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  1. you've mistaken my response for something serious - I was just pulling the hippo's leg. I don't care tbh. War be war and we be warring and it be ok.
  2. or maybe the argument is the NORTH is upset that the south stood their ground? Either way South > North
  3. I was honestly surprised to see this question coming from an experienced PW player such as yourself - the point of keeping infra if your air is zeroed out is simple due to the widely (but obviously little) known fact of 'reasons' - wow
  4. Shoulda just owned it. Poaching is not a sin. You're the got damn DU. Take what is yours.
  5. Mad Max

    Really NPO

    I cant believe you've done this. Shame.
  6. I'm loving the Trump stuff. #MPWGA (make pw great again) #NPO2020
  7. TKR is not only the best alliance in the game, but the active community is the greatest any simulation game alliance has to offer. There really isn't any other alliance that can compare to TKR and although I am a bit bias about their leadership (with Lordship being the best) leadership within TKR sets the standard of quality throughout Politics & War. Put clearly, if you dislike TKR or don't have the same opinion - you're probably racist, own slaves, and hate Politics & War. Paid for by the committee to keep TKR on Top.
  8. Prob one of the best recognition posts. I can dig it.
  9. Y'all wear your whip scars well. Until the next time. o/
  10. I hugged a tree and my dog for this. Nobody cares.
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