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  1. I am once again asking for your help with getting Alex away from making everything blue and white. 😂
  2. If you’re upset about not being in the Team - gosh. I’m sorry, but you provided no substance to your app and unlike other teams here - I’m not allowing nonsense in the team. im sorry you didn’t get picked for a team in kickball but this ain’t the thread for it.
  3. That is where the 'minimal style' comes in to play - we want to take that bulk of the menu and actually shorten it up. I apologize if that wasn't clear - this post just shows and is looking for feedback on a top nav. Resource bar below or above. Simple. Here's some plans for the future of this project: 1. We want to minimize the clicks - so while we are working on this project, we also have other projects underway that reduce the amount of screens you see to get to the destination you're heading. For example - military units. There are 7 separate pages to update/edit your units. We want to
  4. Atlas Technologies Administration Offices Announcement: Organizational Update Public Relations: Tali Corporate Contact: Jordan To: Stakeholders; Shareholders; World Community Earlier this week, Atlas Technologies Administration initiated their succession process for the Chairman role of the organization. Mad Max - Chairman of the Board lead the effort to identify and assess potential candidates for consideration by the full board of directors. The duty of the acting Chairman is to provide the vision of the organization as a whole and after assessments were made and complete a succe
  5. Not to sound - harsh - but nowhere does it say mobile would be affected by this change, in fact 2 of us on the design team have said that mobile wouldn't change. The idea of a total site re-design is to make the site responsive - which means no matter what device you use it on, the user would have the same usability and ease of access to all areas of the site. This is something Alex has been working to implement through various portions of the site already. Integrating the Footer/Header portions of the site to that responsive design means he can then move to the body of the site - which he hop
  6. Welcome to the 200 Club - congratulations!
  7. Trust me when I say, we are with you on that. We are at the Will of Alex and there’s a lot that may be a mess within how it was built which really isn’t a secret. Main thing is he wants to make a change and things that we have worked on are what he wants to change currently - later I’ll post up our task board so y’all can see what we have on our table.
  8. Thanks for the feedback - We don't expect a change to the mobile navigation menu - we used a larger display mock to indicate a non-mobile change. Thank you for your feedback - Like stated in the OP, the goal is to limit unnecessary drop downs while utilizing high traffic links that players use every day. There has also been the suggestion to allow players to edit their player menu on those larger displays just like you can on the mobile display. The sidebar menu has 'drop downs' in a sense when accessing the numerous pages via a given main category item.
  9. About Us Get Wired In (Discord) Explore Stories Recent Stories: Bloc Breakdown & Grades - Hot Takes with Sandy Longstride CTOWNED - Early Review A War of Attrition Stat Tracker - CTOWNED Goon Squad Charity Event Commonwealth Moves to the Swamp
  10. Hello Community, Help us with some positive feedback on these mockups. Concept: Design a responsive Header for menu responsiveness across all devices - with the most visual change on larger displays (pc, large tablets). This change will likely not change the look of those used to the mobile menu - other than possible shortening of menu lists. Mobile users are already used to the top Nav options they can use as well as clicking the 3 horizontal line (hamburger) menu icon to access the sidebar/dropdown full menu. That would all likely just be updated to fit the form. Again, those on m
  11. We are having a spooky story night featuring Windego! Hop on our discord server and look for our Fireside Stories VC. Fri 10/23 9-10PM EST.
  12. We've gotten a lot of submissions from members and the community - where's yours? Submission Deadline: October 25th (by 23:59cst) Voting Begins: October 26th Voting Ends: October 31st (00:00cst & Winners/Losers will be announced!) Lets see your creativity (or lack of it!)
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