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  1. Mad Max


    I'm working on a story. My angle is a bit broad, but also focused on certain aspects - but also pertaining to the recent conflict between SOUP & WTF/FARK. Answer those random questions in the poll so I can gauge where y'all are at & also share your opinions on what you think of the SOUP War. (hah soup war) Is it a good move to fight so soon after creating an alliance & bloc?
  2. Mad Max

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Touche - @Leopold von Habsburg I'm comin for that booty
  3. Mad Max

    Careful, it's Soup!

    NO when someone tells me what to do, I do the opposite.
  4. Mad Max

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Finally, something to write about. All I'm picturing is a bunch of bums fighting, you did this to yourself.
  5. Mad Max

    Curious Question

    Back in my day we moderated the forums- we didn't rely on no stinkin reports.
  6. Mad Max

    Curious Question

    Just wondering where the mods are at? I know this is a wikipedia-ass game and all, but seems like every day there is a noob-ass poster, posting some irrelevant shit in the incorrect forum. Wondering if I should reapply to get some work done around here. I'm sure there are plenty of people in PW that would enjoy less spam and more drama in these select categories. Thanks
  7. Mad Max

    Make Approval Rating Impactful

    How are wars detrimental? How does war increase crime and population? What if my nation loves war & its people do too? This is dumb. Stop.
  8. Mad Max

    Change Alliance set up reqs

    My take on it is who gives a shit what someone wants to do with an alliance? Shit alliance A doesn't have any changes to the currently alliance I'm in. Do you boo. Strip Reqs, just make it a 4 credit purchase - all those kids will have to ask their 'rents for a credit card.
  9. Mad Max

    Bus System

    I think if we are adding bus routes, we should also add in Lyft and Uber (other ride share services) - obviously this reduces pollution here are a few other ideas: Change petroleum fuel vehicles to fuel cell technology (project) Electric vehicles initiative (adds power consumption to nation - but reduces pollution) Bike Lanes (Project)
  10. Mad Max

    Message Report

    'block communications'
  11. Mad Max

    Remove war

  12. Mad Max

    Small Thing Regarding Forum Reputation

    I vote we keep it. Politican
  13. Mad Max

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Things are just heating up!
  14. Mad Max

    Remove war

    You can use me whenever you need.
  15. Mad Max

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants


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