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  1. Mad Max

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Needed to watch this a few times to make sure I was doing it right. @Charlie Traveler I didn't blow or twirl.
  2. Mad Max

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    The worst thing about this thread. Propaganda is golden this war guys, keep it up. SO many posts on here that i can't like/upvote.
  3. Mad Max

    Declaration of War

    Literally said y'all can downvote me - as most my posts as of late have been getting down votes, could give 2 shits about reps. Cool try there tho. Honestly was just curious as to why this always happens - we want war, but only in specific frames. I'm sorry for making an observation - I'll just go back to making more memes about y'all being salty. We'll start with:
  4. Mad Max

    Declaration of War

    So I guess good on you for offering a personal jab as retort. 😉 But I guess that just begs to question the type of character you possess within this community. Fun Fact: I've never once said I was relevant or an active participant in any grouping within this community - I actively call myself trash. My position in this community is to always speak my mind and be as frank as possible if that hurts you - I'm really not sure what to say. Making a blatant observation about how one side who advocates for war all the time and cries when war happens is just an observation, you can choose to agree or disagree.
  5. Mad Max

    Declaration of War

    Why is it that the same people who complain we need more war get upset when there is more war - just simply because it's not the type of war or conditions of war that they specifically want? Honestly, regardless of the meme propaganda - which I have every right to create as this is a game and its hilarious to create propaganda as I've done for any side of the war I've been on throughout the years, I've def been a strong advocate for political change - shit never actually changes regardless of what side a LARGE alliance goes on. If you stop caring about that shit and worrying about hegemony and the 'end' of this game and realize that the end of this game happened a long while before a massive hegemony was a 'thing' - then you'd be better off. I just guarantee the same people who say "It's Politics & WAR!" are the same people getting pissed about an alliance joining the war. Feel free to downvote, the hive mind of this trash community can't think beyond the selfishness of their particular predicament anyway.
  6. Mad Max

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    >Keegoz replies to a propaganda meme >Reinforces the fact that there is in fact salt. I can't make memes if I'm a journalist and I can't be a journalist if there is a war? Make sense bro - calm your tits. See @Charlie Traveler gets it, its just a meme guys. Y'all know I got family on both sides - a meme really ain't gonna change the course of politics and as someone who has advocated for constant change on numerous levels with no actual change, the frick does it actually matter anymore anyway?
  7. Mad Max

    Declaration of War

    Who cares. Everyone just shit on each other and have fun. o/ everyone
  8. Mad Max

    Swearing in war dec

    He doesn't give a shit either. He's enjoying life, his new house, and the summer. there are no fricks to give. Alex make me mod again so I can handle these reports and you can kick back.
  9. Mad Max

    Swearing in war dec

    Shit isn't even blocked on these forums - shit can be said. Grow up. My dog will now shit on YOUR floor - ENJOY YOUR EMBARGO!
  10. N's before O's

    1. Chapsie


      Especially before P's.

  11. Mad Max

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    Donations have now been reset for the new month! Maybe if more of you were buying credits we'd have better servers.

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