hosts: Max, Jordan, Special Guest
  13. Looks good guys. Good luck to both parties. o/
  14. Always admired your professionalism with business and ability to let loose and have fun when no business was going on. Solid separation. Don’t know the new guy. Hopefully he can reach the ranks of IC, Lord, and yourself.
  15. Mad Max


    We are about to start! 10 mins bros
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