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  1. Tektonik show starting in just a few!

  2. Mad Max


    Going live soon! Come hang out ^ Link in the quote
  3. Most of us ended up in Atlas Tech - others went abroad I believe in Error 404 or other places. It was a fun alliance to be in tho.
  4. Awesome, good luck y'all! Am big fan of glitch GFX
  5. I am doing a thing, who's with me?

  6. When you're in love with the person who posted below. ❤️

    1. Corpsman


      Dawww thanks Max ^-^

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      @Corpsmanyou were not below my post. Shifty was. You lose. You get nothing. Good day sir.

    3. Corpsman
  7. Always loved me some Fraggle. Edit: Kinda funny to see all these people talking poopy. Fraggle always schemed, since the first day I met her. We schemed together, we ran schemes off each other, and it was fun! I'd befriend someone that goes against the grain every single dang time than to befriend someone who is just like everyone else. Again, always loved me some fraggle.
  8. marry anything with seeker in it.
  9. Max 05:30 - He who reads this status is cured of Covid19.

    1. Bacchus


      Are these bible verses or time stamps 🤔

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      @Bacchus These are readings from the book of Max.

      Max 03:21 - He who questions the verse, goes home in a hearse.

  10. As I go through my day People always ask me about Politics & War, It's fantastic. Let me tell you about Politics & War. I do very will with Politics & War. I love Politics & War. no one loves Politics & War more than me, believe me. Politics & War loves me. We're going to have so many Politics and so many Wars you are going to get sick of Politics & War. The Politics & War game just got 10 feet higher, I have the best Politics & War. Trust me.

  11. Max 1:31 - have you ever put on a dress and slapped your grandma with a canoe?

  12. For a limited time, time is now limited! Get time off during your day, days are now only 18 hours! Act fast, offer ends tonight - remember limited time! Tonight's time is different from yesterday and tomorrow night's time due to limited time offer.

    1. Hime-sama


      Can I get a refund?

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      @Hime-sama we have no time for refunds!

    3. Corpsman


      I lost brain cells reading that ._.

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