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  1. Mad Max

    Project D

    I'll give you some D
  2. Mad Max

    The Vanguard

    This one time at band camp Cynic and I merged our alliances to create Vanguard - it turned out to be shit and we both left. Congrats on your THE Vanguard bloc.
  3. Mad Max

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    Good! Ya better mfricker
  4. Mad Max

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    I'll be honest, I talked mad shit about pantheon and Fist - especially when he dipped during war for what seemed like a childish reason. Shit was talked, I think I said things like Pantheon is trash, shit, garbage, horrible should be rolled, among other things. That being said though, I had the opportunity to invest cash and resources into Pantheon in its infancy & be a member so there is some history there. I'm a little confused why people take so much interest in a seemingly dead alliance prior to all this talk about the merge and stuff, shit happens I guess. Never the less, I am actually glad to see some type of restructuring and rebuilding going on internally and I look forward to what comes next - hoping it isn't the projected 'shit' from my previous words in this post. Regardless if you took power or not, at least do something with it now.
  5. Mad Max

    Custom test server tournament

    Much prefer the separate tournament server rather than min tournies.
  6. Mad Max

    Bond Market

    This is actually an interesting game suggestion - kudos to you! I'd like to see some more people comment, but I actually like what I see. Depth is great when suggesting things, Epi is right, this has depth. Unfortunately, I don't think Alex believes in depth.
  7. Approval Rating: 100% (300.26)
  8. Mad Max

    Random Geography

    this looks like earth on crystal meth.
  9. Mad Max

    Random Geography

    I kinda feel like if you're gonna do that just make your own map from the start.
  10. I did indeed. Lets just go ahead and close this topic, topic closed everyone. (also moderators that last line was RP)
  11. Mad Max

    Tough Love

  12. Im hoping you understood my post was intense sarcasm. people stealing banks and all that stuff that isn't related to game mechanics is what makes things interesting. Take that away and the game becaomes (more) shit than it already is.
  14. Mad Max

    The Commonwealth protects The Dixie Union

    Glad y'all are also good friends. Edit: Commonwealth - I made that flag, but I could def make a better one. Hit me up.
  15. Mad Max

    American Embassy In Jerusalem - My Thoughts

    I backed this move when it was in the works and still back it. All of our past presidents only call about their current and future political agenda and not the people that actually supported and voted for them. What we needed was someone who wasn't of that mindset - sure there are some things I wish trump didn't do, mainly his twitter - but all-in-all, much respect for the POTUS. #keepamericagreat

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