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  1. Mad Max

    A Bold New Frontier

  2. Mad Max

    Where we droppin bois?

    No need.
  3. Mad Max

    If you could...

    I'm going to keep this open till next week - allow you all to share what you think, then I'll write up the rest of my article with ORB. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Mad Max

    Where we droppin bois?

    God you're fricking retarded. That wasn't even a comment to you - it was a generalization about how the game is trash - but its OK - keep being a fricking dump. Such trash these days in camelot.
  5. Mad Max

    Where we droppin bois?

    Here's a tip: In politics and war: -If you call someone trash that means you're salty and they cry. -If you call someone out for calling someone trash you have a 50/50 shot of being upvoted or downvoted. -If you attack someone because they called you trash you're obviously trash because you attacked them (salty), you're trash because you did a horrible blitz, you're trash because you sent like 70 people, you're trash because everyone thinks you're trash but now has a reason to publicly say you're trash without worrying about getting in trouble. This game is trash. Welcome to Politics & War
  6. Mad Max

    Where we droppin bois?

    To be honest - would have never thought this thread would have made it to a 2nd page, let alone 4 pages. I just wanted to clarify some things for the masses: 1. I have always said what is on my mind, I don't believe in false formalities or bullshit beat around the bush conversations. Through my profession I've learned to be direct and to the point, why would I engage others differently than how I engage in real life - you get my honest opinion 100% of the time. 2. On Camelot. Camelot is and has always been trash - and that is my opinion. Whether or not you agree with me is up to you, I've had plenty of conversations including with Camelot government where they have always and will always be labeled as trash - their government always complains about the opinion 1 man advertises publicly and if they choose to be hurt by opinion, so what? 3. My accusations that BK/IQ sent these retards to hit TI were literally to stir the pot - regardless if they actually were or were not sent by BK bc BK had some vaginal pains after my post is whatever.....it doesn't matter. I cannot sit here and advocate for more action in this game and then be upset that action was made against me or my alliance, that would be god damn stupid. Claiming that someone is butthurt over being attacked very well might work in those top tier pixel counter alliances, but here in TI we take the hits and keep rolling - I could give 2 shits if you zeroed out my infra and maintained my nation at 0 infra for the rest of my time here - Im here for the people I enjoy and love - all this drama is the benefit. 4. Tip: If you're called trash - take a look at yourself (figuratively) in the mirror. Do you see trash? Yes - the you're trash. No? Then you're not trash. Stop playing into other's opinions of yourself and just do you boo. #CamelotisTrash
  7. Mad Max

    Judgement Day: Oblivion (WMT)

    No payment necessary when you're not a pile of trash. like CAMELOT Emphasis on Camelot because I am 'doubling down' on my hate for Camelot because I'm salty that they attacked me. So so salty.
  8. Mad Max

    Judgement Day: Oblivion (WMT)

    Ockey is an Apex Legend
  9. They asked for it, they got it. Oblivion enters the trash test and receives the following results.
  10. Mad Max


  11. Mad Max


    F always an F from you. Stop.
  12. Mad Max

    Where we droppin bois?

    There will be a time - but that time isn't now. They will not get any loot from my nation - we don't have anything in our bank - I'd assume the attackers are spending more money than they are looting lol - but thats none of my business. 😉
  13. Mad Max

    SYNDICARE PRESS RELEASE: Shuffling of Investments

    This may have bumped y'all up a peg or two in the next edition of WMT Judgements.
  14. Mad Max

    If you could...

    Thank you all - up to here - who have responded/voted thus far. Very much appreciated - information collected will go into a report through ORB.
  15. Mad Max

    If you could...

    What factors cause an alliance to be good/bad - say, why is your micro better than another micro? So what is the harm that micros cause? I didn't quite catch that in your reply. Thanks btw.

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