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  1. I liked the platform/delivery of these awards and I hope y'all do it again Next year. (sorry I'm a little late, work travel)
  2. "we can't fight" I hope this aroused you.
  3. As of the time of this post - IRONFRONT has achieved White Purrs and 6 Month Cat NAP with those within and associated with Coalition B. IRONFRONT started this global expedition on the side of Coalition B, fighting until we secured White Peace with the opposition we are currently fighting for. We entered this war through means of the TCW Bloc and we have quickly come to the realization that this war is not our own. When we fought alongside our current opposition in Coalition B, we entered the war with certain set values and goals - on this new front, we lack both. This is what led us down the path to secure our peace with Coalition B and all associated. Additionally, tied to this notification of peace and naptime, we have concluded our time within the TCW Bloc and are issuing our 72 hour cancellation notice. Although we have friends throughout the political realm of Orbis, we feel that our internal values and beliefs are not a match for the bloc at this time. We do hope all sides of this war come together to find a solution and conclusion to the current global war. It has been a pleasure fighting with and against both sides during the war - we have learned many lessons, gained much experience, and most of all grew closer together as a community within IronFront. tl;dr - IRONFRONT achieves White Peace & 6 Month NAP with Coalition B & Associates - additionally activated 72 hour cancellation with TCW Bloc and I guess COL B likes cats. Signed For IRONFRONT: -The IRONFAM Signed For OD/Col B -'Use list of sigs from the last peace announcement'
  4. OP is looking for real talk? Being in this game for quite a bit as the biggest trash pile I can finally say that there is now solid competition for that title. I think a lot of people would agree that the game in general is dang boring, the community of the game is reminiscent of driving through New Jersey and saying 'wtf is that smell?!' - well thats just New Jersey. What takes the prize are the smaller communities around politics and war where you can get away from all the shittalk here and have some fun with some genuine people from all sides of the Orbis political spectrum. As a matter of fact, during the real fake award show last night I got to hear jazz talk and tbh he made me laugh a lot - where I thought he was my main competitor for 'biggest trash pile' I was wrong. Genuinely enjoyed the dude. The best part about hopping around to different communities is Aero's nips and actually being able to connect with people outside of PW, RL shit is what brings the whole thing together. I'm in IRONFRONT and we build a community - not just a membership to Politics & War - hanging out with those guys and gals that we have from young to old is what keeps me logging in on the daily. We bump heads, argue, and laugh with each other just like fam do and thats where I find my love....not for the game, but for my peoples. War? Shit. I started in COL B and found myself on COL A or D or whatever the dang hell y'all are calling it and to be honest what is the difference? You got big heads on both sides calling the shots, refusing to let go of pride ego and the idea that 'i'm right and you're wrong' - when its just a damn game. Pixels burn, people quit, people thrive - in the end, we are all gonna die wasting hours on this game. Luckily, I engage with pw shit at work and when I'm off its just chillin with my peeps on discord. Shoutout to Hannah, Pika, Kev, Charlie, Aero, Jordan, Tom, Rachael, Dynamic, Caanite - y'all the real G's. If I missed your name, it's prob because its 0320 and i don't feel like it.
  5. Just claim you won, thats how its done around here. Good or Bad.
  6. I agree with OP. Make it happen.
  7. https://ibb.co/QkMgxSm As a member of IF - I can go on record and say that we received many, not all, and a few have left since. We welcome everyone who came over and it has been great fun getting to know people that I've known more and talking to those I have only seen in passing. Whether these guys want to remain here in IF or depart to new alliances or stick with us, its up to them. At this point, I think everyone can call it what they want. It's 2020 - please don't assume alliance statuses.
  8. So what you’re saying is AK merged with IF? wow.
  9. Hope is a garbage bag.

    1. hope


      i can neither confirm nor deny

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      I love you still @hope

  10. Whatever it is that you are celebrating or going to be celebrating in the coming days, all of us at IRONFRONT hope that it is joyous and cheerful for you and yours.
  11. Yeah bad are about alliances and for nazis to be bad but what For the are people can for the copy to past and then in for Meryl Chrysanthemums

  12. This makes 0 sense. but thank you for participating.
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