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  1. Mad Max

    Disband alliances with no government

    SHHHHHHH god damn it.
  2. Mad Max

    Disband alliances with no government

    I mean, if its an alliance where all leadership has abandoned ship - who cares if an applicant takes over at that point.
  3. Mad Max

    War Stats

    How this thread makes me feel. all y'all are doing just fine. Keep on keepin on.
  4. Pray every day.

    1. Ukunaka


      ...I don't get this reference

    2. Mad Max
    3. Ukunaka


      Damn i should've known that

  5. Mad Max

    Nation Score 1,000 Support

    This guy sent me a message saying the same exact thing. In this debate though, I have to bring up that - acting like this is just like being fascist and as close to being a nazi as possible. Not sure why potatoes would be posted unless it is a direct stab at irish people who went through a famine, I believe that would be a personal attack on all Irish people, therefore I'll be reporting this post. On top of that, the way this post is actually submitted is not formatted correctly which obviously and literally does not fit in with my own views of how posts should be submitted on this forum, therefore I am offended by it - this is the type of person that should be banned from these forums. please continue the debate below, open minded people only
  6. Mad Max

    War Stats

    Wait 5 years then write a book
  7. Mad Max

    War Stats

    I honestly forgot about this war being a thing. y'all still having fun?
  8. Mad Max

    PnW Gaming Discord

  9. Last Tuesday at 2236 I received a message on Discord. EvilPiggyFooFoo - Last Tuesday at 10:36 PM O/ Sorry. GL. Have been a fun ride (edited) Since then, the nation of Piglantia has been inactive, messages are going unanswered and Piggy is no longer on Discord. I spoke with KT, Piggy's most recent home, and they could not provide anything further on the quick departure either. Piggy has been a great friend to me through immense ups and insane downs. Piggy is the type of player you won't ever forget and I don't know if Piggy will see this message, but I wish you luck in whatever path you travel in RL. If you come back - reach out, you always have a friend here. Thanks for being awesome. o/
  10. Mad Max

    Vanguard/Bad Company Announcement

    hey, good looks. Congrats guys.
  11. Mad Max

    Relationship Gurus

    Y’all need Jesus. Not kastor
  12. Mad Max

    Relationship Gurus

    Radio shows died out years ago. Considering your history, you’d be the last person I’d ask for advice from. That being said, this is a joke show. Any show I’ve seen you host has been just about you regardless of the topic or itinerary at hand. Now that I’m done shitting on you and your show. I hope anyone who has legitimate issues in life doesn’t take what you say seriously and moves on to someone who isn’t a complete piece of shit. Legit. That would be like me having a show teach people how not to be trash or a piece of shit. Lmao

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