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  1. Mad Max

    New Beginnings

    The name is home of sexual, good luck. Ayo is cool. Never had a problem with him. IDK the other guy. Anything associated to Taun or La Mafia is just trash garbage. I've heard some good about BSL - but mostly bad. I think United Hoods could have done better. More Knights? Ok - The Isle will officially rename to Knight Island or The Island Knights when we pop off our 3 month name change with GoG. Shout out to Tom from Rough Riders for being the only thing I like in this post. o/ Tom ❤️ love u bb
  2. Mad Max

    Petition to ban Noctis from Posting

    I don't really know how many times I have to say it OR show public examples of it OR write reports about it OR send messages to Alex about it, but MODERATION/MODERATORS are trash - every single one of them, even the ones I like outside of their mod role, cuz some are chill AF. Moderators are either horrible at their job or simply not here - so the best thing to do is to just say frick it and do what you want cuz either 1) nobody is gonna see it/care or 2) you'll get a warn point....and who gives a shit about that? People like Noctis are cancer - always have been cancer and this moderation/admin cater to cancer growth. Good luck with the petition - but it ain't the chemo you need.
  3. Mad Max

    The Orbis Awards - Live And In Stereo

    Yall asked - and Charlie Delivered. Audio for the Awards Show is here: https://orbisweekly.net/orbis-awards-ceremony-results-pw/
  4. Mad Max

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    This was awesome - great work to all involved.
  5. Mad Max

    Look what y'all did.

    Pretty sure that was already planned.
  6. Mad Max

    Look what y'all did.

    #pwawards @Fraggle
  7. Are you working for another PW newspaper, but wish to be a part of something a little bit bigger? ORB has the platform and tools that will allow you to tap into your creative skills to produce stellar content for the Politics & War Community! Our platform is set up to broadcast your work not only on our site, but immediately broadcast to our discord channel through our ORBo, our discord alert bot & all of our connected social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr. It is our goal to broadcast your work to ensure it is saturated well, but also, possibly, obtain more players through social media - to continue growing this game. ORB has over 400 members in our community server (and growing) & our site has a steady traffic stream with over 7,000 views - this means, your hard work will be seen and appreciated! Stop messing around with google docs and limited tools and work for Politics & War's most liked news reporting agency. If you are an owner of a PW news publication, we are interested in partnering with you. Join the ORB Team and produce your work within the ORB platform. Manage your own creative team, produce your own content, and broadcast your work to a larger audience. We can create a group and specific featured pages w/ your selected categories to populate your work in your own space. All you need to do is click on the info card above to join our discord server - shoot a message to myself or simply use the command -career to populate our ORB Team application link - fill it out and we will review! If you are looking to partner with ORB with your current news publication, just hit me up on discord and we can discuss the possibilities to boost your platform larger than you imagined.
  8. Mad Max

    Politics and War Awards 2018 - Winners

    Although the categories are trash, votes are the same people every damn year - the award show was fun.
  9. Mad Max

    When Boredom Strikes

    Because Ockey is hot af.
  10. Get warned for saying fat, but you can say cummmm;, cumming, cummmmaa lot. #liberallogic

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fulcrum


      You can get warned for saying fat?

    3. Mad Max

      Mad Max


      Warning issued by Alex

      October 15, 2018

      1 day before my birthday, I quoted a Dr. Tran cartoon - didn't even call anyone fat, the thread reminded me of the skit - quoted - boom warn.

    4. Madden8021
  11. Mad Max

    The Cumming of Ayylah

    *Congrazzle on the upgrazzle
  12. Mad Max

    Lordaeron Announcement

    Remember when this forum was for alliance announcements?
  13. Mad Max


    Great Job! is live tonight! Be there! Join the ORB server meow! Also - look up at the previous post!
  14. Mad Max

    PnW Holiday Happiness: Charity in the Nuclear Winter

    Hey Y'all! Just wanted to pop this in as a reminder: https://orbisweekly.net/thirst/ We still have 82 days left with over $500 raised.

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