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  1. So what about the custom flags we paid credits for? Do we now need to pay again to upload them?
  2. It worked today. Didn't work a week ago for some reason.
  3. War was declared on me, no email received. Not even in spam folder.
  4. Wish I could help you with your bubblegum problem.
  5. I'm still waiting on my 100 ft. border wall with punji pits and croc-filled moat.
  6. I'm sure there are some. So what? At some point there is still a breaking point where it just won't work. At some point, the situation needs to be evaluated and you need to ask if continuing what you've been doing is going to make things worse or better. Multiculturalism doesn't work in the middle east. It hasn't worked in practically all of history (without an extremely overpowered government holding it all together). And the more multicultural Europe becomes, the more extreme rhetoric, the more the violence, and the more the hate. Europe doesn't need to import more problems (any mo
  7. Well considering this is Norway, and these are muslims in Norway (muslim pop. of Norway 120k according to Google), and given this is apparently a cross-section of muslims, not from any one particular mosque, a sample of a couple hundred out of 120k giving near unanimous opinion on something is not something you can just discard with a "nice try."
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