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  1. The guy below me is arrogant trash who think he owns the place.

  2. Mad Max

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    "look how big my penis is"
  3. Mad Max

    Round 2!

    Is this micro news?
  4. Mad Max

    Egyptian Empire DoE

    Bing bang! Upset there ain't much of an egyption theme with them hairyglificks but, glad to see you doing your own thing. You're a smart fella. In the words of the great ancients: Protec Thruce!
  5. This is the gayest shit I've ever heard. I'm down. EDIT: Coming back to this thread, 12 minutes later, and actually reading replies. This makes sense and also will cause several issues. For starters you'll have those that are like...posting in the wrong area and people are gonna be spam posting that its in the wrong spot and that's just something I don't want to deal with as a moderator ( jab at alex ) but seriously moving a thread ain't that bad and its doable. It would just be the spam comments that really don't belong which would just make their news...shidded up. As a person who is in a secret micro tier server containing just about every active micro leader/gov person, micros aren't oblivious to what is going on in the world, especially with the server being up and running, people share news and operate in the micro world just like they do in the scummy elitist world. So, saying people in the micro tier are oblivious is pretty ignorant & not 100% correct...don't get me wrong there are plenty of micro alliances that are not connected to the world, but thats because they are doing their own thing and mostly pertains to sticking to the theme RP that they engage in and that is ok. Lastly, the line of what is micro and what isn't micro is honestly not black and white. Everyone views 'micro' as a completely different thing. I personally consider myself micro simply because we have 14 members, we choose to be this way as it is how we operate and plenty of other alliances operate within their own culture too. Some people base micro off rank, some on score, some on members, some on average score, some on city count, on notability, on diplomatic ties, on.....see? The list keeps going and we've had this discussion in the micro server and every person had a different idea of what micro is - probably the same way everyone has a different idea what top tier is - ya know with TKR saying they aren't and everyone saying they are? So a neutral line would have to be drawn which probably associates more closely with alliance ranking. Just say everyone below X number is micro, it will piss people off - but at this point in time, who really cares? I'm for it. Why? Because I don't see it as a way to segregate and I don't believe that tier of alliances/forum will receive less views because frankly, 'non-micro' alliances post up a ton of shit threads too - most is a waste of time and just boring. As a remark to protectorates and all that. -If the big guy is posting about it, post it in the big boy forum. -If the little guy is posting about it, post it in the little boy forum. No need to draw it out into all these subcategories of discussion - its a pretty simple set..
  6. The guy below is a home of sexual.

  7. Mad Max

    Shifty News Network-Poach me like one of your French girls

    I'm pretty positive every leader/gov/person in this game has essentially poached another person. whomst the frick cares.
  8. Mad Max

    Shifty News Network-Poach me like one of your French girls

    Poaching is bad. Just be like @Cynic and say you're not poaching, you're "informing" it works wonders.
  9. The GodFury and Pantheon treaty is silly at best.

  10. Mad Max

    Blessed by the Gods

    So mad. So mad I shit in your chariot again.
  11. Mad Max

    Blessed by the Gods

    maybe not get offended like a lilttle !@#$? XD In my experience - only little baby back !@#$es say someone is trolling them.
  12. Mad Max

    Blessed by the Gods

    Aw. I was actually about to join y'alls server and say good luck and shit, now you're off the list of people I give a shit about.
  13. Mad Max

    Blessed by the Gods

    Look down. Thats shit in your jesus sandals. #shittingchariotstyle
  14. Mad Max

    Blessed by the Gods

    So y'all blessed yourselves? New Threat: I will shit on GodFury's windshield on a cold day.

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