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  1. This is exactly what I brought up in the threads. haha This will be the norm. Thank god we got rid of that toxic downvote behavior tho.
  2. November 1 2018 - this happened. Basically, there was a thread, I downvoted some posts that I didnt agree with. That person reported me for downvoting multiple of their posts even though they went through my entire post history and downvoted stuff from beginning of time. I got a warn
  3. The karma system as a whole would then need to be removed. Sure, the downvotes are abused - but I mean you could say the same for an upvote in the karma system. Just depends on what side you're on. Removing the possibility within a karma system and only allowing positive remarks on a post, in a perfect world, is fine. The whole 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all' type of golden rule plays its part. This isn't a perfect world, this isn't a perfect community. Backlash of this removal is pretty much expected and shouldn't of not been expected - remove the whole damn thing. Remove the ability to favor a post, remove the ability to be like 'hey I need attention upvote me' or 'downvote me bc I need attention' - then you'll get that trash out of the community. This will likely take some pressure of mods as we definitely got a ton of reports for people downvoting their OP. I even got fricking warned for downvoting multiple posts that I wasn't a fan of - yes a warn for downvoting. Remove the whole system.
  4. upvote me to use me as a downvote button for OP ^ that is what you're going to get in all threads now @Alex
  5. So, because I love engagement, media, and all that stuff - I guess I'll add a bit of a serious comment. The PW community forums are no different than the other 'forums' we hop on day to day through social media. Most of those platforms sway more towards a public moderation through upvotes/downvotes (see reddit) and also have a fully manned moderation team and algorithms in place to fight incorrect behavior. Now, when we look at PW, the community gives the sense that it is publicly moderated (see goons and others) but the main difference here is the upvote, downvote, etc are tied to a reputation system and not a content moderation system. This community is pretty dark in terms of what is said here on the forums, the amount of OOS items that are pulled into conversations, and the personal attacks people make on each other - therefore having a reputation system just fans the flame. I understand that Alex has been pondering the idea of removing the dislike/downvote button for a while, it was brought up when I was a moderator. I don't think the removal of a downvote and the addition of a 'thanks' is necessary. When you're tying this change to a reputation system only and not anything to do with content moderation or public moderation of content, you're really just siding with someone and not answering the issue that is the community here is highly negative. In my opinion, the best result here would be to create a system that allows for public content moderation (which might be an addon for IPS suite) or just remove the reputation mod itself to deter people from playing in to that side. Also, get a better moderation team that can be proactive - Chief is really the only one pulling weight.
  6. if you can't downvote, remove the like as well
  7. I thought Chief was trash until he finally found his way out of the garbage pile. I can agree with this post now. tHanK yOu foR yoUr SerVice
  8. Person below me is a butt.

    1. Maelstrom Vortex

      Maelstrom Vortex

      Biggest one there is I assure you.

  9. I wait for big news and this is what I get.
  10. An actual discussion. Mostly because I want to laugh at your posts, but I'd like to see some solid argument as to why it would be appropriate to essentially suspend someone from posting because their nation is in vacation mode. My stance: 0 Fricks
  11. Nope. Not with god emperor his majesty Trump. Get outta here.
  12. I mean if we are working on technicalities - we don't ask people what their political ideologies are when they request to join our community, same way Alex doesn't ask someone's political ideology when signing up to play this game. If someone lives in their real world with a different political ideology of mine, I am completely 100% ok with that - knowing that a natsoc, socialist, communist political ideology will never be in the country I live makes me comfortable with that differing ideology. If someone wants to waste time on that ideology, if someone wants to participate in threads and boards where that ideology runs rampant, if someone wants to carry symbols with them from that ideology, well thats on them. Should these seep into the community that Tom and I created within IronFront, that would be a different story - our community strips the idea that one is better, we work together towards our goals, fight for and with each other regardless of a singular ideology that you may find offensive. It is 2019 - y'all like your labels, if you'd like to label me as a collaborator when I've indicated our position, feel free. I respect your opinion and your association and collaboration with the filthy Antifa group that destroys homes, businesses, and beats on old defenseless people at the sake of your anti-fascist, anti-capitalist ideology.
  13. Y'all are just trash peoples. If there was a concern that this dude was a nazi and it was expressed within the alliance he would be removed the moment it happened. I think y'all need to have mommy change your diapers.
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