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  1. Hey, I don't mind people being stupid or sarcastic over it. I am new to using the forum and having an alliance of my own so if the unwritten rule is to post treaties that are "important" no worries. I learned not to post NAPs here. Makes no difference to me. To those who sincerely wished our two alliances well and don't mind I thank you. To those who are truly annoyed I used the forum for its intended purpose to my knowledge, I apologize and I'll be sure to not post NAPs here again.
  2. Noted, I'll keep that in mind when I forge any other treaties.
  3. Why not lol? Technically it is my first treaty with someone that wasn't in a former alliance with me. lol I just thought I'd do it formally.
  4. "A devastated world. A barren post war landscape. Two parties head for the same well, and spot each other at the same time. Each tentatively restrains themselves, hoping in agony that this will not end in bloodshed like the last encounter. Trigger discipline is exercised with wavering commitment, as the first party dares to speak, through their locutor, "I am Agathor. I seek only peace and brotherhood." Surprised the second party approaches, cautious that this may be a trap, the second stranger chooses to extend a hand in friendship anyway, realizing that the bloodshed cannot continue indefini
  5. Thank You All! This is the first alliance I've launched in my 2+ years playing PnW so I hope to learn a lot from this experience and I also hope to meet new people as well. Be sure to check us out in game and on our Discord.
  6. The Dominion proudly declares its existence! Founded nearly 3 weeks ago, The Dominion became a reality with the support and blessings of The Commonwealth. We provide new members a choice of several preferred tax options which cater to their own personal nation play-styles. We may be a small community at current, but we are determined. We have endured the first 3 weeks of our existence and we will endure for a millennia more! "Victory is Life!"
  7. Need an alliance? Are you looking for a fresh start? Consider joining The Dominion today! In The Dominion you will be helping to build a new vibrant community and you will play an important role in almost every alliance event and discussion. As a member of The Dominion you will be given the option of selecting your own tax bracket to match your playstyle. Perhaps you want to hoard money? Perhaps you want to corner the market in a specific resource. We guarantee protection from raiders, possible grants to members who are 30 days or older in the alliance and we will teach new playe
  8. Hello everyone! I am Agathor and my nation name is Terok Nor. While I am not necessarily new to RPG games, I am new to War and Politics! I'm looking to make friends, have fun and exercise my diplomatic skills. Being new to this forum and this RPG I would appreciate any advice and in game tips anyone may be willing to share. Thanks! Agathor
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