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  1. Bro. Bro. It was sarcasm.
  2. Always BK - 100% of the every time its always going to 100% be BK
  3. We also like everyone to note that the Citadel Bloc is the oldest bloc in the game that was announced in 2019.
  4. Just seems like an extension to the 4 NA's report - not worthy of an alliance announcement post - not all actions are done out of some negative/dark narrative. TBH if i was waking up and half asleep and I kept seeing my MAPs not moving (i hardly ever look at the damn timeline) i'd prob assume the game is just being trash again and keep hitting it? Chalk it up to a whoops and ship it off to the mountain of other whoops this game has deployed.
  5. I declare war on the moderation team for being absolute SCRUBS.

  6. That's a Ton! was my favorite part. I did a like on this. Also @Avakael
  7. Mad Max

    So...What Now?

    Wow. I can't wait! See y'all there.
  8. Although its 2019 and its racist to be white, good luck! If you ever want to learn and be a part of a community - hit me up, I can direct you.
  9. I want to just comment on the flag, but I guess that derails threads. Good stuff guys, looks really good - also I'm digging your flag. Congratulations.
  10. Wooooop yo so I just got a warning point for derailing a thread that started out as derailed. If that’s the case, I hope every singe damn person in the last few months have received warn points as well. Could care less about these forums as moderators here make this place the environment it is, trash, so could give 2 fricks if I ended up being banned for life, but damn. @Alex thought you wanted to grow a community? Yet always have a mod staff that genuinely is trash. Robot Santa. I pay your taxes. You’re finished.
  11. Must be fun to still be a child and play pretend.
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